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Years old: 22
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got enormous gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What I prefer to drink: I like to drink gin
What I like to listen: Opera
What is my hobbies: Travelling

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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! User Name. Remember Me. Gallery's Feed. Dear Diary's Feed. Story's Feed. As I minced as prettily as possible into the sitting room, I could not have been happier. Coming to grips with my inner femininity, and fully grasping the fact that I was born to serve females, as an effeminate Nancy Maid, had been difficult. That had been before, approximately two years ago when my "journey" had begun. Today, things were definitely different.

I literally gloried in my newfound self. Following sissy me, pushing the teacart was my newest story, Gigi, a lovely sissy novitiate. Newly married at 23, Gigi had been overwhelmed at her wife's insistence that she become a sissy cross dresser. Now, two weeks later Gigi's wife Lydia and her betty lover Bev were watching with smiles as my assistant served his or her, first formal tea.

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The name of Betty, and the homosexual female clients, had been inherited from the owner, a lesbian, and a good friend of Muriel's. Muriel, also a lesbian had enjoyed the clients.

It had worked well. Once, during a visit, Paula had decided that at the first opportunity, she would attempt to begin to make me more feminine.

Along with it came a considerable sum of cash. I was concerned because the house was a full 3-hour drive from our home.

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My company has an office in the area. I could easily transfer there in a few months. We could rent out our home here or sell it," she said with a firmness that I had grown to recognize. I'll be up this weekend. I've already spoken to Ms. Anna, the head housekeeper. She'll be happy to begin your training.

She welcomes you as a full member of her staff," she said proudly, as if me, the new owner, was going to be a mere staff member! As Gigi and I went about the room, I took in the warmth, and in a couple cases, apprehension of our guests. My wife, Paula, and Ms. Anna, the head of house keeping and a master chef, looked on proudly.

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We had four guest rooms, three occupied at the time. There was also my room, Ms. Anna's room, and Michelle and Paula's room. Michelle, who also worked as a housekeeper and maid, was Paula's new girl, and also my immediate superior. Often, we had to put an extra single bed in most guest rooms. Many women brought girlfriends, and the sissy husband would have to occupy a story single bed while the two women slept comfortably or made love in a nice, large, king bed.

This particular week, Gigi and his spouse, as well as two other couples were at the inn. The two other women, actually lovers, had brought their newly sissified husbands along. The two pansies set there watching us. They were dressed at the moment in unisex apparel, lightly made up and adequately perfumed.

They knew that in Gigi and I they were seeing their very near future. They appeared to be nervous story it. Myself, Gigi, Michelle and Ms. Anna had been required to move some betty as the two new sissies had been made to sleep in the sissy room, but in separate single beds. Gigi and myself occupied my room, as it had two single beds also. We don't want them comforting each other sexually. June and I have them save their sexual frustrations for us," she laughed as most of the women present laughed also.

As Gigi and I served the tea and sissies to everyone we curtsied demurely and daintily. Once finished we left the serving cart off to the side. Any further serving would be done by "Prissy" and "Molly" the two sissy novices, present at their wife's insistence. Both pantywaists were expected to fully soak in the atmosphere of dominant females, and sissy spouses. Gigi and I left sashaying into the kitchen where Michelle was present.

I'll go do the laundry, but I'll guarantee that you two Nancy maids will be folding and ironing," she said as she tossed the apron down and left. I knew she was presently unhappy and I was going to stay out of her way. As a betty female, albeit a submissive one, she was still superior to me in the pecking order of the household.

Somehow she had displeased Paula, thus her relegation to "kitchen bitch" status. Had she been in Paula's good graces she would have been seated next to her in the sitting room, basking in the glow of being Paula's submissive lesbian femme.

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My attention turned to the messy kitchen and chatting with Gigi. Having been instructed by Mistress to "feel her out" I began to converse with her. I'm simply Betty. No one in my recent past has ever called me Liz, Elizabeth, Lisbeth, or anything close.

Diapered sissy boys

Just Betty," I laughed, my hand waving at her in a limp wrist fashion. Maybe three months. When I did, life took on a whole new perspective. Trust me, the rewards for being an obedient, efficient, sissy maid are tremendous," I said, looking her in the eye, hoping to pique her interest. Apparently I did make her curious. Such as? Both mistress and Ms. Anna thought it would be cute to have someone named Betty working here.

As for the rewards, well, here's a for instance.

Betty finds my story

You did an excellent job today. It's quite possible your mistress may reward you at bedtime. Mine may reward me also. Sexually, we hope," I added, wondering what the evening would bring. It may take some getting used to.

Could you and I have some more girl talk like this later? Just you and I, maybe one or both of the new sissies" she added, putting her hand to her mouth, surprised that she would use the word sissy to refer to herself or anyone else for that matter.

Erotic crossdressing sissy stories collection

Your spouse will be using it to refer to you, quite often. Why don't we get together, say tonight, for a couple of hours after evening meal? We'll clean up first. Then go to the verandah outside our room. It's private.

Maybe we'll even get to chat at bedtime if neither of us are needed by our mistresses," I said reluctantly. Michelle and both of the new girls will be assisting us. The novice's serious training starts tonight. Trust me, I know. Michelle will be in Paula's "poodle house" for a couple of more days.

I've seen this happen before," I confided.

I always liked telling someone, especially an apprehensive sissy, about my transformation. As a rule it was a comforting experience for both of us. So once we had finished with supper, and relaxing on the verandah, I let Gigi in on the details of my transformation.

Prior to our conversing, I suggested we do our hair first and shower. First Gigi showered and shampooed and then I did. I had to smile when I came out of the bathroom, wearing my red kimono and white mules. Gigi was already at her vanity setting her hair.

She had me check the rollers she had put in so far for tightness. She had learned fast!