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Family sluts tumblr

For giving oral to a female, you prefer them to ride your face, or them laying down or other.

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My dad and I driving my mom to my black bully's house so we can watch and jerk our lil dicks to my bully, his dad, uncles and brothers gangbanging her.

Age: 23
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Available to: Hetero
Tint of my iris: I’ve got large dark eyes
Gender: Lady
Body features: My body type is quite skinny
What I like to listen: I prefer to listen latin

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A woman is not properly dressed without her collar. Keep a few different collars available for her depending on the situation you want to use her. We recommend a public collar, formal collar, punishment collar and a play collar. Tell her which one is her default collar to wear most of the time.


All of your collars should have a place for her leash. If you prefer her public collar be a choker instead of a ring collar, invest in a leash that can simply be wrapped around her neck, such as a rope or chain.

Even in public the understanding she can still be leashed if she disobeys will be a strong motivator for her to stay in line. It started when my dad came in my room every night and started touching me.

First he just rubbed my cunt then he actually started fucking my pussy. He always shoved his fingers down my throat and made me beg for more while I gagged.

He called it my nightly bedtime fucking. This routine was normal, but he started to do it more often. In the shower, in the kitchen, on the couch, and at dinner. My brother ed in, but they always fucked me one at a time, never together.

I first fucked my brother after he walked in on me drying off after a shower. I was dripping wet and my pussy was freshly shaved, my nipples were red from the hot water and I saw him physically harden. He shut the door behind him and shoved my wet body against my window. I saw the overview of my neighborhood and realized everybody could see me. My tits were rubbing the glass and my brother was fast at shoving his dick all the way in my pussy.

He made me moan like crazy and my brother was really cruel. He opened the window and stuck my upper half outside the window while he fucked me even harder. As I moaned people looked up and took pictures of my swinging tits. The first time they fucked me together was this one time before bed.

They both bounced me in between their cocks. He always told me to clean up the mess I caused then came all over my face. He never let me clean up, just warned me that he wanted to see dry cum on my face every morning.

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My brother is the one that introduced me to anal. We were sitting on the couch when my brother told me to get on the ground and put my ass to his crotch. When I did that he ripped my legging off and started fingering my asshole.

It was weird, but then it started to feel good. After a while he made me slide my ass on his cock with the help of his pre cum, he told me to just keep bouncing while he watched the rest of tumblr movie. I remember feeling so tight around him and he spanked my ass til it was red At the boring parts of the movie. At the end after he came, he stuffed a butt plug in me. Told me to keep his cum in me till he helped dad fuck me that night. I already new blowjobs at this point, but my dad and brother started to get really into that more often. At slut my dad would prepare food and cum in my dish.

They fed me less so I always finished a lot sooner. When I was done my brother told me to family him off under the table. I did have gag reflects so it was hard for me to take it all in.

My brother also helped me with that problem as he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me all the way down. My father would follow soon after. They just started fucking me everywhere after that.

After a while they stopped just passing me around and actually started gang banging me. A cock up my ass, my cunt, my mouth, my hands, and between my tits. They liked to play games with me. When ever they did this I had to go clean it up using only my mouth. Posts Following Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

Yess sir. Yes I am. Yes I am bi. Yes i am and love it. I may be. Yes I do.

Broken girls are the most fun to abuse. Broken girls are gods gift to sadistic freaks like me. Please sir…. You are a place so men can dump their Cum. You are such a good slut. Sunday cumday.

Return at once…. Tell me in detail how you first ended up full of your families cocks. Top Photos.