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Erotic hypnosis chat

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damsel girlfriend Haylee

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We love to chat about all things kinky, and especially about hypnosis! us in our free chat room and connect in a more casual way.

Years old: 42
My orientation: Gentleman
What is my sex: Lady
I can speak: English, Chinese
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
What I like to drink: Champagne
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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Erotic hypnosis chat rooms

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Hypnosis Chat Session Collections So I have a huge thing for hypnosis via chats and online means so I thought we should have a thread devoted to them. Stuff like -Hypnosis chat sessions like on skype or IRC -Omegle logs -Stories you found or wrote -Rp sessions -Thre on forums where someone s and gets hypnotized at some point by someone on there and they get played around with.

Vanndril about 8 years ago. I like these things, sometimes, too.

For the same reason I like MC stories. Here's hoping people will actually use this thread to share any logs they might stumble upon or make. We can always make some more! Willing sub here, wouldn't mind at all having an RP session with that kind of themes and then post it here.

Your journey into the world of femdom

Viscaria about 8 years ago. Vague recollection comes through.

Dreamshade about 8 years ago. NotFromOz about 8 years ago. Ch0wW about 8 years ago.

Erotic hypnosis

I always like the fact to see and analyze how people hypnotises erotic people, even when to see if it's used for RolePlaying although it has to be complex enough to be considered hypnosis. I should post some omegle sessions even those over by webcam. But, I'd rather not post those that are incomplete ie: user disconnected quickly after the transe, or those who RP'd completely or not useful ie: non-english ones, unless it's useful to complete a little a database I think people must have some chats However, I must admit that e-Master was extremely hot, and helped me a lot to understand how text hypnosis worked.

Metals about 8 years ago. I loved that skypenotized pool you did btw Zko, hypnosis that was excellent. Just found 2 hypnosis scripts I got from Hypnochan. Ch0wW said: Just found 2 hypnosis scripts I got from Hypnochan. Cannot certify that Seriously finding these interesting XD. Been thinking about making some drafts of my first sample story with this theme, whenever I feel like actually drafting something.

I can never do these random chat things though, always get too nervous and end up quitting chat saying hi XD. Ch0wW said: Cannot certify that Metals said: Seriously finding these erotic XD. Zko said: aaaaaaah, loving these, I really regret not saving the ones that were on hypnochan back in the day. I even remember someone finding a sub on the chan and getting their sub to write some typo riddled message about how the love being hypnotized and AAaaaaaa that stuff is the best.

Ch0wW said: ToySlut? Apparently it was done by me was into my personnal log folderso I'm sharing it with you guys. Was used to test quickly a subject, but I didn't find it good enough, unless I'm told wrong. Zko said: I dont think it was Toyslut, that name isnt familiar to me, the hypnotist made a thread and he went by the handle Master I dont even remember. Ch0wW said: Here is another old script. Zko said: ah I just finished reading that and it's probably my fav out of all the ones you posted, why hypnosis it be so short QnQ Is there more?

Xxx requests

Ch0wW said: I have a part of me that want to update its idea. Ethereal about 8 years ago. Here's one.

Standard femsub maledom sexy slave stuff. Tranceless about 8 years ago. JonSmisu about 8 years ago. Sakyo about 8 years ago. Reply List New topic Help.