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Ben 10 fanfic lemon

Education In all honesty, I haven't delved that deep into Fanfiction 's Ben 10 f and om so this idea of doing a Ben 10x Kai Green lemon fic probably not the most original idea I've ever done.

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Education In all honesty, I haven't delved that deep into Fanfiction 's Ben 10 f and om so this idea of doing a Ben 10x Kai Green lemon fic probably not the most original idea I've ever done. But I hope you guys enjoy it in its juicy goodness. A Comforting Touch. Education Back to Kai. Ben found himself suddenly awake, mind jumping from place to place, trying to figure out how he knew this girl. This girl in his dream.

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By: Kyuubi16 Ben and Gwen go to confront Charmcaster but she has other things in mind. He's been cool on the themes and passages called and the stuff I've said. I've apologized, we've talked, and shit happens. I just wish there was more plot and development. He explained some stuff about the effect of the Charm, but I still can't help but notice mind control over tones and despite his assistance and logic, I find so many various women of different tastes and behavior would just want to immeditely fuck Ben. Too unrealistic and just too much weirdness.

The past few days were rather amazing. Though despite it all he still couldn't help but wonder where was Charmcaster. The silver haired wonder had as of yet appear. This is her spell, I would think she would want to reap the benefits' He thought to himself as he slowly opened his eyes to the ever familiar ceiling of his room, he felt the cool air the fan provided, the comfort of the blankets he was under, and….

What's that strange yet great feeling I'm feeling on my wang? Lifting her head to greet him with a loving smile and thin trail of precum dripping along her chin from her lips Gwen gave him a sexy wink.

She was wearing a red long sleeve with black vest and blue jeans, but as a change of pace she let her hair flow freely. The look matched completely even if it did bring out her tom boyishness a bit more.

Taking one longer lick along his shaft, while earning a strained groan in the process, Gwen ceased her oral ministration and spoke. As if on cue Ben's mother; Sandra appeared in the doorway with a 'get your lazy butt out of your bed' look on her face when she looked at her son lazily lying back down into his pillow. Gwen pulled off the innocent look with perfection and gave a shrugging gesture. It's spring break, what other boys want to get up bright and early at"- He paused and looked to his left at the alarm clock.

A couple of minutes passed and Ben stood panting and exhausted, his room was now litter free and his mom smirked in victory. I'm sure Gwen would like it if you two went outside to mister smoothies or whatever.

Gwen's head shot up a little as she got an idea from her suggestion and turned to look at Ben who was now lying on the ground floor. Why don't you take me out for some sunshine and smoothies? It sounds like a great idea don't you think? Getting the message and sighing a 'yeah' to the ladies Ben got up and went to his bathroom to get dressed.

Maybe he's becoming more mature, either that or you have a way with controlling men.

Give what you can.

Minutes later Ben got out dressed in his usual attire and walked out of the house with Gwen to the nearby park and once they were out of sight from his parents they walked holding hands. The day was bright and the sky was cloudless when the two teens came to a rest at Ben's favorite smoothie stand and sat down for a drink. I know my mom to be a pretty damn good detective when it comes to her son hiding things. Secret is only harmless until it blows up in front of everyone, better to tell them sooner than later, Ben.

Before he was about to reply a voice cut in. Ben turned around and immediately he felt his jaw girl was drop dead gorgeous; she had medium length blonde hair with a bang to the fanfic of her lemon, wore a red short sleeve T-shirt along with a tight fitting white mini skirt and white tennis shoes. Add light blue eyes and an alluring gaze and you got a blonde bombshell that was now inadvertently making Gwen glare at her. We're trying to have an important conversation here. Ben blonde newcomer merely looked back at her with a frown of dislike written on her face, but then she smirked like she knew something.

By the way by name's Caroline. Ben was dumbstruck and a little red in the face, but even he knew well enough when Gwen was angry the person she's mad at better run like hell. It was clearly seen on the redhead's face with a set of eyes glaring daggers at the girl.

Though he couldn't help but feel Something at the back of his head was trying to tell him something, but he couldn't remember. You're upsetting her and we were talking about something personal, ok. Ben's face became one of shock as he realized who this was now. Damnit of course, Charmcaster's surprise. Are you and her close? Is he your boyfriend? If he isn't then I'll take advantage of that fa-" "Yes he is! Now get lost. Caroline then chuckled and made a rather devious look.

Here I thought he already had a girlfriend by the name of Julie Yamamoto. You're pretty famous for fighting aliens and other supernatural wonders, you know. It took her a few moments to began putting the clues together. Surely you should have been able to sense my Mana. What we were afraid of happening? The two of them followed Carolinepretty far from town, the travel taking at least two hours, mostly quiet except Ben piquing up every few minutes asking if they were there yet.

Far away from the town Caroline performed a chant and a door was summoned. For awhile the two was confused by what she meant by her domain, until they realized she must have meant Ledgerdomain when they began traveling far away from town.

Walking through they entered a bedroom that was large enough to contain a two-bed room apartment. The room was draped with lavender curtains and bed sheeths and marble floors. Ben's mouth dropped as he watched his silver haired and incredibly hot lover made out with his equally hot cousin. He watched as Caroline's hands trailed along Gwen's back as she deepened the kiss. His face went red as Caroline pulled back slightly, allowing him to see her swirl her tongue along Gwen's mouth.

When the kiss ended Gwen was left dazed and confused. Caroline suddenly chanted something, causing Ben to lose control of his body and float over. She stole a kiss and with a burst of mana caused his clothes to disappear. Ben dumbly nodded, going over to Gwen and began kissing her as Caroline began to undo Gwen's jeans.

Crazy love: ben x gwen

Caroline vanished Gwen's clothes as well as Ben began trailing Gwen's along Gwen's creamy legs. Ben slowly trailed up and along Gwen's body with gentle kisses until capturing her lips with a kiss. Caroline vanished her clothes as well before tearing Gwen from Ben and forcing her lips on her. The sight of two sets of lips worming their way over each other. Their breasts pressed together before Charmcaster turned to Ben, giving him a saucy gin. Let's give him some attention Gwendolyn. They both kneeled beside him and each girl placed on a hand on his crotch and began slowly rubbing his cock.

Ben could feel his erection getting bigger and he was getting slightly more anxious to just pound away at one of the girls since they were making him even more aroused.

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Gwen and Caroline then placed their warm wet mouths on his shaft and his testicles. This is Heaven! He could literally feel the wet flesh fanfic the tongue of Gwen licking around his testicles like she were devouring a treat and Caroline was licking his pole like a Popsicle and savoring the taste too. Slurping sounds could be heard as both girls were servicing Ben's cock for a few minutes and when they heard him groaning louder they figured it was time for the big finale.

With reluctance they let go, it was weird that they were almost in sync with their actions, and they Caroline laid on the bottom while Gwen laid on the top and both girls were looking back at Ben with anticipation like animals in heat.

We're waiting…" Gwen said in a lusty tone. Ben, now Ben for anything else in the world stood on his knees facing the girls, removed his shirt because he was feeling much heat, grabbed his member and positioned his hardened yet twitchy cock at the entrance of Gwen's wet vagina. Caroline placed one of her lemons between her legs and started fingering her pussy as Bn continued his ministrations while additionally she grabbed Gwen's right breast and started sucking on it thus increasing the redhead's volume.

After a few minutes of fucking Gwen, Ben reluctanctly pulled out and entered Caroline resulting an increase in her volume. This is fantastic, Benjamin! After a few more minutes of fucking Caroline, Ben gritted his teeth and his thrusts became more erratic.