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We have a saying that if you wake up after a heavy night you "feel like you've done two rounds with Mike Tyson".

My age: 21
Color of my iris: Dark hazel
What is my sex: I am female
What is the color of my hair: Silvery
Figure type: My figure type is chubby
I like to listen: Dance
In my spare time I love: Cooking

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I am a married man, who has recently come to terms with the fact that I am bisexual, but, in trying to remain faithful to my marriage vows, made a decision not to act upon my urges to have sex with men. However, a couple of years ago I came across a website that lists massage therapists all over the world, by type of massage they offer and city, and in my mind, figured that having a sensual massage would be a way of having some male contact, without "going out and having sex".

Splitting hairs, I know - but that's a whole other story, and not for discussion here. About a year ago, I saw the profile of a masseur who lives very close to me, who sounded perfect. His name is Chris. His picture was gorgeous, and the reviews written by clients were glowing.

My first male massage

I needed to go at a time when my whereabouts would not be questioned, so when I was available one day, I finally plucked up the courage to call him, but he was not available. I almost breathed a sigh of relief - figured it was aand stopped contemplating the idea - at least for the time being. Then about 3 months ago, I started thinking about it again, and I mentioned the idea to my friend and confidant, Tony.

We discussed it for a while, and he was very supportive of me, also feeling that it would be a somewhat legitimate way for me to explore my sexuality. I was also very much looking forward to just having a good massage as well!! Luke is 20 and comes from a money family. I think it was his dad's influence that got him into college.

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It sure wasn't Luke's brains. A typical dumb jock, it was amazing he ever made it even to his junior year of college, yet somehow he did.

Listening to me, you probably think I hate Luke. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yeah, he's basically a macho pig, but a cute one. True story from my experiences in a gay sauna. After undressing and wrapping a towel around my waist, I went downstairs for some hardcore cruising.

This late 20s well-built black guy catches my eye. I want him, lets see if I can get him to fuck me.

We met at a friends apartment, put down a plastic tarp and went over the rules. It would be an erotic oil first-to-cum-loses wrestling match, we would use any means to force the other man to shoot first. I chose a white thong to wear which barely contained my swelling 8" cut cock.

Paul meets a well muscled man with dark hair, broad shoulders, perfect V-shape body and tight firm buttocks. He can not wait to get himself some of that. He was tall, Hispanic and perfect for my late night fantasies. He was no different from the many others I've plucked from the subway platform with one exception. I saw him again. Tuesday afternoon I was waiting for my train home when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

It was him. He asked if I had dropped anything. Sure enough my glove was in his hand.

I said thank you. I had to have him.

Will and Harry were lovers and both had a younger brother each. As they catch the little bros having sex, they decide it is a great opportunity to. This is going to be one hot foursome. Generally, we would go to the away games and come back in the same day, but once in a while we'd have to stay overnight, if it was too long a drive. I was on the varsity team as a freshman, quite a feat, but had become quite good since playing for about 12 years.

We left early Saturday morning for an early afternoon game, which, after a 4 hour drive, would leave us a few hours to practice. He had broad shoulders and medium-cut hair. He was talk, dark and handsome. However his most striking feature was his big and thick cock. He was a male Indian construction worker, who sweated all day in the hot sun to earn just enough to cover his own bare necessities. At 22 years old, Abdullah had already had sex with lots of men.

The cock shook and trembled. It massage out a stream of white. The jizzlet flew through the air to land with a heavy splotch on the erotic man's left cheekbone. The cock pulsed once again. It curled up over his cheek, across his pert nose, and into the socket of his eye. The sperm approached The heat was suffocating and he really hated working at the laundry, it seemed to attract every ugly story in a two county radius. Luckily, there was the occasional cute college boy, from the apartments across the street.

So far this afternoon thought it had been ugly and uglier. Plus he still had two hours left on his shift. As a matter-of -fact he was painfully shy. The waitress brought a plate of dark pate sandwiches when she brought my scotch. A bearded, chubby man, like me, walked into the bar, looked around, and made his way to my table. Mind if I you? I'm Josh, Chicago. In adolescence being bi-sexual was hard to comprehend, so confusing when other guys around you seem preoccupied only in girls an d what it would be like to fuck this one or that one.

About a month ago the time was right. It was a Friday. I nervously picked up the phone, called Chris, and made an appointment for the erotic Thursday. It would be almost a week of waiting. I didn't get off for the whole week, I wanted to experience to be as powerful as massage. Thursday finally arrived, and I went to his place. I was a little early - I wanted to have a shower there before the massage. I rang the buzzer with my heart pounding. He didn't answer. I called him from my cell-phone - and got his voice-mail.

Another not to go through with this. Then he called me back - he was just in the bathroom himself. There was no turning back now. He buzzed me in, and I went up to his apartment. He opened the door, and this boyishly male, 6'3" stud, barefoot and wearing nothing but work-out pants and a smile, greeted me. Immediately I felt at ease. I showered, he showed me into the room, and left while I got on the massage table face down and story.

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When he came back in, he turned on soothing music, and the massage began. Some of his reviews had said that he works naked, others said that he got massage later, so I wasn't sure if he would be naked from the erotic. Unfortunately, he kept his pants on. Firstly, he stood at my feet, gently massaged my legs, and then my butt cheeks. Then he did the most sensual thing I think I had ever felt, and almost sent me through the roof. Remember, I'm lying face down with my head in the cradle looking at the floor. I cannot see him. I felt him separate my ass cheeks, and then I felt his tongue in my ass - gently working its way down to my balls and back again.

Back and forth several times. Oh my god - I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had never been rimmed before, and now understood what it was all about. I just cried out, "Oh story - oh my god - oh fuck, oh my god" male and over again as the amazing sensations sent waves of pleasure through my body. Chris then proceeded to oil me up, and started the massage - which was amazing. He had the most wonderful touch, and in the course of the whole massage, got every muscle in my body and relaxed it.