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Abdl enema stories

Missed the beginning? The bathroom was enormous compared to my en-suite prison at the Institute. White tiles covered the room wall-to-wall, top-to-bottom.

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I once served a daddy dom for quite a while and he set up a meeting with a Pro Domme for me. The following is part 1 of the report that I sent to him. You had scheduled me to meet Head Mistress S at 5pm so at I showered thoroughly, re-shaving my entire diaper area as you directed. I tried hard to scrub around the base ring of my chastity and spr Later that morning, Kelly called two of her school buddies. Kelly invited Susan and Debbie over for the day and to spend the night.

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Sometimes my wife will put me in a pull-up Attends diaper after my enema and has been a real life saver at times to keep from making a real mess. When time is of the essence after taking an enema, I used to put one of my son's disposible diapers inside my panties in case of an accident.

I diapered my son every night until he was just past his 12th birthday for bedwetting. His diapers were too small for me to tape on me but big enough to catch any accidents. It worked well for me. I use diapers after expelling a large enema. I find there is always residual soapy water in me that take time to work it's way out.

Short stories – suppository – enema – abdl

Oil enemas I find leak for days and a diaper is the safest way to address this problem. I find wearing a diaper both humiliating and exciting at the same time it's helping me. You might want to try inserting a soap stick then put on a diaper with a soaker pad. Go to see a movie and squirm in your seat trying to hold it till the movie is over.

I usually take my enemas in the morning when I have plenty of time to make sure I have expelled everything. But sometimes I enjoy a few relaxing enemas in the evening. For those times I wear an adult diaper to bed in case there is any residual in me and there usually is.

Also, I tend to have to get up to pee a lot and the diaper is nice for that as well as kind of fun. I have been an enema lover all my life. I just discovered a couple of years ago I liked wearing diapers. I don't know why I didn't think if it when I was young. I like taking a small enema and putting on a diaper before going to bed. Wake up the next day to a full diaper. Rufullyet have you tried soapsticks or a few suppositories yet? They don't work as quickly but the are similar. Does anyone do this for you?

I have tried suppositories. They work very well and are fun too. I do though like the feel of a warm enema inside while wearing a diaper.

Then lying in bed slowly filling my diaper. Well, as a mommy having adult babies I did this once. But cleaning the baby afterwards was strange. After that I did not repeat it I love taking an enema, prefferably a warm sudsy castile soap enema, and strapping on a bambino or an AbriForm those are my 2 favs, they are the only diapers i have found that can hold over 2 quarts without spilling the beans and going to the mall or something and slowly expelling my contents.

Changing messy diapers is part of the diapering experience.

The level of trust that developments when the diaper wearer is changed, especially if fecal matter is present, cannot be overestimated. I'm aroused by the submissiveness as the diaper is opened, legs are raised, and all the private parts are cleaned with baby wipes. The cleanup can be quite simple when the diaper wearer is shaved, pubic and anal-area hair.

I'm not too concerned about the anal-area as long as the hair is not thick. One last point, I don't allow the diaper wearer to tell me in words that the diaper needs to be changed.

A non-verbal means to communicate a messy diaper must be used by the diaper wearer. Before I went to work on Sunday, I put 2 suppositories in my lady, and diapered her with strict instructions to call me if she needed to go. I would then give her permission to void and remove her diaper. When I cam home, she was ready for her weekly enema treatment which consisted of four bag enemas from a gallon bag with a variety of nozzles including an inflatable double balloon rectal catheter, a single foley catheter, and a custome rippled nozzle.

Diapers and enemas rule! This post reall caught my curiosity and i think i,am going to have to try this out. I often wondered about Diapers and enemas! I,am new here and often wonder what that Fetish would be like. Scared i guess if someone found out. I've used oatmeal enemas in the past after reading about them in a story about an enema clinic. In the story, a woman received an oatmeal enema after a series of cleansing enemas. The oatmeal warm and lumpy was administered using a wide-mouth nozzle attached to a large glass piston syringe.

Afterwards, the woman was diapered and allowed to release privately in bed. She regressed to like state as she open her legs and emptied her bowels of the creamy oatmeal. Although identical in sensation to loose feces, there was no odor. She elected to remain in her diaper for a while before calling the nurse to change her. Feeling the warm oatmeal leaving her body and filling her diaper caused her to have one intense orgasm after another.

Turned on by that story I was later given an oatmeal enema and it was great, especially releasing while being diapered. Even having my diaper changed afterwards was erotic.

Humiliation, spanking, diapers… a of outrageous fetish fantasies. only meant as empathetic fantasies for bdsm enthusiasts, and all fiction, thankfully.

I recommend it highly. If you add a little hot chocolate to the oatmeal or even cocoa powder it looks just like poop but is far nicer to clean up. I take my enema and then put on a diaper with plastic pants.

I hold the enema as long as i can but happily I always have some leakage. I like the suppository and diaper route.

Humiliation, spanking, diapers… a of outrageous fetish fantasies. only meant as empathetic fantasies for bdsm enthusiasts, and all fiction, thankfully.

However a fantasy of mine is to find a diaper arrangement capable of handling the of a full 2 quart enema without leaking. As long as the enema was water only, there are lots of diapers that will do that. I use a Tenna Super with an insert and a booster. I did it just for the test. I poured 2 liters of water into my diaper, and it sucked it all up.

You wouldn't want to sit in it afterwards but it worked. Tried an enema today with the adult pull up type diaper on me. It was extremely erotic.

Short stories – suppository – enema – abdl

I took the whole bag slowly and the feeling of the padding against my hugh erection was m a r v e l o u s. Only wish i had some one to help me enjoy this. I had a colonoscopy a few years ago and the Dr. Much more than a fleet enema. I don't know the active compound but it gives you a couple hours of the most incredible case of the runs.

Boy is it named right. How about this and some diapers. It would be a hell of a mess, but it would be full. Diapers are fun, if you are making your girl friend or boy friend hold the enema, in case of accident, it stays contained. Diapers are also good for BDSM scene. You may foce them use the diaper instead of bathroom.

Many times after a visit to a pro. I lover the babbying after a sensual enema. She is a great enema nurse and mommy. At times i like to wear a diaper and plastic pants before geting a enema and even put those things back on after getting a enema, it sure helps messing a few things up too, as if there is a accident while holding it in, then the diaper catches the mess it dont go on the floor, plus the felling is total awesome, would like to hear if any others sort of associate diapers with enemas?

Yea i know it sounds weird but i like it. I got enemas from about age five, always at night before bed.

I got three enemas and after releasing the third one mom would diaper me so i wouldn't have an accident in bed.