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Crossdressers at walmart

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Hey everyone! I just recently finally got enough courage to go out and buy some girl clothes mostly bras and panties. But I was only brave enough to go to Walmart at like 2 in the morning! I went in guy mode and for the most part no one paid any attention to me browsing in the women's underwear department lol.

What is my age: 42
What is my hair: Flaxen
I speak: Italian
Other hobbies: Yoga

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Remember Me? Mobile Site Advanced Search. 1 to 23 of Thread: Went shopping at Walmart last night. Advanced Search. Went shopping at Walmart last night After work last night I went to Walmart to get some support hose.

I was still wearing my scrubs and clogs. After picking out the shoes I got my old standard biege No nonsense smart support hose I've had bypass surgery and need the graduated support and went to the check out.

The lady who waited on me was in her 50's or so, never said aqnything about who the shoes and hose were for. I asked how she kept pantyhose from sliding down in the panty, unsurpized she explained that the would stay up better if I got a girdle in my size and wore it over the hose. She was very friendly and didn't act bothered that the items were for me.

Anybody elses have similar experiences at Walmart? About 2 months ago i was shopping at "the mall of america".

I decided to step in one of the 3 yes there are 3 of them there VictoriasSecret shop. The sales lady that was there helped me pick out some thongs. Snyderarts Hey, Snyderarts maybe we had the same girl. I went to the store on the north side and that sales girl was cool about helping me find some stockings and a garter.

I needed them for a theater event and she thought it was cool and was very helpful. I'm thinking of going there to redeem it. I don't have a good cover story for why I need a free panty, should I just say there for me? She said that she has helped men buy things for themselves before. I work at Wal-mart last night but I didn't see you there. I bought three pairs of panties at jc penny today. I needed them bad. I was in walmat today looking aroung for a bra trying to look inconspicuose when an older sales lady ask "do you need som help walmart somthing" Crossdressers thought what the heck and told her what size I was looking for.

She scrounged throught till she found it. I started to just walk off when she was taking so long to find the right size but I thought what the heck nobody here knows me since I'm mile from home so I just stood there and let her look till she found it. Wal Mart????

Meanwhile at walmart – these photos will make you lol!

Have you no shame??? Go to a real lingerie store girls. If you get younguns you can mess with their bottle blonde he just for fun. What fun is Wal Mart? Where are all the rumballs? I may not soar with eagles, but then weasels dont get sucked into jet engines Originally Posted by snyderarts. I buy at Walmart all the time and even use the dressing rooms to try on skirts and dresses. The Check out girls are always helpfull.

I shop at wal-mart and k-mart the sales ladies are very helpful and know there stuff. They are the best stores in have been in for affordable clothes. Just my0. Don't care to much for Wal-Mart. Iwent shopping tonight and bought several things that I've been wanting to get. I bought me a pair of women's jeand with a sweater to go with it. Also, I bought me some red lip loss and some red nail polish. Plus a new pair of high heels had to come with me too.

I went to walmart once in hose and shorts, but as a guy. I tried on a dress and the asked the clerk if she would give me her opinion when I tried on another one. Crossdressers opened the door and she was helpful. I loved the dress.

Another clerk saw me and gave me a funny look. I said, "Be nice. Walmart I was hanging my dress back up, I forgot what I was wearing and was just hanging clothes on a rack. A family walked by me and both of the daughters saw my hose and discretely reacted. I was stunned that I had forgotten that I was openly wearing hose.

A first for me.

For : walmart crossdresser

I once avoided making a very bad womens' shorts buying decision at Wal Mart by tossing them in among some drab clothes and trying them out in the dressing room in the men's area. Turned out they emphasized a certain problem having to do with my waistline. We're talking Julie at her almost most adventuresome here Julie at her most adventuresome tries on the women's shoes in drab, wearing hose, no socks, with polished toenails. Her imaginary cardiologist shudders at the thought.

Glad to hear it Just want to say - as a Wal-Martian from the Home office here - it's great to hear about your good experiences at Wal-Mart.

Meanwhile at walmart – these photos will make you lol!

Glad you're happy. You can just call me I do a lot of shopping in Wal-Mart for my fem clothes. I have to say that I have always had positive experiences there and it's good to know that they are supportive of our community. Kudos to you Wal-Mart! Most of my shopping is done far away and under the cover of having my wife with me.

Last night I had to stop at Walmart for a couple of items. Of course I always manage to walk by the ladies department. So I can at least look to see if they have anything nice. Not that I could actually buy anything in that store. I would be way to risky. Anyway as I was walking by there was a guy I would guess in his mid 50's with a whole armful of nice clothes.

He was picking up bras and other niceties, checking them out.

Keeping some and putting some back. There was only one other person in the whole section, a heavy set employee. Way on the other side of the section. It sure did appear that he was buying for himself. Nobody else in the store saw him or even cared that he was there.

Maybe security did, but it was no big deal.

I don't know the rest of his story, But cuddo's to him for the courage to buy, and cuddo's to the store for not bothering him and letting him do his shopping in peace. I live in a small rural town with a population of aboutbut it's the largest town for miles and the only one with a Super Wal Mart within 60 miles.

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We don't have a K-Mart, but we do also have a JC Penney, Goodys, Stage and Fashion Bug, along with several independently owned clothing stores in the old downtown area. I like Wal Mart for many things, but I wear plus sized clothing and their selection is inconsistent and small, though I do buy my everyday jeans JMS and Rider there. Stage isn't as good as Wal Mart for plus sizes, Goody's and Penney's have a better selection, but I really love shopping at the Fashion Bug. Great selection, reasonable prices, and a courteous sales staff. I'm always happy to hear good shopping stories.

I've never had a problem with Wal Mart, though I have never gone in the local store as Jenna - there's just too great a chance of running into someone I know.

Spotted a crossdresser at walmart yesterday.

Love, Jenna. Where I live, that would be a pretty big city! Our town has about But then all we have is an insurance office, furniture refinishing business and a post office that's about the size of a large bathroom! This town is so small we all have to take turns being the village idiot!