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Crossdressed by mother

My name is Spandhana My given name SandeshI am the only child to my parents and being so I used to get pampered by both my mother and father. I have been crossdressing from when I was 6 years old, I would wear my mothers oversized clothes and swirl around, my mother never really took it seriously and brushed it off as child play but she did not know I was doing it not just to have fun but because I really wanted to wear female clothes. Since both my parents were working I used to get a lot of time to dress up, especially during the summer holidays Those were the days!!!!

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Age: I'm just over twenty
What is my nationaly: I'm israeli
My sexual identity: Man
I know: French
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Absolutely lovely sentiments. I'm sure that your Mom is very proud of you, and of the woman you've become! Stana, Thank you for posting your tribute again. I never told my mom about my cross dressing either, and I wanted to tell her before she passed away. I too model my feminine self after my mom, although I look more like my sister than my mom when dressed, in my view. Anyway, I don't think she ever suspected, because I was so careful in these early years.

I really miss her! I missed my mom's passing and I feel bad about that, I miss her dearly.

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Happy Mother's Day, mom, wherever you are! And thanks for the memories, Stana. I'm just going to weep a bit now. Your Mom sounds wonderful! Like so many crossdressers, I too started out by secretly wearing my mother's clothes. She was the only female in our house I had a dad and a brother. My brother was 7 years younger than I, and I think he without my knowledge saw me crossdressed - one time and only that one time he kidded me about wearing one of my mom's dresses as he held a dress I had indeed worn. Nothing was ever said again.

And, like you, when I used to wear a dark brown wig and makeup, I looked very much like my mom. Oddly, in guy mode, I look much more like my dad. Happy Mothers Day to you, dear Stana! Love, Sheila. Stana my darlin how touching and how real!

Cds did your mother ever provide clothes for you and encouraged you to crossdress?

Thank you for sharing that wonderful story with us. My mother knows about me know. She is 76 and recently told me that if she knew when I was young, she would have helped me transition. You and I both had great moms! Happy mothers day to all us wannabe mothers!!

My Mother used to sew and mother clothes for my two older brothers and me, every summer she would make three matching sets of clothes for our holidays. Because I was the youngest I always ended up with all three, after a while the attraction would begin to fade. Stana, Thanks for sharing that story for us again who have read it. My mother sewed dresses to sell to neighbor women when I was four and five years old.

I was her first child, she wanted a girl. Sometimes she would have me wear the dress she was sewing and have me stand on a kitchen chair to pin the hem so it was even all around. Sometimes I wore the dresses outside to play with the other neighborhood girls mostly. I was teased quite a lot by the boys and they avoided me. In kindergarten I wanted to play with the girls in the doll house. The teacher said I had to play with the wood cars or trucks and to stay out of the girls doll house.

When my Crossdressed eventually came home I was scared of him as I didn't remember him.

My mother is still alive at 95 years. I think she knows I dress in women's clothes and if I came out to her, she probably wouldn't be surprised. I called her this morning and wished her Happy Mothers Day. She has difficulty hearing and she didn't understand me. I sent a Mother's Day card the other day, maybe it has not been delivered in her mail box yet.

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Stana; most excellent post; and absolute lovely photo's. You were very fortunate to have had such a mother.

I wish we could get together and talk; there's so much I could relate. Never Crossdressed with my Mother I have naturally big Breasts So, I am now always wearing my Bra!!! Sunday, May 12, Happy Mother's Day. This BlogThis! Labels: crossdressercrossdressingfemulateMotherstanatransgendertranssexualtransvestitetranswoman.

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