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Click to see full answer Likewise, people ask, how can I my photos online? In order to an image to the Internet, you must first open a website or an app that supports photo uplo. Find the "" section.

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A safe, private and temporary storage for your photos. Unsee copy-protects, auto-deletes and never logs personal data.

What is my age: 28
My Zodiac sign: Gemini
I like: Yoga
Stud: My piercing is nipple piercing

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Secure and private temporary image hosting.

Is unsee. Good site. Share your thoughts Sort by: Newest. The most trustworthy online protection.

Someone sent a link of i opened it, even if i didn't tant to: is it possible that my computer got a virus?

NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material. Its very frustrating to be using it and chatting with other users for a good while and then one person takes your whole down for a laugh. For that reason I have seen many user i know moving to Voilafile, vyew, me Sad because Unsee is the quickest and easiest to put up but the others at least keep control that your isn't taken down by one joker.

Hope they find a better way one day. I'll check back once in a while to see if they have. Yes, it was in fact abused by visitors.

Is unsee a safe site?

It was decided to remove this functionality, since the album s are extremely short lived anyway. The site is great for sharing images anonymously and safely. However, it doesn't have any privacy policy, terms of service, or information regarding what it done with the ed images. Do they comply with federal laws if illegal content is ed?

Is safe?

What do they do with the ed images? Are they deleted?

Or are they kept? If so, then for how long?

The site is a great idea, but without this information, I am suspicious. Tread with caution.

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Thank you for your feedback! And it does describe how your data is handled exactly.

Looks like a great site and does that is promises. The only problem is that they do no have a privacy policy section, which is weird, but other than that, it's great.

Actually now it has. I'm very sorry to hear about your negative experience. Even Google might not be available once in a while.

Unsee pictures

Additionally this doesn't have much to do with safe browsing. Could you please describe the issue more in case your comment was misunderstood?

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