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Boot worship stories

Tonight was another great night for getting my fingers stepped on! It was closing time for the bars and people were hanging around on the sidewalk socializing and waiting for cabs.

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Kristin wiped her face clean. She may have been red-eyed and puffy-faced, but she no longer felt like she was burning up with shame and the gnawing was gone from the pit of her stomach. She was strong.

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4 thoughts on “how she likes her boots worshipped”

It was Friday and I had the day off as holiday, I had already planned to go to my favourite fetish club that night with my friends and I thought buying some new fetish gear was a must because I wanted to treat my self. My name is James and I work in a large insurance firm, my best friend and club buddy is a girl called Carla who I had known for a while now Pete was extremely satisfied with what he had done to both James and Marco and he knew neither of them would dare tell any of the other gang members what he put them through out of pride.

Neither would risk the boot. The next day Pete was all dressed in his leather and boots and enjoyed time at home chatting online to friends and perverts whom he'd se This story comes from a few years when in my late twenties I did a story bit of escorting and pro domming. This is a worship from one of my meetings as a pro domme with a client.

Seeing a regular client was always a preference for me.

For a start with pro domming I was quite picky in who I took on as a booking. Regular clients were also more fun as you could On request by an anonymous Literotica user. This feedback was sent by: Anonymous Comments: Love your stories, especially the dark elves and amazons. sociální síť pro dospělé

Do you think you could do one with more foot worship and maybe a little ballbusting? Fetishes: foot worship, shoe worship, boot worship, bootlicking, femdom, ballbusting, cunt punting, heel insertion Tags I had slowly building up my BootBoy with some ongoing fun and games, but now it was time to start getting kinkier! So far, in tonight's little boot-teasing activities, I had mostly been showing off and letting my BootBoy do relatively tame things to my boots, like touching them and kissing them.

Of course, this fun had been preceded by lots of brazen and sh No one had come all day. The wind blew up from the platform, as the last trains in what passed for a rush hour came and went.

The whole station was slow, owing to the holiday. The attendants in the booth up on the ground level had just left for the day, and as the trains clanged away the whole place became silent.

‘boot worship’ stories

Silence makes for a long day at the stand. It's been far too long since she had some fun, and she's chosen him as her target.

She throws a glance at the mirror on the wall, admiring herself. She may be 50, but she's taken care of herself and Kristin wiped her face clean.

She may have been red-eyed and puffy-faced, but she no longer felt like she was burning up with shame and the gnawing was gone from the pit of her stomach. She was strong.

She would be proud even through indignity. The girl assistant returned again, collecting her rag, and Kristin d her boxed arm position.

My uncle died long time ago, when I was a small kid, and I barely remember him. Aunt was left with their daughter, but never married again and rose her alone.

Uncle was aunt's love from student days they both studied Law, and became excellent lawyersand aunt whole time was saying that uncle was her only true love in her whole life. Aunt was fighting all At Her Boot Down on all fours like a dog at her boot I played Gina's servile pet and indulged an overpowering craving to humiliate myself before my love.

I eagerly struggled to obey her command to suck her boot. I selfishly wallowed in my need. Gina sat with her legs crossed and cavalierly flicked her boot into my face. Gina snickered at my ineffectual ef SmutMD Log in.

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