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Free dinosaur erotica

Dinosaur eroticapart of the larger genre of monster eroticais a subgenre of erotic literature that involves sexual encounters between humans and non-avian dinosaurs.

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Everyone loves dinosaurs. And everyone loves sex. So why not put them together?

Yup, sex and dinosaurs. But no one wants to read about dinosaurs having sex with dinosaurs. But dinosaurs having sex with humans? Yes, thankfully, dino erotica is a thing. But where does one begin when trying to get into dino erotica? Which books will make you the horniest? Here are the top ten dino erotica books you need to get your claws on today.

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Timmy is a horny allosaurus capable of delivering more pleasure than the biggest orgy ever. But beyond that, Timmy is a tender lover, and he and Shanna were made for each other.

It might sound vulgar, but this is another touching love story wrapped up in heart pounding sex. Can love survive such double identities?

Dinosaur erotica

This powerful tale takes the boy-next-door story to the next level. And at only 9 s, you can read it while taking a dump. What happens to Dino Park after dark? Well, the same thing that happens to everything after dark. It turns into a torrid inter-species love affair. These dinos are the horniest of beasts, but they may have just met their match in some very sexy women.

This book will make you more loyal and hornier than ever. This book is a groundbreaking work of gay dino erotica.

Sometimes it takes a dinosaur with a giant penis and a lot of money to bring out your true colors. This book is much sexier than the first installment. After Kate was humiliated by her billionaire dino boss, she is ready for her revenge.

Til you can find gay dinosaur erotica novels for free on the internet

Guaranteed to be the sexiest revenge tale you ever read. This is like real Count of Monte Christo revenge action, only with lots of moneyshots. This stegosaurus can do a lot more than simply satisfy. Think History Channel meets YouPorn. This is the most famous and quite possibly most beloved work of dino erotica. It gets the 3 spot mainly because it put the genre on the map.

Pumped by a pterodactyl (m/f dinosaur erotica)

Sometimes it takes a giant T-Rex with a massive lizard dick. Sometimes it takes a giant winged lizard to bring it out of us. This sexy tale of time travel and dinosaur lovemaking truly captures the essence of passion. While other dino erotica books contain scenes of giant dino cocks and screeching orgasms, The Bodice Raptor makes you feel like you are being penetrated by a erotica. This is so raw that even a T-Rex would need a case of lube to get through it. Pebbles Rocksoff is the true master of dino-on-human action. There you have it. The ten free dino erotica books available. If you want pleasure, go read one now.

And the best part? These books are so damn short you can read all of them in the amount of time it would take to read a single real book. Some of the dinosaur you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site. We cover gaming newsmovie reviewswrestling and much more.

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10 dino erotica books you should be reading right now

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