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Doctors orders far cry 5

Doctor's Orders is a story mission in Far Cry 5.

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You'll probably hear mention of a doctor on the side of the resistance from various folks around that might add his location to your map. You will have to clear out the enemies to save the doctor before you can talk to him and start this mission.

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Far cry 5 – clinical study story mission walkthrough

You may have problems with this quest because one of the objectives orders you to hunt two pronghorns and a black bear. Read this walkthrough to learn how to prepare yourself for the hunt. Charles Lindsey will give you this quest.

You can find him in Mastodon Geothermal Park which is presented in the picture above - head north from Moonflower Trailer Park. Don't be in a hurry because Charles will be attacked by cultists.

Kill all enemies in that location. After that you have to speak with Charles and accept the quest. The first objective is very simple. You have to get the doctor's bag from one of the water bodies. Jump into water, swim to the spot marked by the game and then dive.

Far cry 5 clean water act, eco-warriors, doctor’s orders walkthrough guide

You have to swim into a small underwater cave - the picture above shows this place. Take the bag and go back to Charles.

The second objective is much more difficult. You have to kill and skin 1 black bear and 2 pronghorns. Check Hunting wild animals chapter for detailed information on hunting. Below you can find a few tips regarding this particular hunting:. Skin all of the required animals 1 black bear, 2 pronghorns.

Approach their corpses and hold the interaction button. This is the only way to get their skins and to complete this objective.

Clinical study far cry 5

After that you have to head to the Hope County prison and meet with Charles Lindsey. The mission is now complete. Speak with the doctor to start another story quest. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

Release Dates. Far Cry 5 Game Guide.

Far cry 5: get the doctor's bag - doctor's orders

Game Guide. Henbane River. Doctor's Orders. Table of Contents.

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Far cry 5: get 2 undamaged pronghorn skins - doctor's orders

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Doctor's orders

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Clinical study mission walkthrough - far cry 5

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