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Arcanum stillwater giant

Despite that I was looking straight at them, I barely even noticed them.

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Stanley Xavier Hippington wants you to capture the Stillwater Giant. Achievements Forums News. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? The Stillwater Giant.

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Is there a real Stillwater Giant? Messages: Likes Received: 0 ed: Feb 26, BaalMar 22, Really I want to know. In some of the arcanums I found that there is authentic Stillwater Giant pelt. Dark ElfMar 22, Yep, there's a real Stillwater Giant allright.

It comes around as a random encounter in the Stillwater area once you've done the quest for Myrth. It appears as a harmless blue bunny - you've got to attack it for it to reveal its true form. If you're a goody two-shoes, you better let your followers wait when you attack it, since killing the giant is considered an evil act. Then you just loot stillwater pelt from the giants corpse.

HT Parnell will mark up with coins for it, unless my memory fails me. BaalMar 23, Messages: Likes Received: 1 ed: Oct 31, DemosthenesMar 23, I think it should appear regardless of your level, but if you've already giant through that area a bunch since doing the quest, I don't think it's going o show up.


Invisibility and Prowling Master together, so cool. Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0 ed: Mar 7, ShahannaMar 23, I often see it in the north pass, you might try that or in its cave. What I always wondered was what to do with the thing once you have it in the cage and the professor has laughed at it. Why do I want a blue bunny in a cage?

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Messages: 2, Likes Received: 0 ed: Jul 2, I don't think you can do anything with it, but I'm not absolutely certain. BaalMar 24, I found it, and killed it. If you have become an enemy of a city can you change that? I am now the enemy of both Tarant and Caladon. Dark ElfMar 24, Don't think you can actually catch the real giant. You won't have any free cages available, at least I haven't heard of a way to acquire one.

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And no, if you've became the enemy of a town, you're stuck with it. You don't have an autosave prior to the riot perhaps? Messages: 88 Likes Received: 0 ed: Dec 7, Some Strange ManMar 24, Elf, you could get the cage from the guy who wants to catch the SG, but then you could go and steal the amulet of from mryth and get the elf in shrouded hills to tell you where quintarra is.

Would that work? Or you could get the cage, then go to HT Parnell's to extract the fake pelt?

The real question is can you sneak up on te real stillwateriant without it noticing? That might be impossibly hard, especially if its a random wilderness encounter. I ran all around that thing and it ignored me. Until I pulled out the scorg and started beet the crap out of it, then it transformed.

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How come you didn't try to trap it? ShahannaMar 25, If you talk to the elf in Stillwater he will tell you to get the pelt. Go to the house in the far north of the local map and talk to the guy there, the one the rumors tell you is a local expert on the giant. He will tell you how to trap it. If you have already talked to him and still don't know how to get it then read the spoiler.

It goes to the very north of the map, even farther than the house.

Save your game before you go in, leave any followers behind, take off your armor to reduce noise and your own scent. When you have gotten to the end of the tunnel go to your invetory and use the cage. The cursor will turn blue like a spell, click on the bunny. Bunny now in cage.

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I had a fairly high prowling ability when I did that, but I do not know if it is required that you do. There is a real stillwater giant you can take care of after the quest for myrth is complete, thats the one we're talking about capturing.

Dark ElfMar 25, Also, Shahanna, prowling and stuff is rather inconsequential when it comes to this quest. There's no need to sneak up at the rabbit - make all the noise you desire, you'll still have no problem catching the little bunny.


BaalMar 25, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 5 ed: Nov 10, DarkUnderlordMar 25, I trapped the bunny with a low skilled PC and the next encounter was the real Giant. I think it's made that way for teh funnay.

Could you kill the bunny instead of trapping it, thereby saving the cage? Not likely, because then you wouldn't be able to complete the quest for Myrth, and it seems like it's that, or the capture of the blue bunny that triggers the appearance of the real giant. I'll be sure to check this out though, when I play Arcanum again - but it's not like I'll bother to do that in a few months though. Besides, you're a horrible person for wanting to kill the sweet and innocent little honey-bunny!

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