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Started by AnnoynymousFebruary 22, Posted February 22, The insecurity about this issue is so big that a gigantic market of penis enlargement products i think mostly scams has grown all over the world. Bill W i didn't bother to measure. To me, it wasn't a big issue and couldn't care more less about it. Then you have nothing to worry about.

My age: 45
What is my ethnicity: Ethiopian
I prefer: I love gentleman
Eyes colour: Soft green

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Posted 5 years ago in Science - Permalink - Locked. TL; DR : Stop worrying about your dick. Chances are you are perfectly average. Be confident, you are normal. The fact is that most men feel inadequatly endowed and bitches think all men should be 7 sizes and up. This le to unconfidence on your side and disappointment on her forum. Science tells you it is about 5. It sounds shortish but this is the truth. Some real life feedback I have read about a hoe, out of several hundred client she said most of them were between inches.

Short dicks are between inches. Under that it is a micro-penis. So, a very short post but necessary nonetheless. All the cunts think a normal man is like what they see in porn movies hypergamic disortion of reality and the open hypergamic society we have now make them feel they are entitled to no less than dicks.


This is bad. I have personally seen a cunt dump no less than 4 men just because they were not "big enough". Just like that. Publicly and all. What sort of society is that exactly? Lastly you have to enquire about vagina size as well. It is about inches deep.

Notice how the average depth is more than the average dick size. This is because it is necessary to leave an inch of free territory so that you do not tear up the cervix. By de, your cock should NOT fill her up entirely.

Then it is also in women's nature to be perpetually dissatisfied so stop caring about her. You will never be enough. Women still prefer big alpha cock that bruises them inside. Any less pushes you towards beta bux. Well hopefully this one gets more views. Another blue pill shit as usual guess what size fucking matters. Just like being legit ugly not "I'm average but get no likes in " you can do whatever you want to do but that shit WILL affect you!

On the other note though not much you can do though. But if relationships fall apart even though everythings perfect Edit: I realize now the double whammy chick selection for tall guys. If being tall makes everything bigger then guess what they expect a big dick! I'm proposing a dick quality factor.

Lets call it DQ. It is calculated by comparing the height in feet to dick length in inches. Edit: I didn't use my maffs. I just guessed even though you put it right there! Height would be nice along with my size though and longer plus thicker always. This would be for dudes posting dick picks or to have in the bedroom and nonchalantly bring up dick size and get your girl to "measure you, since you've never actually measured".

My 9 incher goes all the way in no problem An upward curve is also a plus, boys. Makes your cock look shorter than it is but performance wise it is a bonus. I've heard women say " my boyfriend have 9 inch cock " when the guy was about 6.

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Because women are fucking stupid when it comes to measurements, the perception of time, direction, and tons of forum things that just come naturally to men. Then how the dick they could possibly tell how big or small is your dick. Women are terrible at anything involving spatial reasoning. You can always use this to your advantage, whether it's your height or your size size. News flash, women like taller guys too. Who is going to start the thread on how it isn't true, and actually shorter guys are better? Most women don't actually think that. In fact there was a study done recently that showed women prefer dicks that are about 6.

Even if that were true, which it's not, it wouldn't be bad because it would mean that our male descendants will be swinging bigger dicks. Why wouldn't you want that? Besides, genetic engineering will ensure that's going to happen anyway.

Accept it. The actions of a small minority of women don't make up society. Besides, evolution and natural selection don't give a fuck about society or your feelings.

If women are fully educated on the range of possible cock sizes, then hypergamy will take over and decide what will happen. There's nothing you can do about that, and worrying about it is Blue Pill. Women don't know what the hell they are talking about regarding units of measurement for length.

Even if they had a ruler in the bedroom, they wouldn't remember the s in the morning, much less be able to answer a survey. There is a correlation between race and size, who told you otherwise? Actually, if you think about it, it would be really forum for different races with all of the other variations to have exactly the same size cocks, right?

I don't get your point regarding male descendants? Are you seriously implying that genetics has nothing to do with it? I haven't done a study, but with a data point of 1, I submit this evidence: When my size son got dicks at the pediatrician, I noticed a very clear glance towards my package from both the female doctor and nurse after the physical.

That's basically what I just said.

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Most women think 7 inches is smaller than it is. But some women do know what they're talking about. I did and couldn't find anything, because there's no evidence of any correlation between race and penis size. As you've already been told multiple times. Just a side note and probably a little off topic. While a man cannot truly change his size in "total". Penis size starts halfway up your hips. By losing weight, and getting a better BMI, you can increase the amount that extends from your body. When I decided to get in shape, I lost almost 35 pounds. Again, it has it's limits, but talk about motivation to stay in shape.

Now that I'm an adult and much taller, I think it's barely average. Also improves circulation which improves erection quality.