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What is my age: I'm 27 years old
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Shown in the 'Stages' strand.

The Comic Strip Presents. A Screen Two presentation.

Dragonslayer ()

Her name did not appear on the credits. Her only role in the film was in this lengthy dance sequence.

It's Just Sex - Briefly topless with her left breast seen hanging while kissing down Cynda Williams' chest in a lesbian scene. She is a minor cameo extra part seen on screen for all of 5 seconds with no dialogue or other role in the film - seen in a vignette of scenes summing up the back story plot for the viewer.

It's not entirely certain if the Carnival Magazine ID is correct or a misapprehension by the article writer. NOTE : Possibly some versions end this scene early when she hears the front door open while laying in bed and don't include the subsequent bit of her getting out of bed and walking around.

She was a volunteering audience member substituted for a contestant who didn't show up - but this may have been staged. It is footage from a short segment known as "The Dreadful Business of the Naked Honeymooners" which was removed from the original cut of the film for timing reasons.

The original sound is lost and it is presented with subtitles. Unfortunately the extra is provided with her breasts blurred out - the assumption is that because the film does not contain any other nudity this censorship was done to maintain a lower disk rating and not the way the original material is extant.

Music video by Skream. A C4 Film. This film was released 4 years after her death.

NOTE: a lot of the time she is looking directly at the camera and smiling because we see the client's point of view - she mouths words of dialogue but the speech is muted and all we hear is music. This was from a talk show from hosted by Noel Edmonds. The specific title of the show in not known although it was probably on the BBC. The year of is mentioned in Noel's introductory piece in which he also mentions her name.

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Fiona was modelling a topless dress to see whether we in are more shockable than 20 years beforehand when such dresses were first fashioned. The audience were asked to comment and Fiona was asked what is had been like for her to wear it. A possibility for the show's title is The Time of Your Life which was a series that Noel hosted around that time. The outdoors and trial scenes are set in the past as part of a period film in which she is an actressthe others are modern day scenes.

Shown in the 'Love Bites" strand.

She is one of the four main students - she has more nudity in the overseas version. She is a main character in the film. The scene is presented in unrevealing close-up except for this one momentarily seen establishing view - her face is not properly seen in the same shot although her role is a very minor one so it probably would have been her [ episode 3 of 6 ].

This was a one-off drama about Carry On actors - she played Barbara Windsor. All the scenes are filmed from the point-of-view of the characters' video camera - in some scenes they are recreating images from a painting she is studying.

Harry Claton James Nesbitt and D. Suri Chohan Amara Karan walk in with the pathologist Burn Gorman who explains to them the similarly between two recent murders. She has a non-speaking and uncredited role - her character is called Kayleigh Fenchurch - a role she has self-identified on a casting website. In the story she has had her left breast removed so the camera angles are deed to not show her left breast which is not actually missing.

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Eduardo Bea openly snaps away taking pictures to sell to porn merchants abroad - later topless laying in bed alone sobbing when her ordeal is over. She and her twin sister are playing Siamese twins ed at the shoulder-Amy is on their right side. She and her twin sister are playing Siamese twins ed at the shoulder-Beth is on their left side.

This may be a production still that does not appear in the movie in the same way.

Ready for ‘player one’: the best thing about ‘dragonslayer’ will always be its dragon

Her character has had a single mastectomy and so her real left breast is covered by prosthetics to make it appear to be missing. She is wearing big white pants - and she has silver foil in her hair because she was doing some hair styling work on herself when the incident occurred. Uncredited extra. Australian TVM. Mockumentary about the making of an adult movie. Re-edited version of The Session for which this description will also largely apply.

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NOTE: The rear nudity moment is seen without her face in the shot at the same time as Catrin Stewart is also seen sitting in the bath as the other twin. So either the rear nudity was the credited double Caryl Morgan or it was a split screen effect of which there are numerous in the film.

Near the beginning when their names appear as captions one of her nipples is showing - she then spots it and covers up. She is not seen alive during the film.

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Note: This was one of two very similarly titled British films in - the other was called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang " which had the more high-profile of the two with a name-cast. This is from the movie version not a TV episode.

She appears in flashbacks with a few lines of dialogue in dual roles as a celebrity who died young many years ago in an unsolved murder and her recently murdered daughter - it is as the mother that she appears in the photos [ ep: Blue Eiderdown, part 1 of 2 ] aka Trial and Retribution VIII. She is a minor non-speaking character whose face is never properly seen one-off drama.

This occurs right at the end with the closing credits playing over the action [ ep: 4. These descriptions represent a selection of episodes but not necessarily all [ Various episodes ] cable channel L!