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Daddy fucks daughter sex stories

And in haste to save the moment, he took out his phone and reached for her shelf by the door. Placing the phone so it was propped up between the magazines she prided the covers of, he let it record the amazing sight that he was witnessing.

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I loved horses. Ever since my father bought a ranch, I wanted to learn how to ride a horse. My dad was an expert at horseback riding, because he grew up on a farm. Only when he had gotten married he had sold his property and bought a home with my mom, where they eventually.

Years old: 68
My hair: Chestnut
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Aries
What I like to drink: Mulled wine
What I like to listen: Folk

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Home Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! She was the prettiest and the smartest of my three daughters. Our family was a decent, conservative, church going family, and I took my fatherly duties very seriously.

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I felt very proud that all my daughters had been virgins when they married. Tina was pregnant with her third child and seemed excited about her first boy. I was over the moon over the first grandson.

Sunday after church, Tina came over to our house for lunch, since her husband was out of town. Her other two kids were with their other grandparents. Before she left, she and Tina had a brief, whispered conversation, during which my wife kept smiling at me.

Be nice to Tina. She knew Tina was my favorite. Crazy woman. Tina went up for a nap, and I watched the game.

Daddy can’t handle his daughter’s perfect body

An hour later, Tina came down, wearing a bikini, her huge, pregnant belly bare and out there. She rubbed her hand over her belly as she told me she wanted to get some sun. As she walked the thought that she had an incredible ass popped into my head from nowhere.

Then when she turned at the door and the light hit her profile, I thought, god her breasts are huge. I blushed and felt my groin stirring. I quickly banished all thoughts. But I could no longer concentrate on the game. I finally gave up and walked down the hall. I paused at the door. Finally, I sighed and said to hell with it and walked out to the pool. Tina was laid out on a towel, completely naked.

Her fantastic breasts were topped off by fierce, hard, nipples, the size of tater tots. Her crotch was a tangled mess of thick overgrown hair. I remember my wife had had trouble keeping her bush hair in check during her pregnancies.

The sight of her belly, full of life did something to me and I began to notice my hardening dick. I had always been a good, decent church man, deacon even, but right now, I knew I was about to try and at least make out with my lovely Tina. She finally noticed me standing there, and waved me over. Unless you want me too. I walked towards her. She rubbed her belly, and then her breasts.

I love how the sun feels on my body. What with this giant belly and all. Suddenly it seemed perfectly suited to her. Saying it did the last bit of hardening on my cock. I finally reached the beach chair next to her, and sat down. I have to have it at least every other day or I have to masturbate. Mommy said you actually liked her better when she was pregnant.

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She said I could ask you…to…well, Help me Daddy! I need a cock in my dusty little pussy. Suddenly I remembered all the times I had watched her bathe, swim, and the one time I caught her masturbating with her hairbrush. I never told her I saw that. She sat up. I wanted you to come in, daddy. I have wanted you to fuck me for so long, and today, you are going to fuck me. Seriously, take off your clothes come over to me and give your favorite daughter, fruit of your loins, apple of your eye, what she needs.

Come kiss my breasts, suck the fresh new milk in them.

Fuck me daddy ! (family sex story)

Rub my belly as you slide your daddy cock into me. Now daddy. Your little girl needs you now. Help me daddy. I got naked, slowly, taking in her wonderful body, as she began to rub her clit. She was so wet already, I slurped, and sucked her juices, rubbed her clit till she came. I need you daddy. Mommy said you knew how to make me feel better, now do it. I crawled closer, grabbed her legs and held them over my shoulder, then slammed into her even harder. She squealed, and put her feet on my breast.

I pounded her pussy as hard as I could.

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I ran my hands over her belly, pinched her nipples. Thin watery milk dribbled down her tits. She was talking to me the whole time. Nasty, devilish talk.

I came so hard I thought I might have broken my dick. I felt no shame.

All I felt was an overwhelming love and passion for this fantastic creature of mine. She giggled with delight the whole time. Fuck my nasty shit hole. Give it to me, daddy. I sat up and grabbed her ass and pulled her up onto all fours. I rammed my cock into her pussy, and slid most of my fist into her gaping asshole.

I love you. I have always loved you. I have always wanted you. Oh daddy, you feel so good, so right, so perfect in my pussy. I love my daddy. I was finally fucking my little girl. She was right, I had wanted her. I laid down next to her sweaty, sticky body, and pulled her to me. My cock rested in the crack of her ass. When mommy told me about sex, she showed me on her pussy, where to touch and how to use it. She would leave the door to the bathroom cracked and I would hide there and watch you guys fuck. I wish now she had ed us.