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Cumslut wife stories

for Free! Published 7 years ago.

ebony sister Liana

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Years old: 35
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
My sexual preference: Generous man
What is the color of my hair: Short hair
I know: English, Russian
What is my figure type: My body type is quite strong
I prefer to drink: Ale
Music: Heavy metal
I like piercing: Cheek piercing

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My wife and I met in college, during the drunken party days of fraternity-sorority life. We are now in our late twenties, and we have been married for three blissful years. We have no children, as we live rather casually and are sort of putting it off. Even though we had a rather crazy and promiscuous lifestyle in college, at the time we had no idea that our real sexual adventures would really begin when we became married, full-time working adults.

Now, we find this pretty ironic. My wife Lisa is a total knockout.

Some guys say they like her because she looks like she could kick their ass. What first drew me to Lisa were her bright blue eyes which seem to just pop in comparison to her dark skin. Her dark brown hair is thin and straightened which she keeps parted and framed around her beautiful face.

In public she is the one turning he obviously. Although Cumslut first swinging experience was very hot, we wanted to save it for later and instead tell everyone about a really crazy night we had last weekend. Our college football team had lost a pretty bad game, one of the first important ones of this season. Luckily we live near campus, so shortly after this travesty of a football game we were ready to get hammered and have some fun.

We picked the busiest and most packed bar out of the several on campus. The second we walked in, I already noticed a few of the story college boys staring at Lisa. She was wearing tight jean shorts and a sort of stylish black tank-top. She smelled absolutely amazing and I myself kept staring at her well exposed cleavage, building a rather sizeable erection I hoped to make use of later. After two drinks sitting at the bar which we hatea table in the corner finally opened up and we made a dash for it.

Just as we got there, a couple of guys sighed as if they were going to use the table. As we were sitting down and I noticed their disappointment, I realized who they were. All three of them were football players from our team; however they had been benched for this game.

After several more drinks, we got to that point where we were all best friends and everyone was laughing at everything going on. Plus, as we had a somewhat open relationship, I was curious about where this would go. Lisa started rubbing my thigh under the table, and it was definitely about that time. She slowly ran her hand along my crotch, teasingly brushing against my cock. I leaned over and started whispering in her ear. So that guys would want to fuck my tits.

It was at this point that we decided to expedite the process so we could both get our rocks off. We stood up to leave, and told the wives we were going take off. One of the guys was black, named Marcus, and the other two were white guys named Trey and Brent. They were all very good-looking Cumslut I could tell that Lisa was attracted to them. Sort of stumbling a bit, I stopped at an alley and told the guys that nature was calling, out of nowhere I needed to relieve myself. We all walked down the alley away from the busy campus atmosphere and I went behind a dumpster to do my business.

Upon returning to my stories in the alley, my wife started pounding at what I saw. Lisa was making out with Marcus, and the story two were starting to feel her up. She looked over and saw me, whispered something to the guys, and started giggling. Immediately they picked up the pace and started to grind up against her from the front and back, as if they were gangbanging her with their clothes on.

She did, however, quickly pull her top down to show the guys her breasts. She then started to sink to her knees. A true gentleman, one of the guys took his shirt off and laid it on the ground for her to kneel on. All three guys dropped their pants like it was a race. All of a sudden my beautiful wife was on her knees in an alley, with three enormous cocks hanging in front of her, only inches from her Cumslut. They circled her for a bit, their big dicks swinging. Marcus stepped closer so that his huge black dick was rubbing against her face. She moaned and shivered, feeling the hot meat and taking in the smell of sweat all around her.

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Trey and Brent were standing more closely now, and started to push their cocks towards her face too. Trey, who by far had the biggest cock, nearly nine inches, made his way to the center and stepped closer to my wife. Lisa was now just staring at his huge cock as it was now fully erect and pointing right at her face.

Her mouth dropped open, and she was completely speechless.

Cumslut stories

She was absolutely in awe of his enormous dick. Letting out a muffled squeal, she grabbed for it. She wrapped her small hand around this huge thick cock, and her sparkling platinum wedding ring was in full view as I watched. Slowly stroking his cock for him, she then leaned forward and took it into her mouth. I slowly circled the group, rubbing my cock through my pants. The other guys were now slapping her face with their cocks as they started getting harder and harder. I continued to circle the group, watching every detail.

My wife looked up adoringly at Trey with her mouth full of his cock. She was completely worshipping this dominant male as she fucked his cock with her face.

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Releasing his cock from her mouth to breath, Lisa was turning flush. She unzipped her jean shorts, and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Squealing quietly, my wife responded. I love huge cocks pointed at my face.

I love getting slapped by big cocks. My heart continued pounding. She lowered her head to get to his big balls, and took them in her mouth, swirling her tongue around them. His big heavy balls responded to this, tightening up. Instantly, Trey grabbed my wife by the hair and started fucking her face very roughly. Show us what a good cocksucker you are. He continued to fuck her face, and she placed one hand underneath his cock and cupped his balls for him.

She placed her other hand on his huge thigh, again her wedding ring in full view, reminding me of what I was watching. She then started going back and forth from one cock to the other, sucking each of them a view times before moving on to the next.

Trey grabbed her by the hair, hard, and started fucking her mouth again. She continued to play with his balls, and he continued calling her a slut, whore, and nasty cocksucker. She reached up with one hand, the other one still cupping his balls, and she started stroking his cock for him quickly. Working the big slab of meat with her tiny hand, she knew what was coming.

He shot huge thick streams of cum which splashed right into her pretty face. Continuing to stroke his cock and cupping his balls, she tried to give him the ultimate orgasm, and I think she did.

Soon he stopped shooting, and his cock slowly hung downward, still enormous but just swinging between his legs now. Lisa turned to Marcus who was stroking his cock while all of this was going on. She took the shirt from underneath her legs and wiped all of the cum off of her face, then returned it to the ground where she knelt on it.

She looked up at Marcus with her big blue eyes, and started sucking his big black dick. She reached up with one hand to cup his balls, and with the other she stroked half of his cock while she continued sucking the rest.