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Going out crossdressed

Crossdressing in public for the first time can be a very terrifying experience.

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It was freshman year of high school and I was friends with a few girls and for Halloween, we all wanted to get together and do this little trick-or-treat night together. I had never gone out trick-or-treating on my own. Do it! DO IT! In preparation for that night, I asked one of my friends to do my makeup. She brought her makeup to school and we literally sat on the bench during lunch and she did my makeup in the middle of the Courtyard at my high school.

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I've known people who've ventured out crossdressed once in their life and harbor a greater sense of femininity in their daily lives - than girls who hit the bars going weekend. You'll also have to remember I live in Atlanta, GA - a very tg friendly city. All that being said, I'm a big fan of girls going out en femme.

Personally, it's about the only time I dress anymore. I've met people who advocate it's no big deal. However, I've yet to meet a girl who has been out five times or more - and maintained such an opinion. In fact, I've found once people do it, it pretty much changes their whole life as a TG.

Before we start all out Here's a few other similar sections you also might want to check out: Understanding Transgenderism Do You Already Know a Crossdresser? What's Up with all these different labels? You must first decide if you really want to get out, and if it is practical. I feel the only reason you should not - is if you're married - and your spouse would not approve.

To lie to your spouse about your transgender activities, is a free ticket to divorce court. You don't get to pass Go in the process. At the very least, you are creating a communication barrier - which is never healthy. I know this really sucks for those of you who either haven't told her, or waited too long initially.

Going out crossdressed

However, it's my feeling you shouldn't do it without her consent. Naturally, the optimal situation is for her to always you. However, I know that's pretty rare. If you live in a small town, where going out is impractical for reasons of discretion, you'll have to fit it in during your out of town travels.

Coming out - or going out! stepping out crossdressed

The Fear of People Recognizing You A lot of newer girls get concerned they might see someone they know and be recognized. I know when you look in the mirror, you still see a lot of yourself. Trust me - no one else will. I've been going out for years.

I know a lot of other girls who have as well. To date, I've never known anyone to be recognized - unless they wanted to be. The only time this concern is heightened is if you're out - with your spouse. Most people that fear such an association limit their outings to trips to other cities.

The psychology of actually walking out the door If you've never tried, the first challenging thing about going out - is actually walking out your front door. The second is starting your car. The third is driving very far from your home. Finally, you have to get out of your four-wheeled sanctuary - and walk into your destination.

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Sounds simple? For a first-timer, I assure you - it is not! Every one of these steps is exceptionally frightening. I can recall the rush from each of these landmarks, as if it were only yesterday. Every t-girl remembers her first time out. It's sort of like losing your virginity.

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I was scared shitless. Being a relative newcomer to walking in high heels, I almost busted my behind twice just getting to the entrance.

I finally beached myself in a chair, and dug in my heels - while I tried to catch my composure. Fortunately for me, Backstreet's is one of those places where I could have worn a banana costume and hardly raised an eyebrow. Of course, I felt the whole world was staring at me. My first drink barely hit my lips, because my hands were shaking so badly.

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I ended up having a fun night, but that first hour was hell! Advice: Go out with a trans girlfriend If I had it to do over again, I would have gone with a tg girlfriend. Her confidence and experience will help you feel more comfortable.

Her knowledge of where to go, will help keep you on the right path. Her experience in dealing with others will keep you from doing something you might regret in the AM. Finally - there is strength in s - even just with two.

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If you don't yet have any TG girlfriends, you can certainly make some on-line. Just don't be too pushy. Many girls will only meet you out including me - which is fine. They've simply been stood up by too many times by early stagers out chicken out at the last minute. Although I understand their trepidation, I don't appreciate it cutting into my precious fem time. Where should you go? If you are going out with an experienced GF, this little challenge will most likely already be resolved. If you are going solo, you'll have to do a little research first. I'm at a point where I go just about anywhere as Renee, but that took a lot of time.

My suggestion crossdressed to going visit your target location en drab dressed as a guy. Learn the basics - the crowd, the bathrooms, the flow. Once you arrive en fem: tip the bartenders!. They'll look after a good customer like a hawk.

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At tg clubs, you are part of what draws other customers - you are part of the show - if you will. The staff tends to look after you in general. The bathrooms are usually unisex - but make certain. Some clubs don't want t-girls in the GG bathroom - some don't care. I must warn about going to bars not known for being TG Friendly. The bar owners are rarely the problem. Ever seen a guy get pissed after a woman rebukes him?

Well, you can usually multiply that anger by about a thousand when one of us do it. Although you might be fully capable of physically defending yourself, do you really want to run the risk of going to jail in a dress and getting locked up with Bubba? I'll pass on that experience. In time, you'll learn all the best tg haunts. I have this typical desire for food when I'm out all night. Even my late night breakfast spot is known as a TG friendly spot - plus they serve great food.

The "Majestic" on Ponce de Leon.

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If I'm out clubbing on a weekend, and you stop by about AM - you'll find me sitting on the back wall to the right. I think they are going to bronze my image in that booth, since I've been going there so many years. You'll be better off! What to wear Get used to having trouble answering this little question throughout your female life.

It's always a bitch! I'd also recommend a reasonable height of heels to start. I almost killed myself by going too tall initially. I had done the steps in my home, etc. I wear some pretty hot outfits when I go out.

However, I've been doing it a long time. I know where I can get away with donning such clothing. If I'm traveling, or in a more laid back atmosphere, the red dress you see on the left is my typical attire. It is feminine, yet shows off my only best feature: my legs.

On the other hand, if I'm going to a theme bar like The Chamber in Atlanta or a more t-friendly club like Backstreet's, I'll sort of push this limit.

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The pink outfit on the right is one of my typical outfits at those type clubs. Advice: Pack a friendly attitude Most of the clubs accepting of t-girls are recognized as gay clubs.

Only a few years ago, most gays were convinced we were really homosexual - and were using our dresses as a crutch - to accepting this fact. Recently, I've noticed even the most hard core fags are beginning to acknowledge our unique brand of sexual expression. Most newer gals live in fear of their own sense of sexual orientation being identified as gay by others.

They might also fear a gay man will be attracted to them if they smile their direction or talk profusely with them. Let me clue you in on something.