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Best friend slept with my dad

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A little background information would be helpful before I get into my confession.

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How would you feel if your dad slept with your best friend?

It was more a desire for some sort of adulation from my peers. He would flatter them and bowl them with his charisma.

Help! my father is having sex with my best friend

It drove me absolutely mad. So mad that it took a recent article in a foreign glossy magazine to bring all those dormant emotions flooding back three decades on.

How I wished he would just go away and leave us alone like other d did. And to my horror, my friends were always more than keen to stop talking to me about fashion or boys and turn their attention to whatever my Dad wanted to bore them with — usually tales of his brief career in Nollywood or some other equally tedious anecdote from his past. I mean what girl wants to hear her father stealing the limelight?

Why, I have no idea. At the time, his marriage to my mother seemed happy; perhaps he thought it was funny. And to my horror, when I was 19 a friend of mine took a shine to Dad. Mum had recently taken an out of station promotion and we were left to carry on as best we could until her fortnight visits.

I had sex with my father's bestfriend!!

I was waiting to get admitted to the university but worked briefly in a private school where I befriended an outgoing girl called Ify. We had been at the same school. That changed as we bonded over lunch breaks and them, one night, she stayed over late and it was decided she could sleep in the guest room as it was a weekend. The door to the guest room where Ify should have spent the night, was firmly shut.

Was the room slept in at all?

I had incredible sex with my best friend’s dad, now i can’t resist him

I would have seen the bed still made up and not slept in. In that moment, I hated them both — her for betraying our friendship, and him for crossing a line that I never in a million years thought he would dare to cross. During the next few days, I confronted both of them and they vehemently denied anything happened.

To her credit, she did beg for my forgiveness and tried to explain that it was a moment of madness — a one-night stand she deeply regretted. But I felt they had both acted with complete disregard for my feelings, then treated me like an idiot by lying about what happened.

It was supposed to be Ify and I sharing secrets, not Ify and my father! I still saw Ify but we no longer socialise. Of course we were all adults by this stage and you might argue that I had no good reason to feel so wronged.

I slept with my dad's best friend!

Which is as it should be. My father is having sex with my best friend. Candida How would you feel if your dad slept with your best friend? But when friends came over, his spotlight automatically beamed on them. Disclaimer Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of vanguard newspapers or any employee thereof.