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Diaper chastity stories

Janet inserted her ID card in the door lock, waited for the panel to slide back silently and then entered the office. As receptionist and book-keeper, her desk was just inside and she slid into her chair with practiced grace.

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Author's Note: Domina here! Now, this is a story I'd been wanting to write for a long while, and finally got around to doing it justice! It always spoke to me deeply, but there was so much about the story itself that didn't resonate with me that made me just want to rewrite it. In addition, someone had commenting asking if anyone out there would take up the mantle and continue the story. So I'm doing both! This story can be treated as a self-contained experience, or, if you want more, later you'll be able to follow this poor character's life in a branching story!

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As I felt the pleasant vibration again, I knew I lost.

This was the third time in the last hour that I was being rewarded without consciously letting go, and it was only Tuesday. My wife and I were playing around in bed, openly discussing some of the more kinky aspects of our desires. If I wet them, then I can sort of pretend that I need them, which somehow lessens the guilt of wearing them.

When you wore them for two weeks, did you do everything in the diaper?

The all day diaper

She laughed. Like a baby? The whole baby thing is not for me. My answer here probably came a little too fast. She got out of bed, intentionally and very intimately climbing over the top of me, and walked naked to the closet.

She pulled out a bag I thought I had hidden better, and produced an Abena M4 and some powder. As she walked back, she opened up the diaper and told me to lift up. Sliding the diaper under me, she spread powder over my diaper area. She taped up the diaper, doing a fair job for the first time putting a diaper on me. A few adjustments, and things were fine. She said nothing the whole time.

Climbing back over me, she cuddled into my arms, her hand resting on top of my diapered groin. I know about that bag. There are only a few left; you should order some more. She was cuddled into my arms again, and looked up at me. Do you want to wear one? Yes… yes, I did. I just looked at her and smiled.

She went to the closet, got a diaper and powder, and diapered me again. I thought about it. It sounded good to me. I really doubted that she could un-potty train me in a week. We worked for competing companies, and it was not unusual for us to not be able to talk to each other about what we were working on. We handled it by having separate offices. Her office was filled with computers, workbenches, and other tools to chastity on the card readers, digital s, and other prototypes that she built, while my less cluttered office was mostly used for the programming I did.

Not an unusual story we both enjoy a little light bondage with some soft rope and blindfolds. We had just finished a rather marathon session, and she was laying on my chest basking in the afterglow. She turned her head so she could look at me.

She got up and I admired her naked body as she threw a robe on. I heard her walk into the hallway, and her office door opened. She returned in a minute holding a diaper. I started getting a little nervous. She pulled something out of the box.

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Uh oh. I slowly nodded my head. Some time ago we had talked about chastity play and I had gotten the device. A little control box using some off-the-shelf components. She applied something from a bottle onto the end of my penis, and the mushroom end of the flow meter was pressed to my skin.

Diaper sissy chastity story

In 10 seconds, she let go. I craned my neck to see, and realized that the red box covered the area normally occupied by the lock. She pulled out her cell phone, and launched an app. A green light started blinking intermittently on the box. I continued craning my neck, struggling to see what was diaper down there.

I started to say something, but she hushed me. There are two other surprises that I added. Can you pee a little bit? When I stopped, I felt a very pleasant story on the bottom of my dick and my balls. It felt very good. Over time, the algorithms will change, though. She closed up the diaper, fastened the tapes, and untied my chastities.

I sat up, and she sat down beside me, rubbing my wrists for me. You remember the bet… this lasts a week. If you have more than one accident, or ask me for a diaper because you think you will, you lose. No more diapers in the house, no more changes, no more talking about them. And in the worst cases, I may choose to share certain information, and pictures of you, with my friends. But only in the case that you quit in the middle.

New beginnings

You should probably drink a lot of water. I love you. That night was indeed interesting. I left our bedroom and stumbled over to the guest room, feeling the unfamiliar weight of the device hanging inside the diaper.

At least the diaper helped to hold it up, so there was not much weight. The guest room looked much as it always did, with the addition of a plastic bag lined pail with a few diapers on the lid, obviously intended to be the diaper pail. As I pulled diaper the covers and got into bed I heard the distinctive crinkle of a loud plastic sheet, and could tell that there was a pad there as story.

She was expecting. As I tried to get comfortable, the device made sleeping on my front or side, my preferred positions, very uncomfortable. I finally managed to get settled in sleeping on my back, and lay there for a while thinking about what was happening. It took me a second to figure out what to do. I relaxed as much as chastity, and the little pressure in my bladder released. I felt the warm vibration of the reward, and reached down until I felt the unyielding hardness of the device block my way. Several more times during the night the pattern repeated.

I felt a little shock, woke up, released a little pee, got a reward, and went back to sleep. After all, she expected it. Not being sure when the last time I had peed was, and not wanting to deal with another shock, I peed a little and enjoyed the reward. Unsure of what was expected, I grabbed one of the diapers on the pail and some wipes, and quickly changed myself, tossing the used diaper away.

A little powder, and I felt much more comfortable. Pulling on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, I followed my nose downstairs to the kitchen where the smell of cooking bacon led me. She had an apron on to protect her, as she was only wearing a large t-shirt and panties. She reached down and felt my crotch before I realized what was happening.

I kissed her good morning. That smells good!