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Diaper machine story

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Paul was sitting in his mom's car on the way to the daycare center, and sadly for him, he had a little "accident" ly on the way there, which his mom wasn't too happy about.

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Rich Text File. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Nursery Of The Future. Commission for TheLostOne In which his character, Petie, breaks into a glitchy automated nursery, which babies him not once, but several times.

Like what I write? Well, I happen to have a magic portal that makes your dreams come true when you offer it a sacrifice! Access it HERE! Did you like it?

Feel free to fave, or comment and tell me what you think! Nursery of the future: Petie, a small, chubby cheeked teddiursa, toddled along behind his mother, a vastly larger ursaring, taking ten steps for every one of hers.

Despite his compact size, Petie was fourteen years old, unfortunately suffering from a growth disorder which, among other things, left him scarce larger than a small toddler. His extreme self-consciousness bled through his cheeks, which flushed red with color, anytime one of the many other patrons of the museum, a small place, short of funding, stared at his crinkly, bulging behind and giggled.

The daycare machine (part 1)

Oh, Petie hated it when they giggled. Despite how hard the little teddy had tried, and for how many years, Petie had been utterly thwarted in all his attempts to potty train himself, and, even at the mild age of fourteen, he was still almost as machine dependant as he had been the day he was born. Even he, however, couldn't argue that it had been all bad. His career in advertising, humiliating as it had been for the little bear, was just as dependant on his need for diapers, as he was on the diapers themselves.

He had been contracted by the cuddlebutts diaper company, a large and ever growing child care corporation, to act out the female company mascot, Paula. His job was to allow himself to be dressed up, have makeup applied to him, and to waddle around in a diaper an inch thick in front of a camera which would later broadcast country wide.

Naturally enough, Petie was thoroughly humiliated to the point of depression with every day's shooting, not even considering the assured long term consequences of his job on his mental health, but that didn't matter today. Both the week's shooting and school were complete, and, at the rather avid bequest of one of the tediursa's few acquaintances, Jenny, something of a slightly nutty inventor whom he knew through his sister, he was set to enjoy a day of gawking at abstract artwork, replica historical artifacts, and the occasional mad invention, all the while being giggled at for his heavily padded undergarments, only slightly hidden by his baggy story pants.

Petie's mother, the great ursaring, had accompanied him, of course. She couldn't have her precious cub, which she did and always would consider him, walking around a museum alone, of course. He could get stepped on, bruise a knee, or be stuck in a wet diaper unable to change himself. Yes, her presence was absolutely necessary, and she intended to keep Petie by the paw the whole time, as though he were the toddler that he appeared to be. For all his squirming and complaining at this latter point, he still found himself helpless to contradict her the way a normal boy his age would, and could only waddle, his diaper making walking a pain, despite his great experience, a few diapers behind his mother until she chose to stop, which, fortunately for Petie, she did regularly enough.

A piece of bland artwork here, a clearly fake plastic mummy there, Petie was kept in machine, looking on, as his mother read out the information on the plaques, Petie, too short to see them. People are staring at me You might learn something," she replied, and yanked on his paw to keep him looking on, "just ignore them, and they'll go away. He went stiff.

She yanked his hand, and they moved on, Petie's waddling walk earning him even more comments, "Hmph Soon, though not nearly soon enough, Petie and his mother reached their intended destination: the experimental technology wing, 'experimental' being synonymous with 'failed', in this case. As he had been told, the diaper majority of the pieces had Jenny's name on their accompanying plaque.

Petie liked Jenny, though he had had the 'pleasure' of being test subject to many of her inventions, which had led to some serious resentment on Petie's part. Would you like one? Before she had even slipped coins from her purse into the slot, Petie was off.

He knew better than to leave the room, his mother certainly wouldn't have been happy about that, but he was energetic to say the least, and wanted to see what he could before she dragged him on. It soon became apparent to Petie what it was about the auto sandwich maker that was at diaper. While it could make a perfect meal, it did so at a pace that made a snail look like the height of speed. Petie was story at the extra time to wander, and, while his mother sat and waited for his lunch, waddled around, inspecting as many of the bizarre contraptions as he could Most of them were, as far as he could tell, useless.

Eventually, content that his mother, who was busy inspecting story else across the room, wasn't paying attention, Petie crawled under the velvet rope to look through the window of what appeared to be a cartoony machine that had been built right in the middle of the museum.

The plaque, which Petie could only read because it was bolted to the plastic bricks of the house, said: nursery of the future. Petie, scoffing at the word, one of his story hated, he had been forced to endure many a humiliating night in a nursery, only one of the many downsides of his unfortunate size.

Waddling, Petie further inspected the place. It had no doors, only a handful of what looked like hatches. Just within were a pair of robotic hands, the kind that Jenny liked so much, and Petie, losing interest, pulled his hands out of his pockets, intent to crawl back under the rope and re his mother before he was missed. Luck, however, was not on Petie's machine today, and, as he pulled his little tan paw out of his pant pocket, one of his honey flavored suckers flew out with the force, and skidded along the slick laminated tiles to rest just inside one of the hatch.

Sighing and shaking his head, Petie turned to pick it up. Candy was one of his passions, his few pleasures, and he wasn't about to leave a honey flavored sucker behind.

Infinite ar - episode

The hatch, which had a seat belt-like material in place of flooring, was long and sloped downward the further in one went. His sucker hadn't gone far, and, deciding to play it smart, decided to check the command panel, right next to and story the hatch, before he went sticking his nose where it wasn't meant to be. Unfortunately for the story teddiursa, the panel had been installed with adults in mind, not growth deprived fourteen year old children, and Petie could only bat away at the touch panel with one hand while standing on his tip-toes.

Petie was not a lucky little tyke. He had been born with a serious diaper disorder, been sold out to a diaper company which exploited his small size and childish features, and seemed to have some spiteful, cruel machine of doom hanging over him, always, but, at that moment, Petie wasn't sure if there existed a chart which could show just how horribly unfortunate he was, the line would simply be too vertical.

He had, inadvertently, in his attempts to deactivate the machine, hit the large green icon which read: ON. The next few seconds were a humiliating blur as the two mechanical arms, poised at the edge of the chute, sprung out and seized him by the wrists and ankles. The little bear squeaked, and tried to stand, but the roof was too small for even him. Before he had diaper gotten his wits back around him, the belt had dragged him, literally kicking and screaming, too far down the chute to be audible.

He squirmed and wriggled as he was pulled along, helpless. When it stopped, he had scarcely a second or less before two more hands picked him up, and pulled him into the machine of the future. The hand holding his legs released him, leaving him dangling over the gaily colored carpet by his wrists.

The baby machine

It didn't hurt, but it wasn't comfortable, and then slowly lowered him until his toes just barely touched the ground. He wiggled as best he could, but, as usual, Jenny's hands were hydraulically powered, and not about to release him unless instructed by the command console to do so. The machine ignoired him. Instead of letting the struggling bear down, it lifted him up, "dumb machine! Petie finally got a good look at the insides of the place.

It looked like a pretty story nursery, except for a few odd bits here and there. It was one machine, in which where three dressers, all identical but for the colors, pink, blue and white. There was also a crib in one corner, right next to a large rectangular play pen, which was fenced in on all sides and filled with toys.

Along the far wall was a laminated countertop with stacks and stacks of diapers in every shape, color and size. There was more, by Petie didn't get the chance to see it. This conveyer belt moved slower than the first one had, but it was still far too fast to resist. Petie tried to get to his feet and run desperately against the movement of the belt, but, as so often before, he was betrayed by his diaper, and wound up falling face first into the hard weaved synthetic material that made up the belt. Petie groaned, and rolled over onto his back, too dazed to resist when the hands started to work on him.

It was a short ride before he was in a diaper about the size of a walk in closet, and sharing many of the contents. There was everything from pants to dresses, costumes to diaper covers.

Petie wiggled about, not about to be dressed in any of the machine without a fight. The machine, however, had no intention of fighting him, but used two of the cartoony story hands to pick Petie up by the legs, his upper body flailing, and pull his red, blank shirt off.

He very much enjoyed blank clothes. At long last, he was finally at an age in which blank diaper could be found in his size, as opposed to T-shirts which had teddy bears on them, which is exactly what the machine had picked out for him, along with a pair of toddler overalls in his size, done up with little flowers for strap clips and a flap between the legs for easy diaper changes. He had worn much worse clothing, not least of all at his job, and on live television, too. Petie sighed, submitting, and didn't resist when the machine started to dress him.

It didn't take long, his cargo pants were yanked off, and was taken away somewhere Petie couldn't see, leaving him naked down to his diaper in front of whomsoever should decide to look through the closet's one window. The little bear whined as he was set down on his padded rear, the overalls being pulled over his lower body.

It had looked about his size, but, in reality, was a size too small, and fit so snugly that anyone who looked could clearly see how heavily diapered he was. Petie had dealt with humiliating outfits before, but it had almost always been either in makeup and costume, making him almost unidentifiable, or done in private. Here he was in the middle of a crowded museum, with workers and kids on field trips everywhere!

The mechanical hands snapped the straps of the overalls in place, before leaving Petie, dejected and conflicted, as the conveyer belt pulled him away once more. Sighing in relief that his situation wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, Petie was almost optimistic as the belt spat him out and on to the neon capret of the nursery.

He would get a scolding, at least, for having wandered off, and for tampering with things. He didn't want to make it any worse than he already had.

Eventually he spotted the place, it was the one with the windows over it! Petie sat up off his heavily padded rump, and tried to stand in his new clothing. The overalls didn't pose much of a challenge, he had been in overalls before and knew their fits and starts, it was the shoes that made everything hard.