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Found daughters sex tape

Todd Chrisley has more drama on his plate -- his daughter ran to cops a month before he was indicted on tax fraud charges, claiming he tried extorting her with a sex tape to get her to lie Here's the situation Todd's daughter, Lindsie -- who's estranged from the fam -- filed a police report last month in Georgia, alleging her brother, Chaseand her father were harassing her and threatening her with a sex tape of hers she believed Chase purchased.

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The ex-girlfriend of a man accused of killing two young girls has described seeing the father of one of the victims "watching his daughter having sex". Russell Bishop is on trial for a second time accused of their murders. The convicted paedophile, now 52, and formerly from Brighton, was cleared of the children's murders in

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Came back from a weeklong vacation. Used family Mac, and did an incidental search for recent video files that turned up some untitled files in some import directory.

One of her stripping, one blowjob, one his POV while they're fucking. What I should have done is delete them immediately, inform my wife, and set up a sit-down with her to discuss the risks of these things. What I did do was immediately get a rock hard erection, close the blinds, watch them from start to finish, and masturbate twice.

My daughter has amazing, heavy breasts, like her mother, natural pubic hair, and moans during sex. I don't think I've ever been more turned on in my life. Her boyfriend has a nice looking uncircumcised penis. He came inside her.

Didn't touch the files on the family computer.

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Told my wife that I found what I found not the other stuff. She discreetly told my daughter that I mentioned seeing porn files on the family computer and that if she had anything downloaded she should take care to clean it up.

The files themselves I hope in time I'm strong enough to delete them. Trying to bring myself to delete them, but now I'm in the unfortunate situation of trying to reconcile myself with the fact that this is pretty much the hottest thing I've ever seen.

Real home made sex tape father daughter

Wanna worse? I'll give you worse. Had female domination fantasies all my life, never even close to fullfillment with her mother. This fucking sub. I love reading the stories cause they're weird and funny and whatever, but I need to remember to stay out of the comments.

Russell bishop trial: father 'watched sex tape of daughter'

Fucked your sister when you were 14? Sorry for your troubles, bro, must have been so tough for you to admit this. Have a pretty common incest fantasy? I just don't follow logic. Or lack of, I guess. Edit: for what its worth, I think its weird as fuck, too. I mean, it is made specifically for weird shit like this. How are you so shocked when you come across it? Well the whole point of the confession sub is to be a no judgement zone. To approach the situation in a way that offers guidance and not judgement.

So some people are offering support by suggesting that the urges that he had were normal, that they would have had them too. If you want to offer support in a different way, do that. But if you don't want to offer constructive support and advice, then just close it and move on, because that's what this sub was deed for. It isn't a place for you to judge, it is a place to support. So when I see your complaint, I say good, the sub is doing what it was deed to do.

If this were in a parenting sub on the other hand, I would expect the kind of responses to be very different. You obviously wouldn't have this problem as nor I, but you don't know OP or what issues he already has socially and psychologically. He is obviously struggling with it or he wouldn't post it to confessions. Thank you!! I about threw up my yogurt reading this. Nice to see someone has sense. I fix computers for a living.

I have seen lots of things Its like being a Dr. I found something similar to this while de-virusing my daughters computer.

For : father daughter sex tape

My reaction was to close everything, finish de-virusing it without looking at anything. I gave her the computer back. I told her what I saw. I told her to be more careful with that kind of thing, that things get posted and passed around. I have had to work on her computer a couple of times since then, and I go out of my way to not look at anything.

It still makes me ill to think about it, but I know from experience it happens all the time. Its also good to remind your kids that digital images of them can get a life of their own. Whole web sites are devoted to it. This is not a throwaway. That's legally considered child pornography, even if they were videotaping themselves. That they showed you is distributing child pornography.

And no, it doesn't matter that you were the same age when you watched it. The law is behind on the times and teens have been charged for videoing themselves and showing it to friends. Remember, always masturbate before making any important decisions.

Speaking of which, deleting the videos is going to make it awkward for you daughter because she'll know someone in her family has seen them. Still, it seems like your only option if you want to do the "right thing. As for keeping a copy for yourself Having a hot daughter complicates things, I understand.

You'll either become consumed by the shame or completely immune to it; only time will tell. Until then stay strong sex don't get too introspective. Remember MacOs has an option to check a video without actually opening the file, so he could be very stealthy. I'm really disappointed to see that a lot of these posts are more towards shaming you and not giving you support or advice or anything.

While I know this subject is touchy and difficult to address, due to it's subject matter Perhaps your best course of action would be to. Seek out and talk to therapist about what you did, because there may be an underplaying cause for what happened. I honestly believe this would be your best course of action. I think that this would solve and prevent any tape occurrences from happening. Ask yourself this, how would you feel if you found out that your daughter's boyfriend's father regularly masturbates over a sex tape of your daughter?

The daughter is The only next step is maybe, "Hey, don't save your home made porn on family computer. It isn't that people think that he did the right daughter, it is that they are trying to be constructive, and usually shame isn't a great way to start with that. It also happens to be against the rules of the sub. If the daughter came here to seek advice, we would offer her support too. There will be some posts here that you don't feel that you can offer constructive, supportive criticism of.

That's ok, close them and move on. This, OP. The fact you came found to post this and describe the content in great detail makes me wonder if you even feel bad about what you did. The fact is you fucked up. Do something about it.

Mum and daughter so close they share their sex tapes and give each other bikini waxes

Don't try to come up with excuses to persuade yourself and us that this was okay. You shouldn't be posting here before that step. I have to agree. I know this a safe place.

I found sex texts on my daughter's phone

But if I found out my dad masturbated to me, I could never look at my dad the same and I would never feel safe or comfortable around him in that light. What about the heavy breasts, natural pubes and the moaning? In my own mind, I could have written this off as "forbidden fruit, yadda yadda" if not for this:.

Without that, you'd have been masturbating to porn that happened to have your daughter in it aka "forbidden fruit"but that's not it - you are masturbating to your daughter. You have sexualized your daughter. You are viewing your daughter through a sexual filter.

Dad furious after teen daughter’s sex tape goes viral

She has been incredibly, devastatingly betrayed by the one man on earth she should always and forever be able to trust above any other. She does not even realize that you have completely destroyed the relationship you once had with her, and replaced it with something dark and twisted.

And then to add insult to injury, you've kept the files. Thus only increasing the chance that someone else will one day view those files without her knowledge or consent. I strongly suggest therapy. I don't even know how you begin to fix something like this, but you need to try.