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Episode tangled love chapter 19

Is it always a happy ending? Has any love story never seen a hurdle? A hurdle that can divide two souls?

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The organization successfully captures the Council of Five and begins the takeover of Ba Sing Se, though Yuhan is sent separately with a team to imprison some of Riya's revolting neighbors in the Lower Ring. When he returns to headquarters, he finds out that Azula has overthrown Long Feng and is the new leader of his organization, sitting on the Earth King's throne. Realizing that his former leader's suicide command for Joo Dee is gone, Yuhan sends Riya away under orders that she is to remain hidden until the war is over.

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Dilshaad sat out the garden bench, remembering the times she saw Asad and Zoya sit right here sharing moments over a cup of coffee. She closed her eyes and felt the sting of tears, her lovely children were gone now. She said a prayer for their souls and looked around.

Ayaan had cleaned out Khan Villa when he came back from London, he knew his Asad bhaijaan built this house for his mother. A cruel twist of fate left Dilshaad to struggle alone again, with two young grandchildren this time. Dilshaad saw her children in every corner of the house, feeling very much at home at last after 20 years of running away.

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This is my home, where I lived with my children, my pride and strength and joy. Najma and Asad. And then, finding spirit in Zoya, my family was complete. She went in and saw Sanam asleep, looking uncannily like Zoya that she was shocked for a moment.

Sanam slept in a prone position, her tear streaked face puffy, as though fallen asleep accidentally. Her right hand was lightly clutching her phone, placed prominently on a pillow.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated, and Sanam twitched in her sleep. Who was calling at 1 a. Dilshaad went closer to look.

She watched the phone continue vibrating, and Sanam let out a jerky sob and went back to sleep. The phone continued to ring, and stopped by itself. Dilshaad knew her plan to take down Tanveer, but the torture the young lovers will face made her hesitate for a moment. No, I have to take Tanveer out, she is a cancerous person. The next morning, Dilshaad, Ayaan, Haider and Sanam went to the Criminal Investigation Department and met with a senior officer, the detective who held the cold case portfolio of the death of her family members.


Seated beside family, strong and secure, Dilshaad spoke. The detective sat forward in shock, his keen eyes scenting victory over the mysterious case that had plagued him over many years. Sanam adjusted her ornamented fuchsia colored dupatta, very reluctant to attend this wedding function Badi Ammi is insisting upon. Badi Ammi had shopped for her, enjoying retail therapy after so long. Sanam smiled slightly at remembering how young Badi Ammi looked smiling so happily. It was a beautiful anarkali suit, but it only reminded her of the ones Aahil had chose for her.

Sanam applied make up carefully to hide the dark circles around her eyes. So he beefed up security around her and Sanam, and is himself escorting them to this wedding of a close relative. Dilshaad Ahmed Khan was back in Bhopal, and she is determined to embrace her own society again, after being a fugitive for so long.

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Sanam entered the wedding reception with her family, feeling a little like a fish in a bowl, people gawking at her and Badi Ammi in surprise. After initial awkward staring, some older aunts came hugging Badi Ammi, tearful reunions and catching up with stories.

Badi Ammi had so much here, and she had to run away with us leaving everything. She must have felt so alone for all those years we were small…. Sanam settled herself comfortably in a corner, noticing the plain clothes lady policewoman seated nearby. She left her phone at home, each missed call from Aahil was dragging her back into her sorrow. Suddenly she felt goosebumps prick her skin. An intense awarenessher heart thudded fiercely in her chest, a sensation of being watched. The divorce papers sitting on her dresser drawer, the papers Aahil has ed, omnipresent as though alive.

She knew he was searching for her, not successful because he knew nothing about the house Abbu built. Truthfully she had no idea what Aahil would do, he was unpredictable when prodded. Her breath hitched nervously.

Tangled love

The aunts moved to mix around with other guests and she unwillingly followed them. She looked up suddenly and instantly met an angry pair of eyes looking straight at her, willing her to acknowledge him. In a split second, her eyes unfocussed from him and fixed on her Ayaan Chachu who stood behind Aahil a distance away.

Chachu gave her a small nod of strength and she blinked back.

Turning away, she stayed close to Badi Ammi, keeping her back towards Aahil. An aunt suddenly gasped. She is Begum Tanveer's bahu, the Chote Begum, nahin?

I remembered as soon as I saw Nawab Aahil right there… What a lovely couple! The walls were constricting around her. Her throat was parched and she moved to the refreshments counter for a drink. While she drank, she saw a hand rest next to hers. She knew the hand instantly, the jewelled ring on the index finger confirming it.

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As the hand moved to grasp hers, she turned swiftly in the opposite direction and moved away. She felt his disapproval beating at her back, he was furious for sure. He was not used to being denied anything in his life. But she was not ready to confront him yet, the betrayal too raw. Feeling claustrophobic and dizzy, she slipped into a side corridor of the mansion, and found herself on a covered verandah overlooking the back garden, drying laundry proving cover from prying eyes.

She leaned over the wooden balustrade and breathed deeply. All of a sudden her breath whooshed out as she was grabbed and pushed against the wall, and a strong grip of masculine hands squeezing her in desperation. Where were you, damn it??! His rough hands released hers and cupped her face, forcing her to look at him.

She averted her eyes, defiantly refusing to meet his. He put his forehead against hers, making her close her eyes instead. After her initial resistance broke down, his lips softened in a cajoling, loving way, making her cry because she had missed him so much.

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I love you! But I thought I was ing property papers for the lawyers. Ammi was after us about it remember? I got fed up and just ed them, and this happened…! He clutched at her, holding a stiff Sanam in his eager embrace.

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This is our decision to make, not yours alone! I will not let you go!! As the men struggled, Sanam shouted and tried to break the fight. The security detail appeared and whisked Sanam away and broke up the fight. Dilshaad watched Sanam cry uncontrollably in their car as they were driving away. Now Playing Tracks. Chapter 8… Dilshaad sat out the garden bench, remembering the times she saw Asad and Zoya sit right here sharing moments over a cup of coffee.

Aahil calling … She watched the phone continue vibrating, and Sanam let out a jerky sob and went back to sleep. She must have felt so alone for all those years we were small… Sanam settled herself comfortably in a corner, noticing the plain clothes lady policewoman seated nearby. I was tricked!!

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To figure out things. Chachu pushed him back and hit him hard. This fight is between Tanveer and me.