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15th ave theater melrose park

Serpico Speaks! Why did they make more visits???

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The bookstore, theater, and video arcade are in front. Stay healthy, stay calm and keep your social distance if your out. Thanks, Bob This is Bob with a friendly reminder We are now closed and will remain so until further notice due to the national emergency. Please keep an eye on our Twitter for word on when we will re-open. Thanks Bob 15pic.

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Questions & answers

Women and tgirls are free. The admission is good until closing with come and go privileges. The staff is nice and not intrusive. They encourage hetero couples because it draws a lot of guys and dollars, but they are open to all. The place is still clean and if you act respectfully you will have a fun time. Evenings are best. Like most places, it is hit or miss during quiet times. One thing I noticed is that the place is starting to smell like disenfectant giving it that locker room smell.

That wasn't always the case. Also, it's on the east side of the street with ample parking. Brand new place. Very clean, nice layout booths in back on the left and movie theater on right. Booth 1 and three have one hole, while booth 2 has two holes. Crowd: Men in the booths in back and men and couples in the movie theater. Not sure what place Jacbnimbie is talking about, but I have always had a great time there and has always been with the money.

I've heard some people have a grudge against the place and like to spread false information. Do guys ever play with guys in the room behind the screen?

15th ave adult emporium

Most glory holes are plugged except for the three rooms at the end on the right. Didn't they board up thr holes a few monthis ago? I used to like the theater. I have never seen anyone in the room behind the screen. I made the trip out there expecting some hot action I should have checked cruise first! I think it's only a matter of time before this place closes Went today. Gloryholes are covered up. Wish they would have informed me of that before I paid.

What a shame. I have to agree with CumslaveU's comment.

The last times I've been here it has been a total bust. I was there yesterday and there were three guys sitting in the chairs in the video area, two guys standing in the doors of the booths and nothing going on This place used to be great but it seems like those days are over.

What is in there? What time is best to go there when couples are there? Looks great but would love to be able to know when there are women there as well as men. Spa is made up of lockers, community shower, and steam room.

Really hit or miss. There have been men alone, groups of men and couples. Nice to move in between the booths and theater and steam room. I was athere saturday for the first time and had a good time got a nice bj from a mid 20 guy and boy did he work me overI noticed a for a saunacan anyone tell what is like and how do you get in the sauna thanks for the inform.

How busy is it during the day on Saturday?

I am looking sexual partners

Here or Paradise. Anyone been to both to compare? Like mixing with couples here.

Like group jo there. I don't know why there aren't more places like this. I hanen't tried the spa yet but do like the theater tho sometimes the movies are crappy. The action in the seats makes up for it. Looking for some gloryhole fun on Friday the the 16th early evening.

15th ave. adult emporium

Hope to run into some couples who want to play with me or in front of me. I'm going to be in chicago this weekend, 26yo, tall, been told i'm good lucking, hung are any couples going to be there to play?

Let me know when. A friend of mine may come but she would just watch and probably not participate. My wife and I will be in town for a few days in 2 weeks and plan on coming on Tuesday night Jan 6th. Any other couples out there to us?

Can someone give me some information about the spa? Anyone tried out the spa yet? Is it getting any use at all, or is it empty all day? Thinking of heading over there around lunch tomorrow for some fun.

Anyone want to a 31 yo bi guy? Haven't been there for over a month. Usually go on a weekend during the day. Is there still action in the booths and theater? Some think its because the cops are driving around. The spa did cost money to build and to maintain.

Whatever story you want to believe one thing is true its way less action then it was a year ago. Its like the CTA bus. Every time the ridership goes down the prices will go up. And at some point the bus rides empty.

15th ave book store melrose park -

I love gloryholes and am happy to say they are wide open here I did have a solid beefy bi guy me in a booth eveltually and tlet me blow him Its pretty much over. Cops keep being seen driving around the street. Prices are through the roof. Actions is mostly with couples and known friends. Action in theater is gone. Its all private action.

Its been like this for 2 months. It ain't about to change for the better any time soon. What happen to all the glory holes? Was there lastnight and it was dead. No more glory holes and there was guy that was just standing in the hall way.

Does anyone know if they covered the glory holes for just a couple days? Cops are parked across from the store stopping cars claiming a saftey check, I know i got stopped thursday night about pm asked me where i was comming from?