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Addicted to cum story

This story from OneLove has been read 3 9 7 3 2 times. One was food.

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I have always known you are a Porn addict who goes through a constant craving to stroke and edge to hot women and our manipulative bodies.

Years: I'm 25 years old
Ethnicity: American
Color of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous green eyes

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I'm addicted to cum, the taste, the texture, the smell, the stickiness, everything. And I have my wife to thank for that.

She'd read somewhere about guys eating their own cum from the pussies of women they'd just fucked and what a powerful aphrodisiac it was for the women. Not so much the men because if you are a man you know that for all good intentions in perhaps wanting to eat your own joy juice, the post-orgasm blues just prevents cum from doing it. Well, Beth, my wife, would have none of that. She was an experimenter, when she read something interesting she always wanted to try it. And one night after reading about this, and watching some clips of guys eating messy cunts on the internet, she wanted me to do it but I balked.

I dumped a huge load in her twitching cunt, exploding like never before and then went limp, slowly pushing in and out of her sloshy cunt as I licked her story. Her thighs, however, held me to her and squeezed harder. Beth's legs are brutally strong, as I was finding out, the year-old blonde beauty is trim and athletic and now she had me in a crushing scissors, her thighs strapped around my ears, her addicted cunt on my mouth and I was being forced to eat my own cum from her as she howled in orgasm, the scissor tightening to the point of nearly knocking me out.

Addicted to cum

I hesitated at first but then couldn't resist what with the way she was crushing me blind in her grip and I opened my mouth to accept the load she was pushing out for me. The taste was aromatic and not at all as unpleasant as I feared and as her orgasm mounted, and thighs tightened, I took great pleasure in giving her pleasure, and drove my tongue inside her hairy hole to scoop out what my sucking had missed.

We did it every time we fucked after that, or even after she'd blow me, her holding my hair in one hand and forcing her lips to mine to spit my entire load into my mouth, us swapping it back and forth until our faces were lathered with the thick blanket of my ball brew. And we loved it, both of us.

We even did anal, me blasting a load into Beth's tight, muscular ass and her squatting on my face to ooze it into my sucking mouth, my lips sealing around her open ass ring to vacuum my spunk out before kissing and sharing it with her.

IT was cum, it was nasty and I could not get enough. Then Beth decided to step it up to the next level. She called me from work one afternoon and said she was bringing Brad home for dinner, a cute, hunky young guy she worked with. You up for it? I'd toyed with the idea of sucking another man's cock before but never acted on it. Then again, I'd never thought I'd be eating my own jizz from a woman's asshole, either.

To make a long story short, we had a nice dinner, too much wine and shortly found ourselves in bed. Brad was gorgeous, blonde, blue eyed, smooth skinned and boasting a inch meaty cock to die for, easily dwarfing my slender seven incher. Beth went wild over it, sucking it addicted her throat, kneading his big, hairless nuts in her hand as she blew him. I watched and stroked my own cock until Brad winked at me. I smiled and knelt by his thighs, rubbing his hard tits and watching Beth, who finally broke the blowjob to now stroke his slick dick in one powerful hand, aiming it at me.

I bent and licked, shuddering as I lapped at the story, tasting his pre-cum, then bobbing my head down on it. Beth and Brad laughed, and she cupped the back of my head in her hand and forced me down further until I nearly gagged. But I still deepthroated him and now used my own hand to jack him into my face, whipping my head up and down as he reached between my legs to stroke my cock. Beth laughed and sat back, making out with the kid as they both watched me blow my first prick and minutes later, he stiffened and jetted a huge load into my mouth, filling my cheeks.

He tasted great, different than my own sperm, but better. I swallowed some but then sat up smiling, a river of cum trickling out of the corners of my mouth.

‘cum addict’ stories

He and I made out like teenage lovers, swapping cum and shooting it back and forth in our mouths as Beth went wild on his big dong, bouncing up and down on it like a cowgirl riding a busting bronco. I got behind Beth and rammed my tongue into her tight ass as she pounded up and down on Brad's still stiff cock. She quivered her asscheeks and absorbed my face inside, me occasionally breaking free of her shivering shitchute to ram my tongue onto his big, bloated balls, anxious to coax a load from them.

After 10 minutes of solid pounding, he bombed a load of hot cum into my wife's cunt. She pulled off his amazingly still-hard cock and pushed me to the bed.

Abuse on a story

She sat on my face firmly and wiggled her slender hips, forcing the thick plugs of goop directly into my mouth. I gobbled it down, running the thick cream around my mouth, savoring its sweetness before swallowing. By the time she was done using my face for her own cum-cleaning pleasure and let me out from under her cunt, she was sucking Brad's cock.

Moments later, in what Beth said was my reward, I was behind Brad pounding his muscular young ass, my cock slicing in and out of his tight butt while Beth lay at his face to let his talented tongue bring her to an endless stream of orgasms. She looked over him to me and smiled.

‘cum addict’ stories

That triggered one of the most explosive orgasm I'd ever had as I scorched the kid's bowels with my tongue and hurriedly pushed my face to his dripping ass to suck my cream out of the gaping hole, going after it deeply and wetly, like a madman, jerking my head back and forth, my tongue scouring his butt walls in search of my own sperm. They laughed as I wiggled my face into his ass so deep Beth couldn't even see my eyes as they were covered by the smooth, sweaty flesh of his gorgeous ass. And on and on it goes.

Beth's come home from girls nights out, after banging a few guys and holding their collective cum in her cunt and ass, waking me up to make me eat out the spongy, nasty lo. She's had me cum in the same condom over and over, freezing it and thawing it out in her cunt after I'd put in a dozen lo, and then dumping the collected confluence of cum into my mouth.

Cum for dinner

I couldn't get enough of cum, my own or others, and the highlight of our sex life so far was the time at a party where she gangbanged a dozen guys and I was there to clean up the drops of every single one of them from her cunt, her ass, her mouth, her tits. I wish I could find a couple who would let me do this with them regularly. Only ever managed it once when 3 guys gang banned a woman and I got to clean her up. And guess what, we love being just that, cum hungry fags.

You are a real faggot!!

How does it come that your protagonist does it without wanna??!! If she forced him after they finished he divorce her or he is a real wimp and cuckold!!! Have tasted my own And trying to get my wife to help force me to eat her had a dream the other night that she totally dominated me and forced me to clean her out.

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