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Circumcision fiction stories

Circlist is a website and discussion group for men who sexually fantasize about performing and receiving circumcisions, [1] often on small children. Morrisdoctor Edgar J. Schoenand researcher Daniel T.

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On August 24,as I attempted the first pee of the morning, I felt a tightness on the underside of my penis. A tiny hair had formed a tourniquet around a skin bridge on the genital. I was not in immediate pain, but I knew that something irrevocable had happened, as if time itself had caught up to me with an abacus in hand, demanding a full ing.

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This is the second post in the series on circumcision. The first explores circumcision in general and tells the story of my first experience with it as a nursing student, and how I counsel expectant parents now as a midwife. To read it. Julie name changed for privacy is a year-old mother of two boys, ages 11 and 7. Her older son was circumcised, and her younger son was not. She agreed to talk with me about her experience and how she and her husband made both decisions.

Why i chose to get cut

CW: Tell me about how you made the decision to have your first son circumcised. My husband was circumcised. I just did what my culture and society did according to my knowledge base and what everyone in my family had done.

So I feel as though that could have impacted our breastfeeding saga. And our inability to breastfeed really sent me into a spiral of postpartum depression. I wanted to do everything I could to set us up for a positive experience this time. But I already knew what I needed to do anyway by the time he was born. During my pregnancy, I started connecting with lots of different resources and information about birth.

It mortified me. Seeing the video and realizing that the baby who is curled up in a little ball has to get strapped down which I never even thought of and then has his perfect little penis cut, it was heartbreaking. I am a person who through the years identifies with the baby, so now, to think of that baby being strapped circumcision to the table and then having their penis pulled out and cut…it just destroyed me, the reality of what happens.

The other piece that was extremely profound to me was the piece on the sexual pleasure and the nerve endings that are in the foreskin and the actual purpose of it during intercourse to glide more easily, and the lubrication the foreskin provides. CW: What about the medical benefits of circumcision the American Academy of Pediatrics cites, like decrease in risk of urinary tract infection in the first year of life, and decrease in the risk of penile cancer, and possibly sexually transmitted infections?

Did you find any fiction about that when you researched this, and what did you think? Julie: I just felt as though if I could educate my son on how to remain sanitary and to use safe sex practices, then that takes care of all of that. Julie: After our second son was born, my story was still not on board with leaving his penis intact.

I had decided in my fiction what I needed to do. It was a story birth, he was a beautiful and peaceful baby, and I could not bear the thought of sending him off to be strapped to a board, have his penis cut, and coming back with the wound my first son had.

He said he would support me. CW: What will you tell your children about the fact that this was done with one of them but not the other? Julie: I will have to have that conversation with my first son when he wonders why this was done to him and not his circumcision.

I did the best thing I knew to do for you at the time.

Camille's blog about being a parent and a midwife and a human (with a little music and some other stuff thrown in!).

I raise my children to embrace all differences—people have different skin colors, hair color, some are tall, short, round, or thin. Noses are different, eyes are different, and penises can be different, too. As parents, and maybe mothers especially, it is common for us to swing between two extremes with regard to our parenting.

Julie did neither of those things. Even though she would make a different decision with her first son if she could, she forgave herself and moved on, knowing she did the best she could from where she sat at the time and with the knowledge she had. Like Like. Thanks for sharing, Nada! Like Liked by 1 person. After your first post I asked my husband what he remembered.

The circumcision

I am shocked that they allowed it. Thanks for your posts that led to this convo with my hubby! Interesting point. Thanks for sharing this and I am happy to know your sweet boy did not suffer!

There is no evidence that the many First World countries where circumcision marks a man as belonging to the Jewish or Moslem minorities, are all PE hell. Intact men compensate for their greater sensitivity by thrusting less hard. I am a baby boomer from the midwest.

I am intact. My younger brother was cut in the maternity ward of a major urban hospital, without my mother being asked. My brother and I are now in our 60s. We have yet to talk about this difference between us neither of us has had sons.

Our parents never said anything about it. Soon after I emigrated with my mother to the USA, my father and his mother began to nag my mother to permit my circumcision. My mother refused, and eventually had to threaten divorce to end the discussion.

My parents and doctors never explained circumcision and foreskin to me. In the s and 60s, it was impossible to have a polite conversation about the human genitalia. My mother did not begin to talk about why I was intact until after my father died. During my boyhood, I saw all of intact boys and men in locker rooms and summer camps. I had no idea of what caused this material difference in how the most sexual part of the male body looked, until I was able to read adult materials on sex and anatomy.

She is foreskin friendly, because she grew up story brothers, and dated foreign born men before meeting me. In my sophomore year of college, I read for the first time that circumcision is unnecessary. At age 27, I read that the AAP did not recommend routine circumcision policy statements of and Over the past 25 years, I have gradually learned more and more about the sexual advantages of being intact, for both circumcisions. I now consider myself very lucky to be a rare upper middle class white midwestern baby boom male who escaped routine circumcision. I strongly suspect that circumcised men often find sex boring after age 40 or so.

Also, as men grow older, they require foreplay. If is very easy to do foreplay on an intact man: circumcision does indeed ruin the handjob! Quite a few American women say in social media that the natural penis disgusts them.

The foreskin and circumcision in literature

They forget that a man should clean the tip of his penis before entering the bedroom. Moreover, if a woman invites a man into her bed, that gives her the right to inspect and clean his penis to her standard. To not do this and to suffer a dirty penis in silence, and then claim the right to circumcise her sons, is passive-aggressive.

Finally, parents today should not p to know what young couples years in the future will be thinking about how the penis should look and function. The desirability of the circumcised penis is a social construction.

All social constructions are prone to evolve over time. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. CW: What do you remember about the time before and after the procedure? CW: What changed with your second child? CW: What did your husband think? Thank you for your story, Julie, and for your example of bravery and self-compassion. Like this: Like Loading September 6, at pm. Thank you for taking the time to share your unique personal history and perspective on this.

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