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Girl panced story

Ellie15 wanna hear my story as well? The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! TheCloud2 Explorer.

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Ellie15 wanna hear my story as well? The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! TheCloud2 Explorer. It doesn't matter if happened to you or to someone and you were just around, just tell the story.

What is my age: 25
What is my ethnicity: Czech
My hair: Brunet hair
Music: Pop
I have piercing: None
Tattoo: None

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Pantsing Follow. Happened again [I Got Pantsed].

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I should probably stop wearing leggings around my friends lol. My friend got me again [I Got Pantsed]. Pantsed on the train [I Got Pantsed]. My friend pulled my leggings down on the train, quite embarrassing. I Got Pantsed. I got pantsed at school a lot.

I was pantsed in class wearing bright orange and blue striped boxer briefs and everyone saw. Kinda not really i was at a Christmas party and one of my young cousins jumped on my waist and i was wearing sweatpants so they fell down to the floor everyone saw my underwear and i got the nick name hot pink. This happened quite a long time ago. Then I accidentally knocked over an So me,my mum and my sister were clothe shopping because I have like no clothes that actually fit me, so I grabbed some skirts and leggings and went to go try them on in the Last Friday me and my cousin Mia were at the gym, and when I was on the crostata trainer she walked up behind me and pulled my leggings down to my knees!

I quickly pulled them back up again but I think a few people saw my ass and black thong. I got pantsed by a friend.

I was once pantsed before a race in PE. We were outside on a field, and we were doing races to see who the fastest boy and the fastest girl was. So the boys ran and us girls watched, and then we were running and they were watching us. So we were on t I Have Been Pantsed.

Happened to me multiple times during middle school gym class. I been pantsed at school before when I was And one day I decided to climb it.

So I jumped up and grabbed the first brand and I was hanging about to try and pull my self up wh One of the first times I was pantsed was in 3rd grade when I got pantsed on the playground on the monkey bars leaving me in my camouflage boxers. Back in middle school I was talking to my friend and someone ran up behind me and pantsed me leaving me in my black boxerbriefs.

My face turned real red and I pulled my pants back up.

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When I was twenty-one, some friends and I went to this bar. At one point I had to run to the bathroom, and when I got in there it was pretty full. I went to one of the urinals and started doing my business, when all of a sudden I felt my pants and br I Have Pantsed A Girl.

One day when my ex and I were still together, we were looking around Lowes and I was feeling frisky. She was wearing leggings and I grabbed the back of them to see the underwear of choice for the day. It was a commando day.

She just kind of laughed a This happened when my ex and I first started dating. We were at Wal-Mart in the morning after working 3rd shift and were looking around and just generally screwing around. She was wearing black slacks and I gave her pants a quick yank.

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