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Batman x power girl

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I have no clue. But Kara is almost always awesome around Batman, irrespective of which Batman:. CitizenBane said:.

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DC's Power Girl, Superman's cousin, is insanely strong but also has one of the most inane weaknesses in comics - and it's nearly killed her. The character - who hails from a parallel Earth but currently resides in the main DC universe - has all the powers of her fellow Kryptoniansbut this weakness is unique to her and her alone.

Most surprising of all, it hasn't been officially removed or retconned in any comic, as writers usually choose to ignore the absurd weakness entirely. Her backstory changed after Crisis on Infinite Earthsbut she eventually made a name for herself on DC's prime Earth as the head of her own software company Starware Industries.

Power Girl's origins have changed quite a bit since her debut in 's All-Star Comics 58, but her Kryptonian heritage has mostly stayed intact, along with her unique weakness to - literally - sticks and stones. In Supergirl Vol. Tracer then impales Power Girl through the back with the branch; Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, is quite surprised to see her Earth-2 counterpart fall so quickly. She removes the branch and it's here where Power Girl explains her vulnerability: she's weak to "any raw, unprocessed natural material.

So sticks and stones can break my [bones]. Power Girl's weakness is probably one of the most impossible-to-overcome handicaps in comics when one considers all the variables associated with fighting on any planet.

Is the ocean considered raw and unprocessed? What about dirt, soil, and sand? These days, Power Girl is very rarely taken out by tree branches or sharp sticks.

The character has received so many rewrites sometimes within the same series that it's entirely possible Power Girl's next major overhaul is coming soon. Then, Kara would finally be able to fight evil in forests without fear of sticks and stones.

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