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Coed bathrooms nude

I have never been to a nudist resort and I was wondering how the bathrooms are since everyone is already naked? And how do the staff dress if they dress? It'll vary.

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College coed bathroom porn

Always look on the brightside of life. March 2, Every so often I am begged to write a blog entry about a specific subject. The topic in question? Apparently bathrooms are a hot topic among applying students. Burton-Connermy dorm, has bathrooms. First, the biggies:.

That goes for you too ladies, naked guys standing just 6 inches away! Oo la la! In Burton-Conner there are suites of people that live together, kind of like mini-apartments. It is comprised of both males and females in fact, only one dorm at MIT is single sex, all the rest are coed and we get along swimmingly. In addition to our suites there are several others, one of which is single sex.

There are 7 bedrooms, one kitchen, a lounge, and two bathrooms per suite. Each bathroom is normally left open, indicating that nobody is using it. Upon entering a bathroom you are usually faced with one of three things, either sinks, showers, or a toilet. Starting with sinks. This particular bathroom has two sinks and a bathroom shelf above it.

The shelf is a convenient place for the necessities: gel, deodorant, toothbrushes, razors, contacts, cologne, lalalalala! As you can see in that last picture, Dorothy is bad at getting out of pictures, and there are additional shelves in each bathroom for more storage. Next are the actual toilets. Nothing too exciting here, just a typical stall with bathroom. Several dorms have bathrooms with multiple stalls and are coed as well, but again, nobody cares. Next, duh duh duuuuuh, the showers! These rules probably differ from bathroom to bathroom, but these are the rules for our suite.

In Burton-Conner? The cleaning staff! Not so for all the other dorms. When people express disbelief about the coed bathrooms, I like to ask them: who uses your bathroom at home? Most of you nude USE coed bathrooms. The bathrooms at New are pretty much like your ones at home. Coed bathrooms in Senior House are coed and single-occupancy. Each one has a toilet, sink, and shower, and with a couple of exceptions e. How do you shower with a flip-flop on.

I mean I can see myself brushing my teeth while wearing flip-flops but what if I need to clean my feet? Good luck with your application! The Transfer deadline is postmark or receipt? Which is it? There are also a decent amount of space inside the shower area for you to change. THANX for this man! So before making a decision, we should surely know whats in store for us, in every possible field! Bathrooms are serious problems.

Studying and scratching your skin at the same time seems impossible. Those have locks on them so you can be alll alone. Every bedroom has a sink in it. Each apartment has its own bathroom toilet, sink, and showerso we only have to share a bathroom with one other person. No offence, but Simmons makes me claustrophobic…. Are the rooms really that small? Do all MIT students have the same type of toothbrush? The one the girl is holding up looks very cute.

If anyone had a major issue, we would change policy. We do Coed sinks in our rooms, which helps. This was my primary concern about leaving home for college: the bathrooms!

Coed bathroom pics

But of course I was always too embarrassed to place a legitimate inquiry. Thanks for the blog Snively! Nice post Snively.! Lo of VERY important information there.! No seriously, nice post. Nice showers!!!

I also never wear flip-flops and occasionally walk around in a towel. Home Blogs. Dorm Bathrooms by Snively '11 Always look on the brightside of life. Variations on a theme As you can see in that last picture, Dorothy is bad at getting out of pictures, and there are additional shelves in each bathroom for more storage.

Other dorms?

Then again, there are also bathrooms with just one shower. There are also some people who are extremely excited about their toothbrushes. Only on special occasions Fans? Nope, windows! Foot disease?

Probably, always wear flip-flops. Accidental walk-ins? Post Tagged Burton-Conner House. March 2, at am.

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Naked coed showers

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