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Girlie girl beer

December 30, by legendsofbeer. We may take it for granted, but the fictional beers of TV and movies are some of the best loved brands in existence.

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My age: I am 23
Where am I from: I'm finnish
Color of my eyes: I’ve got enormous gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: I'm lady
Favourite drink: Absinthe
What I like to listen: Blues

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Fast company

There is certainly no shortage of craft beer these days, with several new breweries popping up each and every week, but we always seem to want what we just cannot have. While watching a film or a television show, beer is often a predominantly featured part and, quite frankly, it often makes us incredibly thirsty — leaving us to want to try what our favorite fictional characters are drinking.

Some of it is just because it would be fun to sip on the same drink but another reason is to understand just what exactly that specific beer tastes like.

Some are on the market in smaller, und batches from hyper-local breweries while a few other imaginings can be tasted at Universal Studios in Orlando. The description of Romulan Ale really makes it sound more like the galactic version of Four Loko — and like Four Loko, it was banned from the early s until s.

It was actually marketed and manufactured in small amounts as a promotion for the J. Abrams-directed reboot.

Think of Duff Beer as the Springfield equivalent of Coors, Miller or Bud, something that offers a limited taste but is cheap and produced for the masses — in fact, in one episode Homer tours the brewery with his cohorts, only to learn that Duff, Duff Light and Duff Dry are the exact same beer.

Sounds about right.

Another beer that has been reproduced on several occasions and is also available at Universal Studios in Orlando, Butterbeer contains little alcohol and is extremely popular with the wizards of the Harry Potter universe, especially since it can be served either hot or cold but will still have a warming effect.

This is a throwback for those of you who grew up during the sitcom boom of the late s.

A spin-off from the highly popular Happy Daysthe title characters from Laverne and Shirley worked at Shotz Brewery in Milwaukee, bottlecapping liquid deliciousness for the masses, so of course there was plenty of beer featured. Shotz was similar to Miller — a name synonymous with Milwaukee — in that it was produced in large quantities and, from the looks of it, appeared to be a simple pilsner beer. Just hearing the theme song alone has us picturing the two in the brewery with their bandanas on, putting the rubber glove on one of the beers as it passes.

We want the stuff that Hank Hill and the rest of the King of the Hill characters drank while standing in the back yard figuring out life. Fry drank both in the 20th Century and also in the modern day s.

Throughout the five seasons of Breaking Badthere were several moments when Hank Schrader boasted about how good his homebrew, Schraderbrau, was and it even became a storyline in one episode. Because, what better way for a DEA agent to relax after a long, hard day of unknowingly chasing the scent of his meth dealer brother-in-law than with an ice cold beer mimicking a German creation? We doubt it.

Over the course of the film, many of these beers are consumed, so much so that by the end of the movie we were downright thirsty. They are training for a beer drinking competition. Tuesday, October 19, Must Read. Ed Miller - February 10, 0. February 2, Advertise with us.