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Becky inadvertently flashed her carefully hidden swastika tattoo at the party and it was noticed by some very dangerous black nationalists. The kind of hard niggas that loved to kidnap perky little racist white girls and teach them their worth, at the feet of all black men. They took sadistic glee in thinking about the torment they were about to unleash upon her. They followed her to her car, being alone at night, she was easily subdued and incapacitated. When she came too, she was tied face down on a filthy mattress in what appeared to be a dimly lit garage.

How old am I: I am 66
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Gladys Landis had never had sex with a black man before. Never once in her life until now, that is. Thought when in college she had heard plenty of rumors and gossip from her friends about them, mostly about their sexual prowess and stamina.

A few of her friends had dared to try and one or two had confessed of how true the myth was.

This list is still growing.

Gladys had thought about wanting to them, but the thought had never lasted more than a day before she continued onward with herself. Here she was finally getting to experience what she should had attempted years ago and the reality was that everything she had heard, every ounce of gossip her friends had reported to her was unmistakably true.

She felt her mouth hanging open and she was frantically breathing through it. But no words would come forth out of her. Her eyes squeezed themselves shut, and she thought she could feel her heart racing inside her chest as eventually he slid out of her gently only to rip into her once again. She did finally scream.

But it was more a high-pitched croak than a scream. Master Joe wrapped his arms under her thighs and pulled her toward his pelvis while simultaneously ramming his shaft two inches inside her. Gladys felt like a star had just exploded before her eyes and a second later the scream she had been wanting to come forth eventually did. Gladys had no idea if he was actually talking to her or someone else.

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Neither of the other black men in the room cared about his words. They all were busy concentrating on servicing their individual women.

Gladys looked to the woman on her right and saw she was now straddling her man, rocking down on him hard while another black man stood before her choking her mouth with his cock. Gladys barely knew she had screamed aloud when she did. She had almost forgotten that Master Joe still held her prisoner and he was still stretching her pussy for her.

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He was now on his feet and leaning over her. Gladys gazed between her thighs and marveled at the size of his cock slipping in and out of her shaved pussy, coming away with creamy cum.

She drove a hand at her pussy and feverishly massaged herself. Her body felt like it was on fire.

Never had she had any cock as big as this inside her before; not even Jake can compete, she realized this. Master Joe pulled out of her and stepped back swiping sweat off his brow.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Gladys still had her fingers rubbing her pussy furiously and was moaning aloud to herself now as she drew toward her moment of climax. Master Joe returned to her and this time his cock went into her with ease and he added more power to his thrusts this time.

Gladys pressed her hands against his chest and tried begging him to stop but it was pointless. He was leaning over her once again, and this time he reached under her backside and lifted her off the sofa. Gladys almost fell off him but Master Joe was quick to grab her and his cock remained stuck inside her as she then brought her legs around him. She barely knew that she had climaxed already even as she continued humping against him. She was so out of breath by the time he laid her down again and then he ejaculated over her abdomen. Gladys was still trying to catch her breath when Master Joe loomed over her and brought his cock hovering inches from her face; traces of cum dripped off his foreskin and fell on her breasts.

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Gladys was gasping hard from her climax. So unprepared was she when Master Joe struck his cock against her mouth she coughed once and then twice before opening her lips to receive him.

As agreed with mastershango I am to remain in constant chastity. I will be permanently locked up and mastershango will have full control over me. Both me and mastershango will be posting photos!

Tm in indiana

Your Master owns you, sissy-boi. And you know where your submissive place should be under me! FYI I love the name and I call and remind the little loser this every day and before I go to bed lol. I do appreciate your input and welcome to hear any other ideas, denials, support you can offer as I truly want to ensure I treat and degrade him in a way that truly pleases black men like you!

It is very refreshing frankly that he is now never allowed to see my bare tits lol. It really does make me feel good knowing only black men can ever even see them :- so thx asyour support means a lot to me!!!!!

This list is still growing.

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