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Celebrities who enjoy anal

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What, what?

Tmi! amber rose, farrah abraham and more celebrities’ most shocking masturbation confessions

Celebrities that like it in the butt!! Switch to Print View - 76 posts 4 of 8. Lindsey Lohan confirmed! Also, do you have any evidence on Christina, Ginnifer, or Caity? Just spent 75 minutes sourcing all these girls with proof of anal, then my laptop fucked up. Here are some sources Ali Wong - Baby Cobra comedy special she talks about discovering anal and dumping a guy because he wouldn't fuck her in the ass. Anne Hathaway - Leaks of an Esquire interview in which she said all her boyfriends have used her backdoor. This was before it was mainstream and due to the backlash, the article was pulled and Esquire then claimed they never had an interveiw with her.

Gwyneth Paltrow - has said everyone is doing anal and promotes it on Goop. Charisma Carpenter - amatuer sex tape before she was famous includes HOT butt-sex.

Farrah Fawcett - She had anal cancer. This is different thatn colon cancer and is specifically caused by HPV. Someone was cumming in her ass. Chyna - At the end of, and after, her wrestling career, she made several professional anal porn movies Amy Schumer - Said in a book she never tried but wanted to. Later, on a game show, she admitted she finally took it in the butt.

Halle Berry - Rumored to be a freak down for anything in Movie 43 she made guacamole with her tits! Sources say during the Monster's Ball sex scene, a few time they started actually fucking including Billy Bob butt-banging her badonkadonk. The host changed the subject before she could name either one specifically.

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Lana Parrila - Known to be fun and playful, quoted as saying people shouold be able to stick it wherever they want, and wrote "anal" on her husband's forehead. Before you say it's her name backward so he could read it in the mirror, why weren't the letters backwards then?

Aubrey O' Day - Loves watching anal porn. Khloe Kardashian - told a magazine her rules for anal sex just like her slut sis Nikki Glaser - YMH Highlights she talks about doing it in the booty Sharon Osbourne - Mentioned on her show that Ozzy used to put it in her rear.

Vivica A. Fox - documented to be butt-fucked by several rappers Cardi B - hasn't done it in a while but she does it Elizabeth Banks - Talked about taking in the ass in a interview Gabrielle Union - outspoken advocate of up-the-ass. The host said, "now that the show is over, you will never get anally probed.

5 celebrities reveal the kinkiest things they do during sex

Agent Scully won't on the show. She is reported to have sex marathons, invlolving every kind of penetration Angelina Jolie - Numerous stories of her wild sex life also include blood, public sex, wearing her Malificent horns, etc Lady Gaga - supports people's choice to do it.

Also, said she avoids vaginal sex because it drains her creativity. Tori Spelling - Did "everything" including anal well trying to salvage marriage Nicole Maines - had to do it in the tushy before she had the pussy.

Tina Fey - "Great new! There's tons of anal now! She said she's going to give her butt to her boyfriend. Bar Refaeli - real photos of her holding her ass open. That hole's has been used Lindsey Lohan - leaked tape of her getting her stuffed. But I didn't ask him to stop because Amiright ladies? Tara Babcock. posts 36 remaining.

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