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Gloryholes in mn

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white woman Ember

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When I have some strangers rock hard cock on my mouth and I am giveing him head he moans and grunts and tells me I'm his bitch and he cums in my mouth while I deep throat his dick and I swallow every last drop of his warm sperm shooting out endlessly down my throat. Hennepin Avenue Adult Boutique Hennepin Ave they have glory holes in the vid booths in the basement.

What is my age: 19
What is my nationaly: Malaysian
Eyes: Big green
My gender: My gender is fem
What I like to listen: Jazz
Hobbies: Dancing

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Map of glory holes in minneapolis (minnesota) where have anonymous sex

Forgot your password? Paul Metro Area. Mpls is a notoriously bad spot for finding glory holes. So this is a long shot but I haven't given up. Does anyone know of any current summer actual glory holes in the Twin Cities? I've seen a few spots mentioned online over the years but they seem to be either out of date or bogus. Hungry cum pig here wants to provide relief for some horny men who need to bust a nut, and to get myself some protein. So it's a win-win. I WISH we had glory holes here. I love sliding my cock thru a hole and waiting to feel a mouth wrap around it.

But they kept closing it up. So odd that a city this size doesn't have any. It sucks!

Strip club list

I know the Twin Cities have a long history of push-pull politics on morality laws and private business Hell, it wasnt until this summer we could buy liquor on Sunday! Maybe i just need to set up my own GH in my garage and hope it takes off.

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Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted July 24, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Posted September 2, Posted September 8, Posted September 11, If you do get a GH setup in your garage, let me know! Bbanonmn Posted January 8.

Posted January 8. I have a GH in my apartment.

Directions to the glory hole (minneapolis) with public transportation

Service69You Posted January 9. Posted January 9.

In general, MPLS is a very sexually repressed city. the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go to topic listing. Similar Content. Straight guy explores getting oral and more.

See the glory hole, minneapolis on the map

My name is Justin. My girl got me started since she brought a bi film that started two college guy and one chick. I started watching my straight guys getting head from gay guys online and it would make me blow a huge load. One of the scenes was shot in a bathroom though a glory hole. I had never though much when I used a public rest room but after watching the video, I would check out the room and see if they had glory holes in the walls but the bathrooms I Gloryholes did not. That was until I cut through the park and checked out that bathroom, Bingo there was a glory hole between the stalls.

I got in the stall and sat on the toilet waited and about three minutes later I heard footsteps and then the stall next me the door opened. My heart was racing as I heard the door lock and then the guy sat down and tapped his foot. I did not know what I was supposed to do at this point, so I tapped mine and he moved his foot closer and tapped again and I did the same.

Then the guy stood up and slide his big dick through the glory hole, it had to be 9 inches and uncut.

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I had not come to suck dick, but this big dick was beautiful, so I grabbed it and jacked it a little and watched the foreskin got over his big fat head and the cum starting on his piss slit. The guy gruffly said suck my dick fag. I was no fag, but I followed his instruction and put my mouth on tongue on his beautiful dick and sucked as much as I could but after a few minutes he pulled out and then slipped a brown bottom through and told me to inhale.

I uncapped it and took several inhales and then capped it and slide it back trough and his dick slide back through. Now I suddenly was a great or a better cock sucked and took his dick down my throat and gagged on it and sucked and jacked him and after ten minutes he hit the wall and I did not know what that meant but I soon found out it meant he was going to cum and he shot rope after rope in my throat and then slowly pulled out and when his head was almost all the way through he told me to clean up his foreskin and I slide my tongue inside and cleaned his dick head clean of the cum and he pulled out and zipped up and said fag, be here tomorrow at the same time.

Where are glory holes in minnesota, united states?

I sat there wondering how that fucking happened, I had come to get my dick sucked by a fag but here I was impersonating one myself. My dick was still rock hard, and I really needed to get off and I started to jack off and I heard the door to the stall.

I did and he swallowed me and sucked my rock-hard dick and five minutes later I shot my load in his mouth and he swallowed it and sucked my dick trying to get more. I pulled out and zipped up and left without saying a word. It was hot and I knew I wanted to do it again.

Locations with glory holes in minnesota

I tried to fight it, but I wound up back at the park ten minutes before the time I was yesterday sitting in the stall waiting for that hot guy to come in. I hard footsteps and then the door latch and the guy pulled down his shorts and dangled his dick at the hole.

It was not the same guy and I really wanted him to leave but felt like I had to suck his dick and blow him so the stall would be free for the hot guy.

It was not huge 7 inches, but fat and I licked and sucked on his dick for five minutes and then the guy shot his load in my mouth, and he quickly pulled out of the hole and pulled up his shorts and left. The door opened and another guy came in. This seemed like my guy, he said fag it looks like you have already swallowed at least one load today.

Strip club

You better suck my dick better then last time you dirty little fag. I cleared my throat and said I will do better, and I am ready. He unzipped and his dick half hard was slipped through the hole, and I began to suck him, and I could tell he liked it, he was moaning. He pulled out just like last time and slipped the poppers through and I hit them and handed them back and he slide his big dick back through and I sucked and licked and made love to his dick until he shot his load in my throat again.

He made me clean him again and then he said, good fag. I sent the first guy in here that you sucked and there are two more guys needing head.

You will service them and be a good cock sucking fag and be here on Thursday at the same time. Do you understand Fag? I said, yes, I understand. He then zipped up and a 20 second later the door opened and in walked a guy and he unzipped and unbuckled and slide his dick through.

I sucked his dick and he shot quick.

It only took four minutes for him to shoot a huge load on my tongue. The guy had said nothing up to this point, but he pulled his dick out and said swallow my fucking load. I did and he left and 30 seconds later another guy came in and as I peeked through the hole, he was tall and skinny and once he hung his skateboard on the stall wall, I knew he was a young guy.

I sucked him for awhile and then he told me it was his turn. I stood up and stuck my dick through the hole and he just jacked it and then told me to turn around. I was confused and then he said fucking turn around and show me your ass. I pulled out and turned around and showed him my ass and he reached through and said spread your checks and I did, and he spit on his finger and rubbed my hole with his index finger and then pulled me to the hole grabbing my right check.