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The series was made fanfiction an anime by AIC inwith a second season made in There are 24 episodes bravo. It also inspired a Visual Novel. Yukinari Sasaki fears girls, having been teased and bullied by them to the point that he breaks out in hives upon mere contact with them.

One day, having come home from school, his Tsundere neighbor Kirie Kojima kicks him into his bathtub, and he is transported to "Seiren," a mysterious world with a mostly female population. Much hilarity follows. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. In General. Even though Kirie is the more affected by Fukuyama's onslaughts, is Koyomi that accumulates trauma over trauma. Miharu is his target too, but Downplayed because usually she doesn't seem to girl him or doesn't realize. Risa for Yukinari: He is utterly scared of her.

Anime Averted for YukinaYukinari finds her only troubling. Anime Both Kosame and Hijiri for Kirie, who apparently regard them even more problematic than Fukuyama. Manga Machida for Kirie in some twisted way. She isn't really pleased about that.

Actually, girl male passerby for Kirie see the Lust Object entry. To the point Tomoka at one time suggest Kirie just spread around too strong pheromones, actually messing guys' head. Accidental Pervert : Yukinari. He has the misfortune of being the protagonist of a harem series, so the laws of plot ensure that it happens and that he suffers for it. And just when you think only good things happens, turning a corner he falls on all fours on Risa Fukuyama somehow winning her love in the process however, Downplayed in the Manga, since is portrayed less appealing than in the Anime.

He becomes target of this trope too, asking himself why the "dwarf" should enjoy it everyday. Parodied if you can even parody this trope with Machida. He only acts to try and make justice prevail, but somehow his action come back on Kirie and in the Manga, Koyomi and Fanfiction too leaving her in indecent situations ; the parody is that in many instances he doesn't even notice it at least not before receiving his punishment.

A Day in the Limelight : A story focuses largely on Risa, and gives her some backstory on her magic use. Manga only a chapter focuses almost only on Koyomi helpingwhich is later revealed a little Yuki Onna. Several chapters and one episode are mainly focused on Kirie, detailing her problematic everyday life. Allergic to Love : Yukinari gets rashes whenever he is touched by a girl, as a result of fanfiction.

Miharu apparently doesn't trigger this. Inverted with Fukuyama, who's allergic to men. Anime only Yukina, is similarly allergic to bravos, which is the reason she wants to Kill 'Em All. All Love Is Unrequited : Tons, bravo for most characters. Yukinari likes Miharu but for the large part of the series, she don't seems to reciprocate more than a friendly affection somehow Averted in the Anime, but only lightly ; Kirie, Risa, Yukina Anime only all likes Yukinari, and even Koyomi Manga only may have an interest on him but he seems to not even notice them or finds troubling the most forthcoming ones ; Fukuyama likes Kirie, Koyomi and Miharu they will never yeld to him an inch ; Anime only Fanfiction, Hijiri and Manga only Machida all likes Kirie each one in his twisted way it's simply not going to happen.

All of the Other Reindeer : Yukinari's been ridiculed by girls since he was. All Women Are Lustful : The women of Seiren as a whole, who're all sexually repressed and horny, which doesn't become apparent until they lay eyes on a male. At that point, all sense of feminine modesty goes out the window as they'll Zerg Rush said male, to get dibs on them.

Anime only Even Miharu eventually begins to show such a side. For instance, in one episode of the anime where Fukuyama convinces everyone to play a game of mahjong, and Miharu's winning hand gives her a girl to "rub" Yukinari three times could also mean massage or fondleshe blushes and bravos a laugh that is distinctly not so innocent. Some of what she says while "rubbing" him also counts. This also applies to Lisa, who lusts for Yukinari. In the anime, she even has Kosame hold him at gunpoint to make him try the banquet she prepared for him.

After which, she disrobes and places Yukinari's hand on her breast in an attempt to cure him of his girl phobia. In the manga she is more reserved, but not too much. Lisa: naughty grin "Now It's time for 'dessert. Lisa: runs offscreen girl him "Where are you going??

Kirie: Koyomi-chan! Here, like this! Kirie: You're not losing anything by showing some cleavage and panty! Now, bend forward.

This series provides examples of:

Don't hold your skirt! Yukinari from distance : That Kirie. When it comes to a challenge, she can't see anything else. Kirie: You've always been a midget, a klutz and a blockhead.

Not to mention slow in the head and snow on the uptake I mean, I knew you were a hopelessly lame and worthless shell of a man, but to peep at me just because you can't get a girl Kirie: Oh, just give it a rest! You've always been that way! You give up without even trying and you act like a hermit. Adaptation Expansion : The "Miharu clone" story was expanded into the anime, wherein the Miharu clones attempt to ransack the supermarket, only for Fukuyama to foil it.

She makes it to the final round against Lilica and is hopelessly outlcassed. Kosame intervenes and takes a hit for Kirie, who is inspired to fight harder. The episode then cuts to after the fight to show the Kirie still lost, very badly. Lilica was just plain out Kirie's league so Kirie getting more determined wasn't going to help her win.

Amusing Injuries : In an early episode, after Kirie slams Fukuyama into the ground, his head is turned sideways for the next few scenes. Subverted in that after screaming for his sister Risa to help him, he sees an upside to his predicament as he can now see up the skirts of women that walk over him. Lampshaded when Kirie demands to know why she had to wear a thonged string bikini for the semi-final bout with Kosame. Her logic is that being so "friendly" will help him overcome his allergy to girls.

However her forceful approach always backfire on him see also her All Women Are Lustful entry.

Thru the real world

Big Bad : Kazuharu Fukuyama for most of the series, then, in the last few episodes, Yukina, Yukinari's Distaff Counterpart within the planet Seiren who kidnaps Miharu and plots to kill all the Seiren males because of her allergy to menthough Yukinari talks her out of it. Black Comedy Rape : The series largely portrays Kosame's attempts to seduce Kirie as comical, made moreso since she never gets away with it.

Contrary to any premise, Downplayed with Fukuyama. His attempts against Kirie, which are more focused and less forcefulusually come up only as teasing pranks Kirie's face is the indicator: with Fukuyama she is plainly annoyed, while with Kosame is utterly scared.

Girlsbravo stories

His harassments on Koyomi may seem more serious, but the difference is only that the androphobic Koyomi is too much scared to fight back. In fact he seems much more reserved with her and -often- just hug the struggling girl until she pass away or is saved by a third party. Often, not always. Bland-Name Product : Yukinari owns a Sommy television, which is seen in episode 9. Blush Sticker : Occasionally invoked by various members of the female cast.

In episode 17, Yukinari also borrows it while battling Fukuyama in a video game. Cat Fight : The entire purpose of the underground "Girls Fight! The rules are simple: women only, and combatants must wear progressively smaller swimsuits as they advance in the rankings.

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Fukuyama even made the semi-final bout a Mud Wrestling match, with Kosame and Kirie in g-string bikinis. Talking to Herself ensues in the case of Noto. Censor Steam : In copious amounts. Quasi- Trope Namer. Lightly removed in the DVD release.

Character Development : Both Kirie and Fukuyama to an extent during the second season. Kirie becomes nicer towards Yukinari and stops beating him up. Instead, she reserves those moments for Fukuyama, who almost always brings it on himself by deliberately provoking her. And while Fukuyama continues to sexually harass Koyomi and Miharu who fails to noticehe befriends Tomoka and becomes something of an ally to Yukinari and the others.

Including trying to snap Yukinari out of his Heroic BSoD with a well-intended "you suck" speechafter Miharu gets kidnapped. Chekhov's Gun : Remember Yukinari's being dressed as a girl early in season 2? His disguise and choice of name were the same as Yukina, the Big Bad from the end of the series.

He even literally runs into her during the episode, which also makes this an example of Chekhov's Gunman and Foreshadowing.