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Freddy krueger fanfiction

A Nightmare on Elm Street fanfic by an author named Mrs. They have not had any awareness that Freddy has been trying to get into their dreams and kill them, since they suffer from insomnia, drink too much coffee, and take Hypnocil spelled hipnicil in the story. After a short prologue basically consisting of Reilly talking about how awesome Jason is and how much Freddy sucks, Damien falls asleep and meets Freddy, who almost kills her.

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It was honestly a lot of fun to write for Freddy again, considering I used to write for him a long long time ago. Fun fact the Freddy Krueger fic I wrote in high school was my second attempt ever at a long fic. While that fic pales in comparison to what I can write now, it was still fun to write two of my favorite characters together for a bit of an angsty showdown.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction. Originally posted by you-cant-wake-up. He noticed how heavily he was breathing, and the bead of sweat that trickled down his brow. Swiping at his forehead, his fists began to clench when he recognized his surroundings.

Negan stood in a darkly lit corridor, the only light trickling in from the end of the hall. The walls smelled damp and slightly like mildew. The paint was old and flaking. The place was in obvious disrepair.

To fear or to love? freddy krueger fanfic

The dim light was too far for him to make out what would meet him there, but Negan knew it would be horrible. What waited for him was always horrible beyond imagine. Otherwise they would come and find him, and that was always worse. Clenching his teeth, he skulked down the hall. His footsteps sounded like a deafening boom in his ears.

He squinted against the bright light that engulfed his body. In a brief flash, the light faded and Negan was transported to a forest lit only by moonlight. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed a new object in his hand, a familiar companion. As if on queue, a low wail broke through the silence. Negan whipped his head around, only to be met with the hissing and snarling of the shambling walking dead coming in close behind him.

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Negan smirked. Did that asshole think this was a challenge for him? This was a piece of cake. With a flourish of his wrist, he slammed Lucille down on the first head that approached him. Brain matter splattered onto his face, but he continued to smash Lucille on his next two brain-dead victims. As another walker approached his side, Negan kicked it in the gut, sending it sprawling to the ground. Negan swung his weapon on another, its disembodied head flying into the crowd.

Now i lay me down to sleep - freddy krueger x oc - chapter 3

Before the kicked walker could get back up, Negan stomped his heel into the head, exploding it on impact. More kept coming from the trees, but Negan never let up once. His adrenaline was pumping in time with his swings, putting every walker that shuffled into his line of sight out of commission.

It all melted together, as if hours and hours of swinging were condensed into mere seconds in real time. And then all was quiet. The only sounds that could be heard were the wind whistling through the branches of the trees. Negan however, stayed tense for a few moments, knowing another ambush could be ever present. But all he was met with was silence, so he let himself relax for a moment. Negan brought his red scarf to his face, rubbing off as much walker blood as he could.

Welcome to prime time — neverending nightmare

The silence only made him more anxious. He wanted to shout, scream, wave Lucille around and hit everything in his path, all while cursing that coward for hiding in the shadows and making him play these games, just to fill the empty void with someone talking. But that would only bring him out sooner. Almost as if his mind was being read, a soft voice broke the quiet. Negan heard the voice, but his brow furrowed.

Other fan fiction ❯ a freddy krueger fanfic

It was a woman perhaps… a soft, nurturing voice that called out…? And he recognized it too.

All too well. Had it memorized by heart, even. He was almost afraid to turn around. Negan knew who stood there, who was calling out for him. But he knew it was a trick. Of course not. It was how he last saw her, staring at him with dead eyes in a hospital gown, her lovely jet black hair a thing of the past.

She only stood there, her body swaying slightly as if she struggled to keep herself upright. Negan stared in disbelief at Lucille, those words not resembling anything she would have ever said. Ever begged for. But here she was, doing exactly that. Even so, he still held Lucille tight, trying to find comfort in something that felt real in this moment. Lucille took a tentative step forward, making Negan flinch back.

It was as if she had regained her walker instincts in that exact moment. Even with a weapon, Negan felt powerless. He turned heel and ran.

He could hear the blood pumping in his ears, his legs carrying him deeper into the forest. He just needed to get away. He almost ran headfirst into Lucille when she stepped out from in front of a nearby tree and lunged at him. Negan gasped, recoiling his body and turning to run in the other direction. He stopped dead in his tracks before he could go any further. Against his will, Negan felt his knees buckle underneath him.

He fell to the ground, biting his bottom lip to keep himself from sobbing.

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He held onto Lucille in his hand, never once having let her go through it all, and let the first set of teeth rip into his neck. And then there was a burst of heat. But when he heard that low growling voice, he knew exactly where he was. Negan looked up at the catwalk, a dark shadowy figure leaning against the metal rail.

The steam clouded his vision, but Negan could see those long clawed blades from a mile away. The figure clinked the blades against the rail, dragging them across the metal to create a piercing screech. Suddenly, the shadow figure disappeared, only to reappear mere feet from Negan. He clinked his bladed glove against his thigh, as if pondering what to do next. He stumbled slightly, just as Negan went for another swing.

And another.

Just before the man tipped over, Negan gripped him by the lapel of his dingy red and green striped sweater and slammed him into the metal grate panel that served a makeshift barrier in the boiler room. You can never fucking escape me!

Freddy chuckled. Negan looked in his hand at what was so amusing, but dropped the object in shock. Her arm.

Freddykrueger stories

How long had it been there, replacing Lucille? Her severed limb fell to the ground with a sickening thwack.

Negan stared in absolute shock until his gaze fell upon the sight before him. But they were silent as they touched the body that hung from one of the chains.