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Batman mr scarface

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There are not one but two new villains set to arrive on Gotham this week.

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The Ventriloquist and Scarface are back, bigger, bolder and more dangerous than ever.

Jason's seemingly still working for the Bat-Family, but he's also infiltrating the ranks of the Magistrate, a corrupt organization that has taken over Gotham City and outlawed all masked crime-fighters. In the first issue, Todd faces off against a giant robot version of Scarface, manipulated from within by the Ventriloquist, Arnold Wesker.

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Although this Mecha-Scarface is far more advanced than his usual wooden dummy, this latest iteration feels like a very logical progression in the character's evolution. Batman's rogues' gallery boasts of some of the most colorful and vibrant villains of all time, and the Ventriloquist and Scarface rank high on that list.

The character was fascinating because of the way he cleverly toed the line between horrific and hilarious. Fear of clowns and ventriloquist dummies is common, and few are more frightening than Scarface.

The legends surrounding the character suggest that the puppet is alive and possessed by the spirits of the hundreds of killers, who were executed by hanging from the gallows wood he was carved from. As if that wasn't terrifying enough, it also felt like he was the one in control, while his handler, Wesker, was actually the true puppet. While many believe that this was down to a severe case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, the fact that Scarface spoke and acted consistently, even when a different person was handling him, added an element of the supernatural to the villain.

Over the years, the Ventriloquist has evolved and developed. There were even two points in history where Wesker was replaced by two, very different female ventriloquists.

The second female puppeteer was Shauna Belzer. This character was a Batgirl villain and a metahuman who wielded a dummy called Ferdie, named after the kid brother she'd murdered.

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Belzer was a powerful telekinetic who animated corpses, as well as puppets. Of course, the original Ventriloquist eventually returned, and this is the iteration that stars in this month's Future State: Gotham 1. Once again, the character changed and evolved throughout these appearances; from a Venom enhanced, muscle-bound ventriloquist, to a larger-than-life Scarface who actually carried Wesker in arms.

The dynamic between puppet and puppeteer is constantly evolving and giant Mecha-Scarface is the latest step in that evolution. Whether this latest version of the character will become a permanent fixture in this dystopian future remains to be seen, but he certainly adds flair, action and humor to Red Hood's latest adventure in DC's dark future.

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