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Fuck me harder story

Im 19 old girl.

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My make-up must be perfect, although I like it when he smears my lip gloss. I drink nothing but pineapple juice the day before, so my pussy tastes sweet. Date night at last. I was dressed in lace lingerie, a black silk robe and heels to welcome him at the door.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related fucks Register here to post. Ohh fuck me, teacher! Posted Wed 18th of April Report. I was a junior in college, and he was 29 years old and a professor at where i went to school. My name was Racheal and his was Brett. We were hard quite fond of each other and we flirted and joked around a lot, but never outside of class.

One day i was turning my paper into the bin on his desk and on story way there i dropped my pencil. So i bent down to pick it up. Little did i know that Brett was standing directily behind me looking up my mini-skirt and at my ass. Then, as i was picking up my pencil, Brett moved very close to me and stroked my pussy through my panties. I whipped around to find him staring at my 36C breasts and to my surprise he was getting hard. I would like to discuss the last asment you turned in.

When class was over i went up to his desk and asked him what he wanted to talk about. He waited til everyone had left the room and said, " Racheal, i am crazy about you! I had had sex a lot before he asked me this and i loved it even if they guy had a small cock.

I had heard Brett had a big cock so i decided to try it on for size. His hand started to rub my back and then moved to my breasts. I was wearing a button down white blouse that day and as we kissed he started to unbotton it. He stripped off my panties and took of his boxers. I bent down and started sucking, his laungage making me hornier and wetter.

He was moaning and sayiing how good it felt while he thrust his cock into my welcoming mouth. He pulled his cock out after a while and let it rest and let the feeling that he was going to cum pass. He was now rock hard and was up to about 13 inches by now. I spread my legs open wide and helped him guide his rock hard dick into my clint. I layed back and and he looked into my eyes. He was gaining speed and momentum and i shifted my hips to meet his thrusts. He grabbed my breasts and fondled with them as he fucked the shit out of me.

OHHH we moaned together. I sucked his dick while he licked and fingered me.

After a whie, we decided to fuck again. The penitration was even deeper this time and it made me crazy.

About three minutes l could feel an orgasm building i told him so he said that he was about to cum. He agreed and tried to keep the cum in him.

Then i exploded and began to shake reaching my climax. In two gulps i swallowed it down. At 7 i heard the door bell ring and opened the door. I was wearing a slutty red bra and a G-String. We were soon embraced in a kiss and he was fingering my pussy through my panties. I was starting to get wet when he led me into the kitchen. He pulled me up on the counter and ripped off his clothes while i took off mine. I could see that he was already rock hard, he was probably masterbating on his way over here since he knew what we were going to do i told myself. He asked me if i would give him head and i happily agreed.

I started off with one hand rubbing up and down slowly and rubbing the loose skin as well.

‘fuck me harder’ stories

He said he was going to cum if i kept it up at that pace. I told him i wanted him to cum in my mouth so i started sucking him with my mouth. First i just licked the head then i was totally engulfed in his massive cock. By the look on his face i could tell that he was surprised i wasnt gagging.

I want you to eat my pussy then fuck me hard you crazy son of a bitch! He soon started eating my pussy and fingering it. This turned him on and he began to rapidly finger fuck me. A few seconds later i had an massive orgasm and collapsed on top of him.

I layed down on my back and spread my legs apart. Brett took his cock and inserted it into me. I moaned with pleasure at the size of his dick. This turned him on and he layed down on top of me, his legs straddling me, and his hard on cock half way inside of me. He moved his whole body when he would trust his dick into me. He was soon pounding inside of me and we were both moaning with pleasure. He told me to wait for him and we could do it together.

I tried with all my might and held it in. Then at the same time we both erupted. His sperm going inside of me. With no protection on i was worried about this but all i could think about was his cum oozing out of me and how massive and wonderful his dick was.

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We fucked each other; doggy, missionary, standing up. We made the erotic noises that they were making on the movie. Oh yeahhhh! After keeping this up for quite some time we decided it was late and that he best be going. We agreed that Brett would pick me up around am and we could have about 45 minutes of sex before school started. We thought that we would just close the door to his classroom and no one would be suspicious.

The doorbell rang and i sprinted out the door ready for what wait ahead. We hopped in his car and buckled our seatbelts.

After a few minutes of sitting there quielty i took my hand and started rubbing the bulge in his pants; he was already semi-hard. He started to groan and i unzipped his pants. I played with it with my hands first before i gave him head for the rest of the way there. He quickly took off his clothes and i did the same. His penis was already rock hard so he quickly jammed it into my clint. He pierced my hands against the chalkboard and started pounding me.

He was gaining momentum by the second. We changed postions after a little of this and i layed down on my back on one of the desks.

He inserted his penis in me as a spread me legs apart. We were gaining speed again when all of a sudden the door opened and in walked four guys and three girls who were in the next class. The time was We couldnt stop, even though we knew we should've we couldnt, it felt so good!

We changed positions again, he layed down on the floor and i rode him.

Fuck me until i can’t stand…

I would heive my body up and down on his penis. Every thrust we made together, a sound of skin hitting each other would fill the room. Soon enough, everyone had arrived for class, and all of the guys were masterbating with their pants down. I could feel the orgasm building in me and i told this to Brett along with the rest of the students. He told me to wait for him again and i did. We erupted together and once again his sperm filled me up.

I layed down on top of him, his limp penis still inside me. After a while i got up and got dressed. I sat down and Brett did the same, as if nothing happened. But that wasnt the end of our relationship. The End Read times Rated Please rate this text:.