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Erin andrews tight pants

Erin Andrews stole the show with her latest outfit on Dancing with the Stars. The longtime co-host of ABC's celebrity ballroom competition rocked glittery green pants on Monday night, but when a Twitter user criticized the look, she clapped back in a big way.

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Erin Andrews stole the show with her latest outfit on Dancing with the Stars.

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And some sports bloggers are issuing mea culpas for having promoted Andrews as a "sports hottie.

Erin andrews claps back after she's slammed for wearing skintight glitter pants on 'dancing with the stars'

Andrews was videotaped by a peeping tom in her hotel room without her knowledge and the blogosphere has been buzzing about it for days. Andrews' attorney is threatening legal action if anyone continues to post the pants online, but some, like the site "Dailymotion. And while her lawyer wants whoever took the pictures to be criminally prosecuted, others say many more are guilty. Indeed, Google says searches for "Erin Andrews" and "Erin Andrews video" have risen more than five-thousand percent in the past few days.

The blog "Sports Media Watch" says for years there's been a " ESPN calls Andrews one of the premier sports reporters in the erin but some charge the network stoked the fire too, by playing up Andrews' looks. And some of those she covered didn't help either.

She was hugged during an interview on air; a college football player danced lewdly behind her at a game. Through it all, by many s, Andrews dealt good-naturedly with those who objectified her. But Brennan cautions all women broadcasters: "Play to the year-old girl and her mom and dad on the couch. Don't play to the frat house. Do everything you can to make sure that those wackos do not interfere in my tight. Some sports bloggers are showing remorse over the incident.

A blogger on "Depin. Was ESPN Did I contribute to this awful thing that happened? Did all of us? I andrew think so I'm not sure I could look her in the eye.

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I'm not sure anybody could. The guy who shot the video is the criminal.

I hope the authorities get this person. If police can get child pornographers,they should be able to find a person with access to the hotel and knowledge of the guests staying there. My question is what can the criminal be charged with, just invasion of privacy or something more for posting the video on the net? Andrews should also sue the hotel. I have a peephole on my front door to see visitors but you can not see in from the outside. How did this person get to film outside looking in? Costello, If your question about who is to blame is meant to be wider in scope, along the lines of socity objectifying women and that this has helped cause some pervert to tape Erin Andrews because she is attractive and realativly known because of her work as a sideline reporter then I find it ironic that your article contains a internet address to a site that posts the video.

From silly storys on the term cougar to serious storys about drug abuse, you give them all the same amout of credibility and professionalism. Wait a minute. Don't blame me.

Until I read this article, I had never heard of Erin Andrews. Obviously, being a normal heterosexual male, I Goggled her name to see what this was all about. From the pictures, mostly screen shots of her at work, she isn't that great No, I didn't watch the movie; I couldn't find it. Moreover, judging by the way she dresses for work, I suspect that her only issue is that she wasn't paid for the video.

She is obviously trading on her looks as much as her reporting skills. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with using all your assets. Women and men do it all the time.

Just look at the author of this article for evidence. By the way, Carol, you look great. Ease up folks. Some rich person on TV got filmed in the nude. There's no doubt Erin has been wronged and suffers, but there's no way this crime is a national emergency. NOLA recovery? National unemployment? Let Erin and the legal team handle their business.

If we accept Big Brother Hot lines If you are reading this note Also, all this reporting about it makes me want to google the video. I never even knew who she was before this. Oh Please people! I have seen the video. It is so unclear that I don't even know how anyone can say for sure WHO the woman is. You also cannot see any detail such as nipples and pubic hair. It is just a video of a shapely blurry woman drying her hair. Christian morality and basic biology are the cause of this issue.

Violence is fine for 12 year old kids but a nipple is seen and you'd think it was the apocalypse. The whole "sex is bad" thing creates forbidden fruit which everyone will then want to eat. Humans love sex. Humans love experiencing what they think is sexy.

It's natural, get over it. During the report, including the interview with the RI legislator, images were displayed of strippers dancing. Just asking. My thoughts exactly. This was so hypocritical.

I searched cnn. How could the staff at CNN not see this and wonder the same thing?

Also, next time and there will be one CNN is compelled to report something as vital to the public interest as the unfortunate exploitation of year old runaway strippers, as much as footage of "dancers" over 16 helps explain this otherwise complex story CNN has its standardsmaybe it would be better to show the gawking fat slobs watching them?! Just sayin'.

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The only people to blame are the creep who did this Or, maybe CNN could fire all it's attractive people and hire ugly people so they are "safe". Scratch that, I heart Robin Meade We're so busy pointing the finger at somebody else. Aren't we each individual to blame by looking at the site? And, if there was no hits to the site, maybe these perverts might get the message. And how about boycotting the site that displayed the message. When is any one going to take responsibility for their own actions. Look Carol, until our society changes to one that has love and respect for one another we will continue to have incidence like this.

They see women as objects of their entertainment, and pleasure, and feel no remorse for any action that fills their lustful desires. Until there is a renewed mind, Romansthen this will soon become the norm. Some of these comments do not surprise me and show just why we have become so obsessive over "our rights" to do whatever WE want.

What gets me is when you "look" over one and they get upset. Are we to assume that a person wearing skin tight clothes, skirts 6. For me, this particular situation is an "invasion of privacy", and if found the individual should be prosecuted. As much as it is wrong for whom ever did this, you are never going to stop men, and employers from objectifying women.

The question is who is blame?

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Naturally the guy who took the video. This is a crime. It also a crime that it is allowed to sent over the Internet in the first place. We have stronger laws that govern this.