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Birthright chapter 16

Map overview.

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There are two major points to take note of before you start the mission.

First off, the layout of the map. This one is confined to close quarters, and you'll also find yourself defeating enemies to get through a doorway or hallway.

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The second point is to take notes of the turrets. These turrets are placed on maps, allowing anyone with the correct tome to stand near one and launch an attack to a nearby opponent. Different kinds of turrets require different kinds of tomes. In your first turn, you'll want to focus on the two enemies up north, the four enemies blocking the hallway to the right, and the two Knights sitting down south.

Got an Archer or anyone with a Hammer?

Use them to take out the two Knights down south. Up north you have a Hero that won't reach you in the next enemy turn, so go ahead and leave him be. To your right are two more Knights paired with an Archer each.

Use Archers from a distance on the Knights, then Hard Mode let another two units come up and close to take down the Archers. Two Outlaws will run rampant and pick their way through the locked doors to get to the two chests in the southern rooms.

The first chest contains a Silence Rod, while the second holds a Goddess Icon. If they get to the chests first, just take them out to get them yourself.

Chapters in this book (16)

Send sword fighter units down into the treasure room to take out two Fighters and the Outlaw. Proceed in the room up north to find a single Dark Mage that is soon ed by another duo of enemies. Quickly take them out with a Lance wielding unit or someone with high Resistance.

From there, continue north to find a room with more magic type enemies, along with two more in the room on the right. Avoid letting them group up and use units with high Resistance to wipe them out!

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As you start heading south once again, you'll come across another Hero. Fight like normal, but do keep in mind that now you are in the target area of the Fire Orb user in the next room! Keep things quick so you can get in there and take him out! Before you get into the final room, you'll have to take out one last Knight that's blocking the entrance.

Patriarchs and prophets

If you manage to take out the next Outlaw who should have opened the two remaining chests, you'll be able to get your hands on an Arms Scroll and G! Now in the final, immediately go for the guy behind the turret. Once that is done, all you'll need to worry about is Iago. Being a Magic user, fighting from a distance doesn't give you much of an advantage, so don't be afraid to get up and personal. Give him a few good whacks with a sword and the mission should be over in no time!

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Each chapter of the game offers a different path to play, and Revelation will put a twist on much of what you thought you knew from playing Birthright and Conquest. Release Date.

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