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Buffy and willow fanfiction

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Buffy and Willow met on Buffy's first day at Sunnydale High and soon became best friends. They both enrolled in UC Sunnydale together and eventually became roommates.

Btvs/ats non-crossover • romance • buffy/willow • 5 stories • updated apr 13

Buffy and Willow have risked their lives for the other on numerous occasions throughout the years. It would be natural we feel, as many others do, for them to take that next step.

A relationship between them would be grounded in true, solid friendship. And we see these characters in a romantic, plot-driven, not in a sex-only, story.

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They're extremely close friends, obviously. They have both been there for one another every single time for comfort. They've never been angry with one another. And if you get right down to it, Buffy has been Willow's only true female friend, and vice versa.

They just connect. A relationship based on friendship has greater chances of succeeding than any other.

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