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Fit for an elven queen

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Breaking news: Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide.

Looking around the internet, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of information out there about completing this quest - or its follow-up Fit For An Elven Queen - and so we thought we'd polish it all off ourselves and then explain how its done in a quick guide.

If you've got any tips for completing this quest chain, do let us know in the comments section and we'll add the extra detail to this guide when we next update it.

To get things started, make your way to archaeologist Dariness the Learned in Dalaran look for the quest icon on your map. Next, make your way down to the southern coastal section of Suramar, through the harpie forest, until you reach Tae'thelan. It's cut into the upper cliff edge, so don't jump all the way down!

Once you've handed in the first step of the quest, Tae'thelan will give you a second quest to complete as part of the overall chain. First of all, get to Meradil and then use the Twilight Vineyard portal if you've unlocked it. When you're done, you need to make the trek back to Tae'thelan by whichever method is quickest for you.

In this quest you'll need to complete a series of archaeology investigations in Suramar until you've looted half a dozen items called Jewel of Aellis. We don't - or rather this author doesn't - have a huge amount of experience in Archaeology, but when you've gathered enough of these item you'll receive a quest reward that appears to vendor for - wait for it - 5, Gold.

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