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Fallout 4 mackenzie

Speak with her and you will learn how unhappy everyone is and she will suggest that you deal with the problem. This will begin the Open Season quest, where you must kill all the raiders in Nuka-World. For obvious reasons, this quest can be quite hard, as there are nearly enemies that inhabit Nuka-World, some of which are high level NPCs.

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One of the main complaints players had about Fallout 4 when it was initially released was how they were consistently pushed to do good.

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Forgot your password? When you go to nuka world market and try to initiate dialogue with any traders they won't talk at all, besides mackenzie brigdeman. She only has basic doctor dialogue, even if you start open season by killing the raiders she doesn't have the proper dialogue tree to turn it in.

Preston and her won't even give options for open season. Tested on a fresh install with a new save with only the Ufo4p.

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Then tested it again without the Ufo4p just to double check and it worked, I'm on the xbox one if that would make a difference. Upped to levelno automatron nor harbor quests started.

Advanced with all 3 factions doing "best ending. And Harvey Having same issue, any word on progress to get this changed, sounds like we are waiting on Bethesda at this point if I am correct.

It's been addressed. You can test the UFO4P beta update fro 2.

Otherwise waiting until we're out of the public beta period would be best. It wasn't a Bethesda bug. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

How fallout 4: nuka-world's ending works

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Fallout 4: nuka-world guide - how to get the best ending and perks, or declare open season

Recommended Posts. Slapmeister Posted August 10, Posted August 10, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Posted August 27, Exactly same here. ManuMods Posted August 31, Posted August 31, Hi, - Only using unofficial patch 2.

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