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Consensual incest stories

I still have some of the pictures that my half-brother took.

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Christmas Wish for Sister. Author: Siscentis. A typically indifferent brother discovers that a little sympathy can go a long way. His family had a tradition. Every year on Christmas […].

The Foreign Exchange Student. Author: slpher Hi guys, this is my first story on this site. I hope you like it! My new neighbors — Anna and her husband.

Author: Qlick. I learn that my nieghbors both have a fantasy, one that will lead me to fullfilling mine.

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A true sex story: My buddies Mom — by iamscrwd. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday.

As […]. I guess by letting my sexual urges just go, little by little they made my sexual desires grow. I liked this a lot.

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It was so intensely exciting, it makes me wet, just talking about it. Jamie got the benefit of a […]. The restaurant slowly filled, with new customers unable to peel their gazes off of us. Her hair […]. Interlude: Character Guide Momo: Housecat.

Sonja: Golden doodle. The mansion was filled with happiness and life, all the hybrids playing games and running around like children.

I made sure they had each picked their bedroom, taking a mental note […]. Like Momo, he was having a complete conversation with them. He would talk, and they would reply with body […].

Jenny gasped and panted as I pierced her, sheathing my manhood deep within her slender form. She was pressed against the shower wall, her long ears hanging down over her face from the weight of the water. My cock went barreling into her cervix, drawing out a deep moan. I pulled out and slammed back in with all the […]. It was up to her neck, but her breasts were floating like a pair of buoys.

Jesus, those things are magnificent.

Teenager explains what it’s like to date her biological father

I just wanted to— no, no, get a hold of yourself! I […]. Journalists and photographers from all nations flooded the CDC headquarters for the press conference. They packed the lobby from wall to wall, every conversation, regardless of language, was speculative. Normally a conference like this […].

Her muscles were definitely stiff down here. Had all the girls been like this when they first transformed? From now on, if I […].

Re: in "defense" of consensual incest

To get their names on this case study […]. Maybe now we can get some answers.

Lorraine, Dr. Lawrence, and I were walking down the halls of the CDC hospital. CDC […]. Lawrence came out of the house with all of his equipment and samples. Along with the girls and the pillar men, he had taken blood from Lorraine, Elise, and I. Once I knew that the transformations […].

Every year on Christmas […] s: 1 2.