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Briefs wedgie stories

He was so happy to have the house to himself, he told his friends at school.

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Chris had always been part of group of cool kids at school. He was good looking and social. His parents had enough money to buy him expensive clothing and his slightly punky style made him stand out and gain the interest of many girls. He worked out regularly and was quite strong for his age.

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He very much enjoyed bullying the geeky and nerdy kids and often made fun of other boys when he caught them wearing briefs, or even worse: tighty whities. This placed him even higher on the social ladder giving him a good reputation among the cool .

One day something strange happened though. When the last class of the day was done Chris was standing next to his open locker checking his phone.

Briefs stories

The school was mostly empty apart from a few teachers and other students. Chris was admiring the pictures he took of some nerd he wedgied earlier when that very boy approached him. His white briefs were still sticking out of his pants, matching the pair of white socks visible under his highwater brown slacks. With some form of confidence the boys quickly walked up to Chris.

Briefs stories

The boy then frowned and raised his right arm. He proceeded to snap his fingers. While he did that the world around them became blurry and dark.

A teacher that was crossing the hallway in the back froze in place and a cold wind started to story through the hallway. What are you doing? It was as if time was frozen. The nerd started to talk with a noticeable lisp due to his braces. My mom keeps me in briefs and wont buy me other clothing. Then his underwear started to change. The bright white created a sharp contrast to those briefs.

Then suddenly the force disappeared and the briefs snapped back down. Time started to flow again and the bur disappeared. For 24 hours you cannot take them off, just like I cannot change since I have no other underwear. If you get through tomorrow without being wedgied wedgie turn back into your boxers. And the changes cannot be reversed. Receive enough wedgies and you will lose your old body and life, turning into the biggest loser of the school.

Chris noticed that his underwear had shifted into his old boxers, the checkered fabric was visible above his pants. Anger and frustration filled his body. I am not like you and I will never be. The nerd just grinned and then walked away, leaving Chris in an empty hallway. Confused Chris closed his locker and went home.

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Briefs soon kind of forgot about what happened until he undressed in his bedroom that evening. The bright white briefs formed a sharp contrast with his tanned wedgie muscular body. He felt vulnerable and boyish in the small pair of underwear and could feel the power radiating from them. He believed what the nerd had said to him and was genuinely afraid of becoming a victim to this curse. For a brief moment Chris considered acting to be ill, but he knew his mother was never going to believe that. He tried putting a pair of boxers over them but he found out his underwear drawer was empty.

There was no way of cheating this curse, he had to go in head first. The only thing he could do was try to hide the briefs for the whole day at school and hurry home as soon as possible. Anxious of the next day Chris went to sleep. The next day came quickly and upon waking up, Chris realized this could become the worst day in his life.

Unfortunately for him they story a high waisted kind of briefs so he was forced to choose the pair of jeans which he could pull up the highest to try to hide his underwear. He decided to wear a baggy hoodie which could conceal the high jeans and possible the underwear. Upon entering the school Chris became extremely nervous. There was a strange feeling around his cross.

It was as if the magic pair of briefs was trying to get attention, as if it wanted to be seen. Chris desperately tried to keep his arms down and his hands in his pockets so his pants would not sag. Maybe this was not going to be so bad after all.

He started to chat with his friends during his break and all tension left his body while he was starting to forget about the whole situation. Unconscious of his actions, while listening to a story his friend was telling, Chris leaned forward and let his head rest on his arms.

His hoodie rose up ever so slightly above his pants while they came down a little, exposing the smallest amount of white fabric as possible. The table he and his friends were sitting at had no chairs, but benches with no backrest so it would only be a matter of time before someone would notice.

The conversation continued for a while but was suddenly interrupted by a passing friend of Chris. The grabbed the fabric and gave a friendly tug. Luckily for him, his friend thought they were boxer briefs so he was safe, but he got wedgied although it was a small one. His friend snickered and took a seat next to Chris. Chris in turn picked the wedgie and pushed the briefs carefully back into his pants. Maybe this would be his only mistake. He had to be more cautious from now on.

Even though the wedgie was small, it still counted. He then noticed his pants were changing. The black pair of jeans turned dark brown while the fabric changed to corduroy. Next his black cotton ankle socks started to rise to around mid-calf while the fabric turned to itchy wool. Finally his trendy sneakers turned into black dress shoes. With these new pants, a lot of leg was visible. The white woolen socks created a sharp contrast between the brown corduroy and the black leather. Chris looked down in amazement.

He looked ridiculous in these pants! The pushed them back down but a magic force kept pulling them up again. His nuts were being crushed under the pressure of the pants. Luckily for him nothing else changed this time. Apart from Chris, no one seemed to have noticed the change. They looked at Chris while he tried to comprehend what just happened. You look like someone stepped on your grave.

The stiff leather shoes made him walk a little clumsy which added to the dorky look of the pants and the bright white of the socks. Upon entering the restroom Chris was happy to see that nothing else had changed.

Maybe he could still be saved. A different pair of pants he could live with. Maybe he could get corduroy to become trendy again. While Chris was lost in thought he did not notice someone approaching him from behind.