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Deadpool and spiderman fanfiction

It is I, and I am back with more a new list of fanfics for this wonderful ship called SpideyPool.

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Rated R, k. Summary: Hydra has had Peter in their custody for three years. Deadpool is hired to break him out.

Ao3 spideypool fanfiction feed

Throw in an alien symbiote, motels, and superhero explosions and things get gay. Dead Men Walking by doctorestranged.

Rated NC, k. Except, Peter is horrible at lying and this seems like a dreadful idea. Dissonance by stuckybarnes. Deluge by Macx.

Summary: Weapon X chose Wade Wilson because of several factors in his life. He was a preternatural. He had extraordinary abilities that could be expanded upon. The cancer just made him desperate enough to agree to whatever they wanted to do with him. They destroyed his very soul, tearing him apart and shaping him into something new and never seen before. They took everything he had been and left him with ashes and bones.


He killed his creators and went on with his life. Then he met Spider-Man. Things started to change. Something inside him, something that had come out of the ashes and was a nightmarish, terrible thing, sat up and took notice.

An intense, single-minded notice. Jurassic Marvels by Dawnwolf Rated PG, 55k.

Spideypool fic library — i reccomend: nurse parker by havemyweedcookies (a

Summary: When Peter accepted a job offer in the new Jurassic Park, he was not expecting to be thrown to the Raptors. Nor was he expecting to like them so much. A Jurassic world crossover where Peter is pretty much Owen Brady and the Raptors are lovable puppies that Peter loves. And Wade is a raptor. Untethered by Vixen When the leader of the reclusive nation of dragons, Chief Wade Wilson, came before the king to demand payment in the form of a wife, the nobles saw a perfect opportunity to solve two problems at once.

Peter had his money, land, family, and now his nation taken from him. And I fucking love Dragon AUs, lol. Off the Record by by crookedswingset. Too bad most people think Spider-Man is Harry Osborn.

Spideypool fic library — i reccomend: nurse parker by havemyweedcookies (a

Holy moly, where do I start. The angst was absolutely delicious in here too. At one point the amount of agonizing pummeling Peter suffers but still manages to be so admiringly noble from friends and enemies alike kinda tugged me in the same way Lagavulin and Guinness by Snarfle did to me with Eggsy the most epic Kingsman fic ever; I talk about it more in my Hartwin reclist.

AHHH so good. I just read the sequel, Behind Closed Doorsand it was fantastic as well. Summary : Peter is about to graduate college and become an officially d Pro Hero. Years of operating as an illegal vigilante with a supposedly subpar Quirk will do that to you. The thing is?

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As their relationship deepens, Peter realizes he is not quite ready to give up on being a Pro Hero, a resolve that is tested when a new Pro Hero agency comes to town and takes over. Excellent action and the angst and hurt was full of heart. This was a fantastic fic all around.