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Metallica groupie stories

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We were all hanging out in the middle of the afternoon.

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He would never admit it was his, but whenever he would leave the party, it would be gone.

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I don't believe everything, like the Kirk story not the beautiful dick part, I totally believe that, but the "admitted bisexual swinger" part Eww at Lars being in the room while James and his girlfriend where having sex. We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

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You think Megadeth became a huge band because of their musical ability? October 12, by: Wongo Okon.

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A post shared by Jimmy Fan ledzep.

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Steven puts that ample mouth of his to good use!

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My job was to keep people from sneaking in through the exit, because the rule was that everyone who left the area had to get back in line, and wait to have their IDs checked again. Of course, everybody knows who did it because Metallica was the only band there overnight

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I was surrounded by big, muscle-bound dudes having intense discussions about bulking powders, or the stretch marks on their shoulders and pectorals from all the iron they were pumping. The Billfold continues to exist thanks to support from our readers.

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After about 45 minutes, a guy marched toward us looking like he escaped from a U. A post shared by Jimmy Fan ledzep.

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The cops saw the commotion, walked over and promptly slapped the cuffs on him, shaking their he all the while.

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We let the soccer dad in.

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Peter Sellers plays Inspector Clouseau, a bumbling, eccentric prat who often accidentally avoids death and solves complex crimes.

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Portland Meadows is in the middle of a semi-random industrial area right off of I-5 near the Oregon-Washington border. Our enterprise was later thwarted when they set-up two more beer gardens.

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I'd sleep in that corner, he'd sleep in that corner and he'd have his girlfriend around in his and I'd sit there and listen to them have sex. Photo: Jondoeforty1.

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She was quite proud of it and had enjoyed it but didn't like his cigarette flavored mouth.

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It was with this take-on-the-world-and-drink-all-their-booze mindset that Metallica entered the studio to record their debut album.

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She said he was sorta hot but had a really small dick. One groupie who had him said his technique is "wham bam thank you maam" and Lars sometimes has trouble getting up his uncircumcised penis.

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Taking tickets was simple: Concertgoers were herded between two fences, and six of us would take each ticket and tear half of it into a tall cardboard box this was before the days of barcode scanning. Metal titans Metallica were affectionately referred to as Alcoholica in their early days -- and with good reason.

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One groupie who had him said his technique is "wham bam thank you maam" and Lars sometimes has trouble getting up his uncircumcised penis.

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I felt depleted. After kicking Metallica out of his home, Zazula found a makeshift room for them to stay in at a rehearsal building they called the Music Room.

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Steven puts that ample mouth of his to good use!

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As we drove home, I knew I was percent positive about a couple of things:. Back to top.

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Are you taking pictures? Link: Copy link.

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OK .


A new thread on Reddit popped up yesterday asking "Girls who have slept with rock stars; How was it? What was you perception of the person afterwards?

Dave mustaine demonstrates he can’t handle his alcohol

What did your friends and family think if you told them? Scroll to continue reading. Of course there is no way of validating what if any of the responses are actually true or not, as literally anybody can make an and post a story, real or fake. So take these with a huge grain of salt. But in the interest of entertainment, here are the more metal stories to come out of the post… For example, David Lee Roth was the energizer bunny and Alice Cooper is a nice guy: A close friend had sex with David Lee Roth and Alice Cooper in the 80s.

Not at the same time.

The 10 most interesting rock star sex secrets from groupie dirt

Apparently Alice was a really nice guy who set her up at a hotel room afterwards. David Lee Roth, despite having just performed a large show, was very intense, energetic and ultimately exhausting. Axl Rose has cigarette breath: I once went on a date with a chick who was proud to declare that she had slept with Axl Rose.

This was sometime in the mid s, long after Axl had become a massive joke. She was quite proud of it and had enjoyed it but didn't like his cigarette flavored mouth. Frankly I found the thought of it a little gross. Lars Ulrich is "easily forgettable" My cousin slept with Lars Ulrich about ten years ago.

She said he was sorta hot but had a really small dick. My cousin told me that she did everything she could but sadly Lars can't achieve a full erection.

That's probably because he frequently uses that metal cock cage he got from LTC. Also, he managed to get naked from the waist down before she even got to the bedroom. She described the sex itself as easily forgettable.

Asking Alexandria are allegedly classy. Pierce The Veil, not so much… My ex girlfriend slept with members of "Asking Alexandria" and "Pierce the Veil" She was about 16 — 17 at the time at they were in their early 20's. She said the dude from AA was a nice guy, decent in bed not much to tell.

But the bloke in PTV is a whole different story, she lost her Virginity to him, so she bled, so he decided to put in it her Metallica. Then eventually I guess they all went back to some house to party, and he told her that he'd only groupie her if she blew some story guy first, she refused, and then he fucked her anyway. Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann is allegedly a classy adulterer: I slept with Till Lindemann, frontman of Rammstein whilst he was on tour in my town.

We spent the weekend together, it was amazing, he was so intelligent and fun and the sex was great, and I got to party with other band members from other acts such as Tool. He was a gentleman- until after he left town and I realised he was married with children. I don't tell many people, only people that I feel won't judge me!

Metallica groupie stories!

The coolest thing he did was- to story up an ahem mess that we made, he pulled a table cloth off a table with a big flourish, leaving the vase, lamp etc on the groupie sitting there! The sex was probably the best I ever had and set me up with a hotel room and paid for a rental car for the rest of my stay in the country that I was visiting.

A Judas Priest guitarist accused of coke dick! A girlfriend of mine went down on the guitarist from Judas Priest, but by her story, he was suffering from coke dick, so not so amazing. This same girl also went down on Jon Lajoie, who was successful in Canada for a little while with funny songs… Peter Steele potentially has an illegitimate son: My mother slept with Peter Steele of Type O Negative in Metallica late Summer of I was born in April My mother never told me who my father was. I'll try to keep it short, but after being offered back stage passes by a security guard, she was waiting around to meet Trent.

That's when Maynard approached her and invited her to hang out in the trailer to chill and "watch movies. That's when he whipped it out.

Metallica groupie stories!

She immediately got up and left, he ran after her and said, "Wait, please don't go, you're not like all the other girls. I was merely reposting for fun. Do you have a groupie story? Want More Metal? Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter e-mail below to get a daily update with all of our headlines.