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Charmed sex stories

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lovely girlfriend Rhea

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He returned the kiss hot and wet. Their tongues thrashed against one another as their lips writhed and twisted about. Their kiss went on until her face was drenched from nose to chin. His hips unconsciously jerked about as he urged her hand to close on his crotch. Sabrina knew her man. Harvey wanted to screw her in the worst way, but right now he would welcome any sort of sexual release.

Something wicca this way comes

Most days she would have jerked her hand up and down on his stiff hard-on until she felt his hot cum pour over her hand, but she was feeling generous today. She broke their kiss and immediately engulfed the head of his cock in her eager mouth. Harvey grunted in satisfaction as she labored on his steel hard dick. And it really was labor for Sabrina.

She knew that if she got too eager with her blow job that she would end up whacking her ear on the steering wheel. After less than two minutes of tonguing and sucking, Sabrina felt his hot cum spurting into her mouth. She swallowed the slimy stuff, but then she took a bit of malicious pleasure as she gave Harvey another full, open mouthed, tongue swabbing kiss.

Harvey, to his credit, ed in the kiss after only a second of hesitation. Six hours of driving just to watch her blow out a candle and listen to stories about her cat.

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Sabrina playfully slapped him on the arm. The two teens had been driving to a secluded spot after school a couple of times a week. Their make out sessions always ended with Harvey getting his rocks off, and if Sabrina was in the mood, she let him finger her clit to orgasm.

At least she always let Harvey think that she had cum; sometimes she faked it for his male ego. Sabrina fought back a sigh. She was a witch and her virginity could be a powerful source of magic — magic that she might not be able to control. You just came in my mouth. Harvey patted her hand.

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Harvey let her out at a corner near her house. It was a warm afternoon in the early fall. As Sabrina walked down the tree lined street, her shoes kicked up little swirls of dead leaves. As she neared her home, her eyes went automatically to the story of the lower bathroom of the two story structure. There, between the window glass and the curtains, was a ceramic figurine in the shape of a unicorn.

The unicorn was a warning to Sabrina not to approach the house. One of sex aunts had placed, or caused the unicorn to materialize in that window. It meant that there was something very wrong in the house, and Sabrina was supposed to stay out of it. Of course, it could charmed be a test. The other dozen times she had returned home to see that unicorn in the window, it had been a test. But as she reached the intersection at the end of her block, a knot of panic began to build in her stomach. She very nearly turned back, but then she took a deep breath and marched across the intersection.

There was a convenience store on the corner with a pay phone mounted outside. Her aunts had given her a name and phone to use if she got this far.

She fumbled in her purse for change, and then her fingers shook as she put the coins in the slot. She dialed the ; a continent away a phone began to ring. Rupert Giles was dressed like the tweedy librarian that he was. He lay on his couch at home, looking like a man who was going to take quick nap before dinner. I mean, who would have thought that you had this cutie charmed in your pants?

She lapped his cock from base to flared head with her pink tongue, and then she slipped her mouth over its tip and sucked in half his rigid length. He pushed his glasses up on his forehead and covered his eyes with his hand. It took him sex to his younger days when a wilder, more dangerous Giles, had his pick of young women like her. Now of course, he should be well beyond the attentions of females her age, but that just made this little tryst all that more exciting.

He felt the sap begin to rise from his balls, and he was about to warn Willow, when suddenly she stopped. He peeped from between his fingers to see her stand. With a practiced move, she lifted her skirt with the thumbs of both hands and hooked them in her panties.

Sex hikayeleri

She pushed her panties down until they fell to the floor. She stepped one foot out of its leg hole and then used her other foot to flip her panties into the air.

She caught the translucent, white underwear in midair and tossed them onto the coffee table next to the couch. Giles was so amused by her panty jugglingthat he was surprised when Willow threw her leg over his crotch, and his quivering cock disappeared beneath her skirt.

Something wicca this way comes

A second later he felt her hand on his thick shaft and then the hot, moist, silky feel of a pussy as it engulfed his cock head. Willow answered by easily taking his full length and width in one smooth plunge. She swayed forward, placing her hands on either side of his torso as her flame red hair fell over her face. Giles just surrendered to the moment. Willow pounded her hips against his for several long minutes. Little gasps of pleasure escaped her lips from time to time.

Then she straightened, her back arched and her hand disappeared under her skirt. Giles knew that she must be fingering her clit. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth opened wide in a soundless scream of orgasm. Giles felt the contractions of her pussy milking at his rigid length. It was more than he could take and suddenly he was filling her hot cunt with shot after shot of cum.

A few minutes later, Giles was studiously ignoring Willow as they straightened their clothing. He gave a little sigh of relief as he picked up the receiver.

Charmed stories

Giles, my name is Sabrina Spellman. You know my aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman. He flashed back to his youth when he had dabbled dangerously in dark magic. The lure of dark power had been strong, but the Spellman sisters had shown him the errors of his ways.

He had pledged eternal thanks to the two witches and, somewhat to his surprise, they had taken him seriously. Apparently, they had seen something in Giles.

(wet_amber) charmed zoo (fanfic, incest, beast)

They had him write his name and address on an enchanted piece of parchment. They had told him that the parchment would always show where he could be found. What can I do for you? What in the world am I supposed to do? Giles frowned in thought. The Spellman sisters were two very powerful witches. They must be in real trouble if they had entrusted him with their niece.

It will be at least eight, maybe twelve hours, maybe more than a day before I can get there. For Giles, it seemed as if the entire universe blinked.

Suddenly, he was standing next to a payphone in bright sunshine. He turned slowly in place until he saw a young woman with blonde hair looking at him.

Charmed - monkey business

Giles upraised hand moved to his glasses. He took them off and pulled a handkerchief from his coat pocket. I have to assume that you are also a witch? I may need some help. Sabrina stopped and turned. She looked frustrated, but then she put her hand to her mouth and began to bite on a nail in concentration. Giles nodded thoughtfully. As he watched, a deliveryman, his arms full of packages, stepped out of the truck and entered a nearby store.

A few minutes later, a white delivery van pulled to the curb in front of the Spellman home. Sabrina had conjured up a truck, a uniform for Giles to wear, and a package for him to deliver, so that he could reconnoiter the house. As Giles stepped out of the van, he looked down at his new attire. He was wearing white shoes, white knee socks, white shorts and a white shirt. The name Rupert was stenciled on a sex over his charmed chest pocket. I look like a bloody milkman, he thought.

He rang the door bell, waited, and then rang it again. A full minute passed and he was beginning to wonder what to do next when the story opened.