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Alien impregnation and birth stories

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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Jennifer is quickly impregnated by an alien creature. Immediately her stomach swells as she gives birth in an exotic way entirely inhuman and painful. Subscribe to me on the left to receive an every time I write a new story! Want a custom story just for you?

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A common question that revolves around all alleged alien abduction cases is that what do the alien do to humans after they are abducted. Well, apart from general medical examinations and certain experimentations, humans are also subjected to something which is believed to be one of major reason behind their abduction, which is impregnation.

It is not only females who have been used for the impregnation tasks, but males also have been subjected to impregnate alien females. Here are top stories of alien impregnation cases and alien human hybrid birth stories.

Stories of alien impregnating woman. She had accepted her fate which brought in a twist in her life after she was abducted by a bunch of humanoids and taken aboard spaceship.

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There she was subjected to creepy medical activities which included a huge syringe being injected into her belly. The pain of the injection was so much that Ms Wolfe fell unconscious only to gain her consciousness back after 4 hours when she found herself near her car.

A few weeks later she fell strange feelings in her body and went for a pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive. She was found carrying an alien human baby in her womb. It was in when Giovanna went for an abortion and the fetus that was taken out of her body had definite reptilian characteristics with webbed feet and tadpole type face.

This alien-human hybrid fetus was confirming her claims of being impregnated by aliens. In her case, the impregnation has happened not by medical means but by having sexual intercourse with green reptilian aliens.

As per Ms. Verse the sexual experience that she had with the aliens was far better than any earthly experience. The children that are born as alien human hybrids are taken aboard the spaceships by their alien fathers. While she does not recall of having any sort of a physical relationship with Myriko or any other alien being, but one day in Susan feel unbearable pain in her lower abdomen and she fell unconscious.

When she woke up she was all soaked in blood and when she was taken aboard a spaceship by Myriko, she saw a grey skinned frail fetus lying which was apparently growing in her womb before her pregnancy was terminated by the aliens. After this incidence she was diagnosed to be found pregnant.

The incidence had occurred in The woman claimed to have been abducted near Blanca where she was out on a stroll along the beach. She faced a luminous globe UFO from which six humanoid aliens disembarked and abducted her to have sex with her at one time.

These alien humanoids had blue skin and webbed feet. While she and her husband were sleeping on night, there came a dark entity that paralyzed her husband and made her remove her clothes and have conjugal relationship with it.

Top 10 alien impregnation and birth stories

The creature while leaving said she would be giving birth to a boy in three months time and that is exactly what happened. After being abducted he was taken inside a small room and an attractive woman who was a blonde but had red hairs in her underarms and pubic area came into the room and had sexual intercourse with Boas. After the intercourse the alien woman smiled and pointer towards her belly first and then towards the sky, as if she was trying to tell the startled Brazilian that she was going to carry a human alien hybrid in her womb who she would take back to her planets, high up in the sky.

After the session, they collected his semen and flew off. The incidence took place in in the town of Adjuntas in Puerto Rico. Is It Real?