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Girls at frat parties

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Back to school means a couple of things for college students: new classes, reuniting with the friends you were separated from all summer, and getting back to navigating frat row. Other than memorizing the Greek alphabet, there are just a few things to remember to go from freshmen to frat star by the end of your first semester. Frat parties can be the highlight of any college student's underclassmen career, but if you don't know the ropes they can come with more trouble than they're worth. Follow these tips to make every weekend peakszn. In college, the weekdays go terribly slow and the weekends fly by dangerously fast, so when Thursday or Friday rolls around, it is way too easy to get carried away. Forgetting to pace yourself at the pregame is a recipe for disaster and is a fool proof way to ruin any night out.

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How to be a frat star

Loud music is thumping, the vibe is pumping, and you glance round to find a room filled with groups of…wait for it…girls! Lots and lots of girls. So how do you pick up girls at a frat party? This article will highlight some of the best and most effective ways you can pick up girls at frat parties.

Make her smile

The most important piece of advice we can give to you is that you must approach her with confidence. This applies regardless as to where you are approaching a girl.

Confidence is essential. As soon as you notice someone you like, walk over to her with your head held high and your shoulders back and flash her a big smile.

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What matters is that you appear confident. You could be the least confident person in the room, but you need to seem sure of yourself. A girl will remember a guy who makes her smile. The best way to get her to smile right from the get-go is to start talking to her with light, playful banter.

An add on to the playful banter aspect is to crack a joke during the conversation. This will surely make her laugh.

Making a girl laugh is one of the main keys to her heart. Telling a good joke is not easy. Telling a familiar story that has a funny side to it is easier.

People love people who are witty enough to crack a joke and make them laugh. Girls are no exception.

Showing your interest is something that girls love. The best way to show your interest in a girl is to be upfront about it. Ask her questions about herself and show her that you genuinely want to know what she has to say. Instead, focus on giving her small, true compliments.

If she has nice eyes, tell her she has kind eyes. If she has a charming smile, tell her!

Make her smile

Girls love to receive compliments, especially ones that are specific to them. Show her that all your attention is on her and no-one else. Pick up things that she mentions during conversation and ask her questions about it. Eye contact is particularly important when she is talking to you. As the listener, you should be looking into her eyes way more than she is looking into yours.

1. don't go too hard at the pregame

When you are talking, make eye contact half of the time. Eye contact does not mean staring.

Look at her for 4 to 5 seconds, and then glance to the side. Instead, you want to leave her wanting more from you. Those two traits can be instant turn-offs. Instead, walk the room, do a bit of mingling, perhaps get yourself and her if you feel inclined to another drink, and then head back over to her again.

This to a friend

The fact that you return to her will show that you are definitely interested in her. If you show up with a drink for her, that can be a huge bonus! Your next step is to suggest a private party. Perhaps suggest moving on to a nearby bar where you can get to know each other a little better in a private setting.

Frat parties are a great place to meet girls.

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If you follow the rules and tips set out in this article, you will surely be able to pick up amazing girls at a frat party. When it comes to glasses and contacts, everyone might have their own opinion about what makes a man seem more attractive.

Some people might prefer the look of a spectacle-free stud, while others may Approaching a girl can be intimidating. Approaching a girl surrounded by a group of friends can feel like an impossible task. But you can find plenty of ways to strike up a conversation with that Approach Her Confidently The most important piece of advice we can give to you is that you must approach her with confidence. Crack a Joke An add on to the playful banter aspect is to crack a joke during the conversation.

Approach her confidently

Eye Contact Is Important Eye contact is particularly important when she is talking to you. Bottom Line Frat parties are a great place to meet girls. Now, go out there and have some fun! Continue Reading.