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Carly and sam fanfiction

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Carly is now packing her stuff and getting ready for she only have a few hours to spend with her best friends, and her brother, Spencer. Pretty sad, but still, it's her father, Col. Shay asking her to go to Italy with him to bond, and be more closer to each other. Sam could easily hold back to her best friend from going but she's not that self-fish enough to do that. She loves Carly and she only wants the best for her, even if it means not seeing her for a long time. Since she knows that being alone with Carly in her room will make her break down and cry, she decided to wait for her friend downstairs of the Shay's apartment.

It's sure a sudden turn of events for them, but who cares? At least one of them is going to Italy. Instead of sulking at one side, she grabbed a Peppy Cola from the fridge and plopped herself in the counter waiting for Fredwart and Carly. She thought of her future if Carly didn't appear in her life to argue with a sandwich. She sure will be an infamous delinquent in Seattle, and always be present in juvy rather than in school.

Realizing that her two friends are taking so long she got up and checked on them upstairs. Well, it's because she still wants Benson. Yeah, that's a fact, but she couldn't because there are barriers between them and she couldn't afford to make a riot only because Freddie and she are together. At least she got to date her long time crush and kiss him, and fanfiction out with him, and- well she's not sure if she did the right thing of giving her v-card to him.

She gave Carly her v-card where they and their first kiss. Yeah, she gave it to him because even thought she bullied him for the past years since she knew him, he still treated her like a princess when they were together. But she still believes she'll figure how to move on, even thought it still hurts like hell. After walking in the little hallway of the attic, Sam turned left to go sam the iCarly studio, where Freddie is.

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She planned a fast prank to scare Fredward. She tiptoed to the remaining steps going to the studio and peeked to the transparent door and saw that Carly and Freddie are having a conversation. Sam noticed that the two didn't notice her. Two birds in one stone.

Well, better go and see when to go in. Sam thought.

She looked at them and observes when to go in and initiate her plan when she saw something that shocked her, big time. Carly is getting closer to Freddie and they kissed.

Sam saw Freddie's hands in Carly's waist. Well, what boy doesn't put his hands in a girl's waist when he doesn't like her? Freddie still likes Carly after all. Sam smiled bitterly. She hurriedly wiped her tears away and went downstairs to her former seat and looked down. She was so stupid to love him. She was really stupid.

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Sam tried to fight back the tears that are teasing to flow out of her eyes. She succeeded just in time when Carly and Freddie are making their way. Are they together, now? Sam asked herself.

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While Spencer, Gibby, and Freddie bid their goodbyes and hugged Carly, when it was Freddie's turn to hug Carly, Sam gazed at them, and think that they would make a perfect and together. Just the mere sight of her two friends makes Sam want to cry. Not because one of them will be gone for a long time, but because her two friends are like made for each other, the sweet girl and the mama's boy. Yeah, sure they are. When Carly looked at her, she realized it was her time to say her piece. But instead of saying something sweet and touching to Carly, she started a group hug, and stayed with Carly elevator.

She and Carly stared at each other for awhile and she gave her blue remote to Carly. And then she said her piece. They stared at each fanfiction again, and Carly gestured her for a hug, and Sam accepted it and embraced her best friend closely, she bit back a sob and whispered 'thanks for everything' to Carly. They hugged a bit more and Sam thought that this is the last time that she's going to see all of them. But she will surely miss them, even though Carly will be off to Italy in a few minutes from now. She will still be back, sam who knows? Maybe her best friend and her former boyfriend will be together once they see each other again because of the kiss they shared earlier.

When they heard the elevator 'ding!

She and Carly laughed and hugged again. Today's events were too much for her to take even though she was a toughie. We'll keep in touch, right? Sam doesn't want to lie to her best friend but it's for the best.

Her heart will require a long time in order for it to heal. Bye Carly, I'm gonna miss you very, very much. It'll be just like you never left Seattle," Sam assured her friend while having a bitter, empty smile plastered on her face. We have to go now," the girls turned back to see Col. Shay motioning for her daughter that it's time to go.

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It's pretty weird how Col. Shay didn't forbid her daughter to hang out with her, despite of her background, Col, Shay still sees her as normal, and treats her nicely everytime his kids are having a video chat session with him. Sam smiled. Why, Col. Shay was like a father to her! Bye Sam, till next time. Shay saw how the girls are very close but if he won't stop them, he and Carly would miss their flight.

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He walk towards them and broke their hug. He turned to her daughter's best friend and smiled at her, thanking her for being there for her daughter always. Sam maybe look tough and bully other people, but it was just her protecting herself, though sometimes she was really being mean, escpecially to their other friend.

What was his name again?

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Oh Freddie. You'll be video chatting every day. It will feel like Carly is still in Seattle. I'm just going to take my baby girl and take some time to bond with her. Just be sure that we're still gonna see Carly back in one piece, 'aight? Shay was beginning to feel uncomfortable within her presence. See you later. Carly was shocked and guessed that Sam hated good-byes since her father left her, and having someone leave you for no applicable reasons can affect you throughout your life.

Sam watched Carly and her dad drove off until their view was nowhere to be seen. Now, what should she do? She was thinking of going to the Groovie Smoothie when her phone rang from her pocket.

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Where are you? Ever since her mom and she attended therapy daily, their relationship has gotten better. They don't bicker always and Sam realized that they have common interests too. Just like fat cakes. She didn't know her mom like them too. Something weird is in her voice. Did she have a new boyfriend?